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  1. One item that helped me this year was a book holder. It helped with discomfort. Since I used a laptop to take notes, it made things much easier just to be able to glance over and read instead of having to strain my neck to look down at my desk. As for your other questions: I'd say laptop dominated, but do whatever works for you. I saw a decent amount of students opt for hand-written notes. Keep in mind that exams are written via software, so laptops/computers are an important component. That said, I'm pretty sure there you can opt for hand-written exams if you want to. I wouldn't recommend it, but like I said, personal preference. 1-2 business professional outfits should do just fine for events/any potential interviews. Other than that, I didn't find myself dressing up much during 1L. Some versatility to dress it down to business casual might also come in handy, but beyond that, not necessary.
  2. Have not heard from First Capital
  3. I echo much of what @lawschoolhopeful6 said, but I'll chime in. Currently a 1L. I actually took a gap year out of necessity. My cGPA was relatively poor but my L2 was decent, so I banked on schools which heavily weighed L2 and therefore had to take a year off if I wanted schools to consider the grades from my final year. Turned out to be a great decision for me. It allowed me to take a slower approach to the LSAT and really find the study strategy which worked best for me. I also believe it was beneficial to my application in general, as I didn't have a ton EC's. To top if off, it was great work experience where I had the chance to work with a lot of lawyers in the field and it's now an area of law I wish to practice. Overall, making money after undergrad turned out to be a huge bonus for me. If you need some time to maximize your LSAT score, it's not a bad route to take. It also gave me a chance to travel a bit, which may not be as feasible once you're in law school due to finances and scheduling.
  4. Never too late to start. I didn't really become extensively involved in anything extra-curricular until about third year of undergrad. The best extra-curricular experiences I had during undergrad were summer research opportunities for faculty members. I was also involved with my undergrad's moot team and was an exec on some clubs. Some people have noted on here that exec positions aren't exactly noteworthy positions and to some extent they're probably right. That said, it looks better than nothing. You're in second year now and have plenty of time. Whatever you choose to participate in just make sure you don't let it sacrifice high grades.
  5. How badly do you want to become a lawyer? I see that one of the main reasons you're interested in law school is the intellectual stimulation and challenge of the law - do you think that getting the PhD would provide you with this same fulfillment? You've also mentioned that the job market is less forgiving than forgiving for Canadian PhD's. Seeing as you've obtained degrees from well-know UK based institutions, what are your prospects like if you were to study internationally once again in a renowned program (if that is a possibility)? I'm also unsure as to how PhD's from Canadian institutions are comparatively at a disadvantage, but then again I haven't done any research in that department. There's no real correct answer to your question. It's going to come down to the monetary cost-benefit analysis together with the potential fulfillment you'd personally get with each of these career paths. These are things only you can decide.
  6. 159. If you have any other questions about my application profile feel free to send me a PM.
  7. I can't speak to how adcoms will view a failed grade on your transcript. However, I had a relatively poor first year as well. The majority of my first year grades were fine except for having a 50 in a class during my first semester. I took the same strategy you've proposed by giving myself a year after undergrad to work and focus on the LSAT. My OLSAS cGPA was around a 3.2 while my L2/B2 was approximately 3.65. Anecdotally I ended up getting into Queen's and was waitlisted at Osgoode and Western, so based on what your plan is and where you're currently at I don't think a poor grade in first year would solely prevent you from being accepted somewhere. Someone else here may be able to fill you in on how a failed course on your transcript looks to an admissions committee. You could always try reaching out to admissions offices directly. Just keep the grades as high as possible and focus on the LSAT as these things are still within your control. Try to make the failed course look like as much of an outlier on your application as possible.
  8. Calgary is more holistic. Your LSAT seems around their median and your L2 GPA is a bit lower than their median. Wouldn't rule anything out for UofC however your "low-to-average" EC's could work against you. I was rejected by them for this reason, based on the feedback they gave me. As for the Ontario schools, I had a 3.2 cGPA, approximately 3.65 B2/L2, and average ECs (at best). I was accepted to Queen's and waitlisted at Western. Didn't apply to Lakehead. Accepted my offer before I heard back from uOttawa. From my understanding they value a high cGPA and I'm not exactly sure how they would value a 3.48, although I do think the 160 LSAT is to your benefit. Take a peek in the accepted threads for these schools to get an idea of where you may lie, but understand that there's no guarantee. Edit: oops, didn't see the bit about the L2 and B2 being the same.
  9. Thanks for the input! Just wanted to see whether or not grey was a suitable colour for business formal events or if it's not formal enough.
  10. Starting 1L in September. I already own a grey suit but I'm a bit unsure how this would stand out at business formal events. Based on this I'm thinking about getting another one in either navy or charcoal, but is a nice grey versatile enough to work into a rotation when it comes to networking events or other events that require business formal dress?
  11. Fwiw I got into queens with a lower CGPA, slightly higher L2 and a 159 LSAT. Was also waitlisted at Western and Oz, dinged from UofT. Didn’t wait to hear back from the others I applied to.
  12. I majored in History and had a great undergraduate experience overall. The program and faculty in the History department at my undergrad institution helped me foster some of the key skills that I've heard will be helpful in my law school endeavors (I haven't actually started 1L yet). That said, my positive experience during undergrad is most attributed to being passionate about studying History. It's a four year experience so the most important thing is to make sure you enjoy what you study and not want to bash your head through drywall three years from now because you committed to a major you hate as you thought it would give you the best chance at law school. You can major in anything you want, doesn't necessarily have to be law or policy related, for example. I agree with @Aschenbach that you probably shouldn't sink too much thought into law school yet. Do keep it in the back of your mind and maybe even use it as some extra motivation to keep the grades high when you're feeling particularly unmotivated towards some classes, but don't obsess over it. Also, don't take the LSAT until you're fully committed to applying to law school.
  13. I went through the Scotiabank rep at the Kingston location and got 135k at prime with two of their premium credit cards and ScotiaOne account with no monthly payments. Initial offer was prime plus 0.5% but was able to negotiate this down. I'd say contact the local rep in Kingston via email as they're the ones that deal with these types of loans often. You have to sign for the loan and the cards in person but they can send the documents over to your local branch. I was advised by some users on this forum to not budge on the prime rate and I suggest you try and do the same. Feel free to PM me if you have any other specific questions and I'll try to help out.
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