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  1. It was an email, but on OASIS it said my acceptance date was yesterday, so your status may be accepted before you get the email.
  2. If I could insert a picture of the acceptance I would 😊 I was surprised too
  3. I've never created a thread so I hope I'm doing this right! But my application went into the queue on the 12th and I received my acceptance this morning! These are my stats: LSAT - 163 GPA - 8.8 (it's the uOttawa grading scale, so I'm not sure what that translates into on other scales) I also had 2 really great reference letters so that might have helped! & I'm not sure if there's any other info I should include here... I hope everyone hears back soon! 😊
  4. My application went into the queue on the 12th, and I got my acceptance today at like 10am 😊
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