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  1. Maybe I have somehow offended someone. I am not saying free time is bad. I, too, get out often regardless of the fact that I have 50-100 pages per week, per my 5 classes (not that they always get read). I am honestly genuinely curious about how law school is structured in the UK because I am genuinely uninformed. Your comment about the length of a school term and off-time is helpful. May I inquire also how exams function in the UK?
  2. This may come off as offensive, but it is not meant to. I have a serious question about the workload in UK law schools. I go to law school in Canada but some people I know through friends have gone to law schools in the UK. While social media isn't always reflective of reality, it just appears that the workload in UK law schools is visibly different. It seems like there is more "free time" than school here. These peers seem to travel a lot while away, go to clubs on week nights, have movie nights with friends. etc. I am not saying I could not do this in my own spare time, but the amount of off-time I realistically have would not allow for the same activities (my friends at other Canadian law schools would agree). My perception could very well be wrong and maybe it is the structure of UK schools that creates a different workload than that in Canada. I am looking for some light to be shed on this topic and how students who were in the UK system found their transition back to Canada (material/work load wise). Is my perception wrong?
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