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  1. Just got the voicemail!!!! Honestly jumped up and down for a couple minutes! 3.82 GPA 167 LSAT Last Name B, wrote the optional essay
  2. Just received an e-mail with an offer cGPA 84.6 (3.84 on OLSAS conversion), and 167 LSAT. UBC is one of my top choices so I am thrilled!
  3. Got the e-mail! Eeep! cGPA: 3.9/4.3 LSAT: 167 application submitted September 16th.
  4. I submitted beginning of September so there shouldn’t be anything missing. I e-mailed on Thursday and they said they were still receiving applications but it seems like most people have confirmation by now so I think i’ll call again
  5. Is anyone else still waiting to hear from Osgoode for confirmation and login?
  6. Me neither and i was hoping my stats would warrant an early-ish acceptance.
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