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  1. Scotia offered me prime right out of the gate this year (as did TD), I think they may have changed their packages up this year!
  2. Will be curious to see how the 10% Ontario tuition fee reduction affects UofT's financial aid scheme (The calculator currently predicts i'll receive approximately 10k in funding - i'm assuming it'll ultimately be a wash as reduced tuition intake precipitates into reduced funding availability).
  3. For what it's worth, I was accepted this cycle (albeit quite late) with a 3.58 CGPA, a 3.66 B3 and a 168 LSAT. As stated above, really focus on ensuring that your LSAT lands in the upper 160s and you'll have an excellent shot. Best of luck!
  4. Cancelled my Oz provisional acceptance to firm accept at UofT - good luck to all those holding out!
  5. Just got the call (and excitedly yelled 'fuck off!' at the admissions lady)! Incredibly thrilled and surprised to be posting here! Accepted off the waitlist this morning! Stats are as follows: LSAT: 168, CGPA: 3.54, B3: 3.66. Have provisionally accepted at OZ, but will very likely be accepting this offer instead. See you all in the fall!
  6. A few months late for this - was accepted Jan. 9th. LSAT 168, OLSAS GPA 3.58. L2. 3.66. Will be declining for OZ - best of luck to everyone still waiting to hear back!
  7. Waitlisted on March 19 (or thereabouts) as well! LSAT 168, CGPA: 3.58, B3: 3.66. Strong ECs, General PS. Taking this to be a rejection for practical purposes and confirming at OZ. Good luck to those toughing it out!
  8. Hello everyone, I'm here to once more selfishly take advantage of your wealth of knowledge. I'm looking for advice on the practicality (or advisability) of beginning 1st semester of 1L already working a part-time job. Lacking context, i'm very curious about whether this is highly recommended against and is likely to take away from my first year law experience. A bit of background: My last 3 years of undergrad I spent approx. 20+ hours a week doing parliamentary research work while a full-time student. I am currently taking a year off academically to staff a parliamentarian. I have since received several offers from law schools (and will undoubtedly be accepting at either Osgoode or UofT to remain in Toronto). The current parliamentarian I work for has very kindly offered to keep me on for as many hours as I'd like once the school year begins. I'm absolutely torn in the sense that I love what I do (and have been offered unparalleled flexibility), but would also like to expand my base of experience and not overwhelm myself in 1L. Would absolutely love to hear some perspective from people who went into law-school juggling part-time work (and the potential perils and pitfalls it presented), however all perspectives and advice are truly appreciated. Thanks!
  9. Flipping shit at the office - in on OASIS as of this morning! Stats: 3.58 OLSAS CGPA, 3.66 L2/B2 168 LSAT Best of luck to everyone still waiting!
  10. That’s what I was hoping you’d say haha, thank you for your speedy reply!
  11. Apologies for contributing to the crowding out of this board with chances threads - however I hope you’ll humour my neurosis: how do the board experts think my chances look considering my stats? I’m hoping my meh grades are counteracted by what I hope are relatively strong holistic factors - 3 years of 20+ hours/week of parliamentary research work while a full-time undergrad + a current gap year staffing a parliamentarian (taking on their PMPBs, committee research work, etc). In at Western currently, waiting to hear from Osgoode, UofT, Ottawa & Queens. Thanks - and good luck everyone!
  12. Congrats all - have likewise been accepted! CGPA: 3.57, B2: 3.66, LSAT 168. Goodluck to all still waiting!
  13. Apologies for potentially beating a dead horse here, i've applied to UOttawa law with the following stats: 168 LSAT, 3.57 OLSAS calculated CGPA, with a 3.66 L2/B2. Although my grades are alright (and hopefully offset by relatively extraordinary professional experiences), my applications strength clearly lays in my LSAT score. How do my chances look at Ottawa, considering they tend to undervalue the LSAT relative to grades, and more generally how do splitters with higher LSAT scores and lower GPAs tend to fair in Ottawa's application cycle? Thanks, and good-luck out there all!
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