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  1. Unfortunately, your screenshot shows that you have not yet been admitted. An admission replaces the word "applied" with a green checkmark.
  2. I was accepted in December and have until April 1, although I imagine that people accepted this month will have more time so as people that are accepted later begin to decline, more space will open. Try not to stress too much about it, you’ve done your part. Remember, it’s still only March. Acceptances will keep going out, even in early summer. I know it’s easier said than done, but hang in there!
  3. I was accepted in mid-January with 3.71GPA and 3.8L2/B2 and a 158, so I would hold out hope, your numbers are competitive (at least in relativity to my own).
  4. Fair enough, I appreciate the clarification! I didn’t know some schools (like Ottawa) shared their building.
  5. Ottawa shares its law classrooms with non-law students? That’s surprising, given that it seemed like such a large campus. Are there any real downsides to this though?
  6. Speaking from the perspective of an applicant in this cycle, I’ve checked out both Ottawa and Western, and I found Western to be quite a bit nicer. I only really looked at the law buildings, so I can’t speak for each campus as a whole. This being said, the Western law building was more impressive. It has a student lounge that I believe requires keycard access (housing a TV, fridge, foosball and couches), while the Ottawa lounge is an open space with plenty of seating. Both have a small coffee shop, although both were closed when I visited (on a Saturday for one, and reading week for the other). The library was smaller but nicer at Western (felt like a law library, whereas Ottawa felt much like my current undergrad library), the classrooms seemed nice (Ottawa was comparable in this aspect) and the moot room, from the view I had through the door, was nice but nothing special (comparatively, I couldn’t see inside the new UO moot room at all). This is perhaps an odd gripe, but the Western staircase is significantly larger than Ottawa’s. The UO staircase up to the library, which is separate from the main staircase, feels like an emergency staircase that seems like it would be uncomfortable to move through in a group. This is all that comes to mind at the moment, but Western’s building was a clear winner in my mind. If it helps at all, prior to visiting each campus I was very heavily pro-Ottawa and after visiting Ottawa, my enthusiasm was dampened somewhat (although an argument can certainly be made that city itself makes up for the campus). I’m happy to answer questions if anyone has any.
  7. They might care in the sense that it’s an extra thing you’ve done, and an extra thing you’ve done that maybe someone else applying hasn’t. As an aside, this forum seems to be largely of the opinion that verifiers are rarely, if ever, contacted. Browse the forums to confirm this if you like, but that’s what I’ve seen. That being said, I’m not sure if they’d be more inclined to call and check in because you spontaneously added this to your application. I’m not even sure if you CAN still add this to your application. Think of it like this. If it’s you vs a comparable applicant for that final admissions spot, are you willing to risk not getting in? If you could be CERTAIN that this would be the deciding factor in your favour, would you do it? If so, you should, because while unlikely, it certainly can’t hurt. —— Fair warning that I’m an applicant this cycle and have no real working knowledge of the process beyond what I’ve read here.
  8. They’re only halfway through the cycle, lots of applicants are still “under evaluation”. Keep in mind that this forum is not indicative of the general applicant pool, as many may not have an account here (or only post good things, like acceptances). Just because it might look like a lot of acceptances have gone out, a lot of acceptances still need to be sent. You’re still in the game, it’s barely half time. I know this is easier said than done, but try not to sweat it!
  9. That is the email I received when I was accepted to Windsor, so I’d say this is probably a pretty good sign. My OLSAS offer took probably two weeks to appear, so don’t worry (although my UWinsite account reflected my acceptance within hours). Congratulations!
  10. While I don’t think you’ll get your offer revoked that way, I have seen people on this forum suggest that undergrad marks are used when seeking 1L jobs (someone correct me if I’m wrong). I wouldn’t.
  11. My thought would be no. Why would they? They probably convene only periodically, and when they do it’s probably strictly during “business hours”. Honestly though, even if they DO, take the weekends to step away from refreshing each school’s portal and enjoy yourself!
  12. Just as an update, my offer appeared on OLSAS today.
  13. Keep in mind too that even a guess has 20% chance of being correct, and if you were to eliminate any option as definitely wrong, that increases significantly. You may be pleasantly surprised at how your guesses turned out. if it helps at all, after my retake I felt like I absolutely bombed one section and thought for sure I’d have to schedule a second retake. I briefly thought about cancelling but figured it would either go up or they’d take my highest anyway. Ended up beating my previous score by one. You made it through the test, take it easy and hope for the best knowing that unless you’ve applied to a school that averages LSATs, things can only go up.
  14. If you mean geographically, I don’t have any real preference as long as it’s urban. As far as type of law, labour/employment would be ideal!
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