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  1. Rejected about an hour ago via an email alert to go check my profile.cGPA: 3.26L2: 3.53B2: 3.62LSAT: 153, 159, 161 (jan)Access category
  2. Refused yesterday via email alert to change on my profile. cGPA: 3.26L2: 3.53B2: 3.62LSAT: 153, 159, 161 (jan)Access category
  3. I was 20 minutes late lol.. I accidentally set my weekday alarm (doesn't go off on a Saturday) and woke up at 8:22am in a panic. Got there without breakfast or water bottle, and with adrenaline pumping. I intended to arrive at 8am. If it wasn't for the long line I wouldn't have been allowed to write! So frankly as long as you're there before 8:30am you're good. You don't get to choose where you sit, and parking is not an issue at all. I got there late af with dozens of open spots in the lot. Good luck and be sure to set the correct alarm!
  4. I did my January LSAT there and had a great experience. Proctors were average and efficient. Hallways are quiet with lots of bathrooms/water fountains for the break. Tons of parking right by the door (main entrance is in the back of the school where the parking lot is). Leave your phone in the car if you're driving. Roomy clean/decent typical high school classrooms where you write with 15-20 other people. The desks are those one's where the chairs are attached to the desk which was fine. The foyer where the registration desk is gets packed with a long, snaking line of anxious test-takers.. so be prepared to do a lot of waiting. Not much else to say but feel free to ask anything specific!
  5. Waitlisted! I was emailed at 12:12pm. cGPA: 3.26 L2: 3.53 B2: 3.62 LSAT: 153, 159, 161 (jan) Access category Ontario resident (not northern)
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