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  1. This is good advice. When I arranged my LOC, I told the bank I had provisionally accepted to one school, and the next time I spoke to them, I had firm accepted another. Nothing had been signed, and we were still in the approval process, so that is probably a factor. I don’t think there’s any harm in reaching out and saying that you’re going to law school, at either x or y, and that you’d like to start the process while you decide.
  2. This sounds like an error somewhere and submitting your Equifax documentation should resolve it. Anecdotally, I’ve heard of similar things happening to other people at other banks and it wasn’t terribly difficult to correct the issue. From personal experience, I found this to not be true (in the case of Meridian, at least, which is my primary financial institution). They offered me 75K over three years, with one year after graduation repayment free (still had to pay interest). They also required a guarantor. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t explore it, or that other credit unions aren’t better for PSLOCs, but Meridian in particular was ridiculously uncompetitive.
  3. You have to submit your final grades by June 30 through OLSAS, that much I know for sure.
  4. I’m an applicant this cycle too so I can’t speak to how future employers might see an almost-but-not-quite finished degree. My guess would be that if it’s a law-related job, though, that they wouldn’t care. After all, you’ll have a law degree. That being said, I’d suggest finishing your degree. You’re almost done, so why not? If a school was willing to take you early, I would think that they’ll do the same next year, as I assume you’re not a fringe acceptance. Unless you saw your undergrad as purely a requirement to law school, finish your degree. Even then, I’d suggest finishing your degree. Really, the only instance I can see this being a bad idea would be if you expected your grades to tank in the final semester, threatening your acceptance next year.
  5. My local scotiabank said the same thing, so I reached out to the guy listed on Scotiabanks internal list of PSLOC advisors (I found it on this forum somewhere) and he offered prime+0 without any negotiation. If you haven’t signed anything yet, I encourage you to reach out to a different Scotiabank. Feel free to PM if you’d like any more information.
  6. Just got my LOC for Western from Scotiabank and didn’t require a cosignor. They made it sound like I wouldn’t need a cosignor regardless of credit, but that my credit would dictate the amount I would be able to access. I agree with the post above though, it’s a combination of your credit/the bank. Scotiabank seems to be the best for law student LOCs though, so I’d recommend starting there.
  7. If you have no interest in working in the US, the dual degree isn’t worth it. Even if you were, I’m not sure that it’s worth the substantial extra cost. Provisionally accept Lakehead.
  8. For those who will require a PSLOC, if it helps at all, I had the paperwork filled out for my application within an hour of getting off the phone, the credit check took 6 days (but I applied on a Friday), and everything will be confirmed/signed/ready to go this week. All in all, it’s about a two week process, but you can do it remotely. Just wanted to mention this to hopefully alleviate any concerns that receiving a line of credit is a time-consuming process. As long as you have an offer by mid-August, you’ll have no problem securing money on time (good credit depending, I’d imagine).
  9. Then I'd think you're fine, but I can see where seeing "offer expired" might cause some stress.
  10. Unfortunately, your screenshot shows that you have not yet been admitted. An admission replaces the word "applied" with a green checkmark.
  11. I was accepted in December and have until April 1, although I imagine that people accepted this month will have more time so as people that are accepted later begin to decline, more space will open. Try not to stress too much about it, you’ve done your part. Remember, it’s still only March. Acceptances will keep going out, even in early summer. I know it’s easier said than done, but hang in there!
  12. I was accepted in mid-January with 3.71GPA and 3.8L2/B2 and a 158, so I would hold out hope, your numbers are competitive (at least in relativity to my own).
  13. Fair enough, I appreciate the clarification! I didn’t know some schools (like Ottawa) shared their building.
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