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  1. waitlisted today cgpa 3.72 L2 3.83 158 Does anyone know what our chances are for getting in off the waitlist? Asking outta curiosity
  2. I guess it doesn't look that good for me then LOL but I guess we'll just have to see, this wait is killing me though. Best of luck to you too!!
  3. I've already gotten in to other places so I'm not worried but this is definitely my top choice, I'm also a York Student as well, finishing up my undergrad this week. Appreciate any input, thanks guys!
  4. accepted friday morning 3.69 cGPA on olsas 3.8 L2 158 LSAT (3rd try) GL to anyone still waiting
  5. accepted on saturday olsas cgpa: 3.69 L2: 3.8 LSAT: 158 on 3rd try GL to everyone else
  6. Not sure if you considered this but UNB also drops the lowest 25% of your grades so that could be another option for you as well. I did 7sage and private tutoring and I definitely agree with the above post that private tutoring was really helpful. 7sage was solid for teaching me the basics and really good for games, but my tutor helped me make that jump. I started with the exact same mark as you on my first try so I know where you're starting from! hope this helps
  7. Accepted Saturday morning, got the notification via email of a status change on uozone LSAT 158 (3rd try) 3.69 OLSAS cpgpa 3.8 L2 good luck to everyone else
  8. Hey guys, I was curious to see what my chances would be with my updated stats: Osgoode is my top choice (I'm a york student), but i applied to Western, Queen's, Ottawa, Windsor, Dal, UNB, and UCalgary. Appreciate any insight, thanks!
  9. does anyone know if you should select hold for fall grades, or select immediately? I can already see my grades on my unofficial transcript, but I just wanna be sure
  10. Wow this is above and beyond the thoughtful advice I was hoping for....i really appreciate this more than you know!
  11. Hi guys, it's my first time posting (apologies for the long post in advance), but I've seen people get some very good advice on here and wanted to try my hand. My top choice is Osgoode, and I'm currently finishing up my last year of undergrad at York U (if that matters). I've kept my options open and applied to a bunch of other places (UNB, Uottawa, Dal, Windsor, Queens, Western, Ucalgary). My OLSAS cGPA is 3.67 and my L2 is 3.8 as well. I wrote the September LSAT after studying intensively since April and suffice to say I bombed it (147). I changed my approach and took an LSAT course at York from September leading up to the November test this week and I was PTing around 155-156 (I know its not amazing but I feel I made a sizable jump from September to November), but suddenly the week before the test I feel I've regressed, I'm not sure if this is due to fatigue or what. To be blunt, I know with the current 147 I have no chance anywhere, but if I can get my PT average on the test at least, do you guys think I can at least get into one of the places I've applied to? I'm open to possibly writing again in January, but I obviously want to see how November goes because I've put in a lot of work up this point. Thanks for your time guys, appreciate it in advance if you took the time to read this!
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