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  1. I’d certainly agree. As a slight point of clarification, I did practically force her to look over what i’d written but no edits were made and it was clear that it wasn’t the expectation that this would happen. All round strange experience, perhaps the epitome of why many schools place less, or in UofT’s case, no value on LoRs.
  2. Nope! I took 4 courses many semesters, including both of my 3rd year semesters! (This was balanced with 20-25 hrs/per week of relevant work experience though, so i'm not sure how much of an off-setting factor that was) - however, I can all but guarantee that you will not be at a recognizable disadvantage for having taken 4 courses in a first year semester.
  3. Though I had my two academic references lined up, a parliamentarian that I was staffing (and a former lawyer herself) proactively offered to write me a third, non-academic reference letter. I agreed, thinking that at worst it would be redundant and at best it'd be a minor point in my favour. The day the application package was due she asked me to draft the letter myself, throw her esig on it, submit it through the portal, and answer the additional character evaluation questions for her. I wrote quite the puff-piece I must say (like all above have said, speak towards your resume strengths and make some positive character judgements about your moral fibre being uniquely suited to the legal profession and all that). In retrospect, because i'm going to UofT I'm glad I know it wasn't an undue influence on my application! (I also got my first acceptance at 12:00PM on a week day and the two of us had a few lunch-time beers in her legislative office to celebrate, an all-round excellent experience).
  4. It's incredibly difficult to advocate for any of the proposed options in good conscience - all will lead to you going into what will likely be +100K in debt (and a 3-4 year investment of time depending on your selection) for prospects that will, except for in truly exceptional circumstances, yield job prospects no better than the ones you have currently. None are positive for the legal community writ large, and most importantly none yield positive outcomes for you. As stated above, taking a year or two and gaining some work experience and perspective while working on raising your LSAT into the 160+ range for a better shot at Canadian schools would be the most mature, and in the long term by far the best yielding, personal option. It's not impossible that you'll realize that the professional world offers an incredible array of options to be prosperous and make important and recognized contributions to society without a JD. Best of luck in all of your endeavours!
  5. While I'm always hesitant to speak in generalities, in your case I would be pretty confident in saying that your stats place you in a very strong position to get into UofT currently (Spoken as someone who will be beginning at UofT in two weeks, having applied with a 3.66B3 and a 168 LSAT). You're also in a great position to apply for T14 in the US as well, if that's of any interest. Best of luck!
  6. Scotia offered me prime right out of the gate this year (as did TD), I think they may have changed their packages up this year!
  7. Will be curious to see how the 10% Ontario tuition fee reduction affects UofT's financial aid scheme (The calculator currently predicts i'll receive approximately 10k in funding - i'm assuming it'll ultimately be a wash as reduced tuition intake precipitates into reduced funding availability).
  8. For what it's worth, I was accepted this cycle (albeit quite late) with a 3.58 CGPA, a 3.66 B3 and a 168 LSAT. As stated above, really focus on ensuring that your LSAT lands in the upper 160s and you'll have an excellent shot. Best of luck!
  9. Cancelled my Oz provisional acceptance to firm accept at UofT - good luck to all those holding out!
  10. Just got the call (and excitedly yelled 'fuck off!' at the admissions lady)! Incredibly thrilled and surprised to be posting here! Accepted off the waitlist this morning! Stats are as follows: LSAT: 168, CGPA: 3.54, B3: 3.66. Have provisionally accepted at OZ, but will very likely be accepting this offer instead. See you all in the fall!
  11. A few months late for this - was accepted Jan. 9th. LSAT 168, OLSAS GPA 3.58. L2. 3.66. Will be declining for OZ - best of luck to everyone still waiting to hear back!
  12. Waitlisted on March 19 (or thereabouts) as well! LSAT 168, CGPA: 3.58, B3: 3.66. Strong ECs, General PS. Taking this to be a rejection for practical purposes and confirming at OZ. Good luck to those toughing it out!
  13. Hello everyone, I'm here to once more selfishly take advantage of your wealth of knowledge. I'm looking for advice on the practicality (or advisability) of beginning 1st semester of 1L already working a part-time job. Lacking context, i'm very curious about whether this is highly recommended against and is likely to take away from my first year law experience. A bit of background: My last 3 years of undergrad I spent approx. 20+ hours a week doing parliamentary research work while a full-time student. I am currently taking a year off academically to staff a parliamentarian. I have since received several offers from law schools (and will undoubtedly be accepting at either Osgoode or UofT to remain in Toronto). The current parliamentarian I work for has very kindly offered to keep me on for as many hours as I'd like once the school year begins. I'm absolutely torn in the sense that I love what I do (and have been offered unparalleled flexibility), but would also like to expand my base of experience and not overwhelm myself in 1L. Would absolutely love to hear some perspective from people who went into law-school juggling part-time work (and the potential perils and pitfalls it presented), however all perspectives and advice are truly appreciated. Thanks!
  14. Flipping shit at the office - in on OASIS as of this morning! Stats: 3.58 OLSAS CGPA, 3.66 L2/B2 168 LSAT Best of luck to everyone still waiting!
  15. That’s what I was hoping you’d say haha, thank you for your speedy reply!
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