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  1. Really? I emailed a current student recently and their address was a mail.utoronto or something like that. Maybe they also did their undergrad there?
  2. That makes sense. Hopefully more details come out with Welcome Days soon!
  3. Sort of a general question I suppose, but related to discussion above. I agree that 20 yrs to pay off law school debt seems insane. But what would be considered an average/reasonable amount of time? I was thinking anywhere from 7-8 years (ideally I will not have 6 figs of debt).
  4. In as of 9am this morning! 165 LSAT, cGPA 3.91, B3 3.93 wrote both optional essays
  5. Update: I received my letter of admission in the mail today
  6. accepted!!! 3.91 CGPA, 165 LSAT congrats all!!!
  7. Thanks I'm still in disbelief myself... but they have sent multiple correspondences so I'm finally starting to believe it's real. Lol. Hopefully next wave is soon!
  8. Not sure if this topic is allowed in this thread (mods??) but I'll answer here for now. I haven't received my OLSAS GPA yet. I'm fairly sure I'm checking the right places for it, too. Academic background, transcripts, document tracking, and review and submit... nothing.
  9. Congratulations!! Still very impressive numbers! I guess the decisions are more holistic than I give them credit for. Either way we all must have impressed them in some way.
  10. I know nobody likes the numbers games, but it seems that the higher GPAs seem to be getting scooped up first. Most in this thread are 3.9+. Just a thought. Congratulations to all of us
  11. Accepted!!!3.91 cGPA, 165 my file went in queue for review yesterday... they are moving quickly!
  12. I think as long as we discuss it in the light of 'this is how this experience will contribute to the class perspective and/or the diversity of the group itself, etc. I'm gonna sound crazy but I googled the prompt and came to this page: https://www.law.utoronto.ca/about-law-school/inclusivity-and-diversity-faculty-law. I went through the demographics they listed of their incoming classes and checked out the categories just to give me a sense of scope. Like you said earlier though, it's comforting to know there are people out there just as neurotic as me 😂 I'm sure at the end of the day this isn't quite as make or break for the application as our first optional essay, but it can't hurt to submit if we can come up with something good!
  13. This may sound silly but what does the school mean by 'diverse'? Diverse in the traditional sense? Or could diversity encompass things like unique jobs worked? I really don't want to go in the wrong direction with this one
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