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  1. Awesome, thanks for the information. I'll try to send off my application as soon as possible then.
  2. Hello, I've long been a lurker on these forums and I'm posting for the first time today. I was wondering what my chances would be with a 3.88 (with drops) and a 158 LSAT? - Regular Category Basically, I'm wondering if I should submit my application right now or if I should wait to rewrite the LSAT and submit after November? I know there might be a better chance if I submit it right now but I was wondering if my stats are good enough for a non-resident of NB? Side note, does anyone know if submitting with references (although not required for regular category) actually improves your chances? Would I have an equal chance of getting in with 2 references as with 1 or none? Thank you, any insight is greatly appreciated.
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