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  1. I got mine today, with a very short deadline to sign and return it (Tuesday is my deadline)
  2. FYI, I was just accepted to Osgoode with no undergrad. All three of my references were from lawyers I had worked for.
  3. Yeah, I was very close to the end, I think April 28 was the day I applied, so you're not far off from me. Good luck
  4. I applied very end of April, and I just got my spot in Passy!
  5. For what it's worth, I got accepted to Osgoode as a law clerk with no academic reference whatsoever (I am a mature student and have never been to university). I had three references from lawyers at the firm I work at.
  6. Congratulations! I am in a similar boat to you, I'm a mature student who had my interview last month, and got my acceptance a couple days later. I'm *still* in shock. I accepted immediately, of course, so they couldn't change their minds. You'll get an acceptance letter in the mail soon - I framed mine If you accept, see you in August!
  7. Good luck! I had mine in April and got my acceptance 2 business days afterwards. The first place you'll see any update is OASIS, and mine got updated at 9am.
  8. Thanks! I have other work and life experiences that have prepared me, I think the skills will translate (and I guess Osgoode thinks so too, since they accepted me )
  9. The same as everyone else, I assume! I submitted my applications through OLSAS with my personal statement, references, resume, etc. You don't actually have to put anything in the transcript section in order to submit an application. Toronto rejected me outright, which was no surprise because they say on their website that in the past 10 years they haven't accepted anyone who doesn't have at least 2 years of an undergrad. But then Osgoode invited me for an interview, which is apparently pretty common for mature students, and it went very well, in my view, and then they accepted me. Which is nice, because if I hadn't gotten into law school, my next step was to get my two years of undergrad and apply again. I'd actually also applied and been accepted to Brock University, they were my backup plan and luckily I got to reject their offer in favour of Osgoode's.
  10. Just got my offer yesterday morning! I am a mature student with 163 LSAT score and have never been to university so I have no other stats. I had an interview on April 17 so it took me 6 days to hear back (and that was with the long weekend). Good luck to everyone still waiting to hear news.
  11. I was hoping someone here might have an idea about my chances. I am 37, have been a law clerk for a number of years, and am applying as a mature student. I don't have a degree. I have three references from lawyers at my current firm that I have worked closely with for years, and they all showed me the reference letters, and all three were extremely glowing references. They also let me see how they filled out the bubbles in the portal. For those of you who may not be aware, the people writing references get an email that sends them to a web portal. In the portal, there is a spot to upload the reference letter, but they also have to fill out a number of bubbles where they rate you on certain characteristics (the ones I remember are leadership, integrity, writing skills, interpersonal skills, oral skills, resilience, I think there were more I can't remember). I know they all gave me the highest ratings in each category, and checked the "highest recommendation" for me. My LSAT is 163, and I have been volunteering at a non-profit for a number of years. I think I had a fairly strong personal statement, but I honestly don't know, I could be wrong. I've applied to Osgoode, Queens, Toronto, Western and Windsor.
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