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  1. Accepted Feb 25th cGPA: approx 3.85 LSA: 153 (twice) Currently in grad school in the UK General
  2. Accepted today! CGPA 3.84, LSAT 153 (twice). Currently in grad school.
  3. I did not have an interview, just went from Ready to Review to Admitted
  4. Absolutely shocked and thrilled...... Accepted April 30th cGpa: 3.82 LSAT: 153 (Nov), 153 (Jan) Really strong references and law/research related ECs (in my opinion).
  5. Sorry for the late response, general!
  6. Accepted April 10th cGpa: 3.82 LSAT: 153 (Nov), 153 (Jan) Strong references and law related ECs
  7. Does anyone have any experiences of successful or unsuccessful deferral requests, specifically to pursue a 1 years masters program? I have heard conflicting information about McGill's deferral policy, with some saying it's really strict and others saying it's not as strict as it seems. I have been accepted to a 1 year program in the UK which is directly related to the kind of law I am interested in (was indicated in my PS) and would like to pursue it. But, in the event that I am admitted to McGill, I'm worried I won't be able to defer my acceptance. Any personal experiences?
  8. I have almost exactly the same stats. Interested to hear what everyone has to say!
  9. I already submitted my apps for Ontario schools which require an LSAT score and I'm worried about putting all my eggs in one basket 😕
  10. Anyone get into McGill with Feb LSAT re-write in past cycles? Writing next week but might have to re-write and I've heard taking the Feb LSAT decreases your chances of getting in. My CGPA is 3.89 but PT-ing 151 right now 😕
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