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  1. Hi all, I plan to write the Ontario Bar exams in November instead of the June sitting. Does anyone know if I will still be able to pickup the materials from the Law Society in April or will I have to wait until closer to the November exam dates?
  2. The majority of UK law schools to my knowledge do not permit any markings or highlights in statue books which are checked by invigilators prior to the exam Regardless, cheating by highlighting individual letters would be a total waste of time
  3. 1-2 months, but can take longer if there are issues with your application. You also have to go in for a meeting at a VISA office after you commence the process
  4. Truth is this change has nothing to do with the number of law schools in Ontario or the availability of jobs for new law graduates. The proposal was rejected by the government in order to save money after the debt created by the previous Liberal government. This was the case with: 1- York University and Seneca College campuses in Markham 2- Laurier University and Conestoga College campuses in Milton 3- Ryerson University and Sheridan College campuses in Brampton 4- French Language University in Toronto 5- Ryerson University Law School in Toronto
  5. In terms of study after law school graduation, a UK law school graduate only requires the completion of an LPC, which can be done in 6 months of study. A Canadian law school graduate must complete the Bar Exam. There are now med schools in Canada with pilot projects admitting students directly out of high school (following models like the one in the UK). I know Queens University does this. This indicates that strong students are capable of completing med school without first completing an entire undergrad. This is the case in the UK as it is in Canada One other thing worth mentioning with relation to the question posed by the OP the difficulty, in my opinion, can't vary that greatly. Some indications of this are that UK law school students are now able to take a year of law school in Canadian law schools as part of completing their UK law degree. Similarly, there are programs allowing Canadian law school students to complete part of their degree in UK law schools.
  6. Yes - you can go to medical school, dental school or law school directly out of high school in the UK. The post secondary education system is structured differently. This doesn't appear to have a bearing on the quality or difficulty of the education being provided. For instance, doctors in England are not less competent than their Canadian counterparts. Perhaps it is the Canadian system that is deserving of criticism for requiring an undergrad (or part thereof) for admission into law or medicine. What relevance will the completion of a degree in Cinema Studies, Medieval Studies, Finnish Studies, Music or some other unrelated area of study have on your future competence and success as a lawyer or doctor? Likely, none. As such, why not save student the great expense of an undergrad and allow students to pursue these degrees earlier on instead of having them delay enrolment by 4+ years.
  7. Medicine and Dentistry are also undergraduate programs in the UK. The fact they are undergraduate programs does not necessarily mean they are less difficult when compared to Canadian programs
  8. The exams are mostly 3 hours in length with issue spotting questions. You typically answer 3 or 4 of these questions per exam. The exams are closed book and represent 100% of your final grade.
  9. This may come off as offensive, but it is not meant to. Maybe you don't have enough time to do some of the things you mentioned because you spend too much time on social media following the life of others??? Maybe you are spending your life watching others live, instead of living your own life? Nevertheless, don't get too caught up in depictions people portray of themselves on social media. Often times their life is not glamours as it appears... so don't compare and despair. Also, you may find that those students you follow in the UK are the ones just getting by and not putting effort into their studies and they wouldn't do so regardless of where they were. You should also know that studying in the UK makes it possible to spend a weekend in France, Spain or Italy. Any of those destinations can be reached within just a few hours and very inexpensively. In the UK law school goes from Sept to June. There is roughly 3 or 4 weeks off around Christmas and again around April. This allows for plenty of time to travel.
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