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  1. For what it's worth, I accepted a prime + 0% PSLOC with Scotia and my latest statement shows that I am being billed correctly.
  2. A lot of those are very average, at best. Was any of your work full time? As an aside, what exactly is a law boot camp?
  3. Is 3.75 your L2? If so, you have a shot. I was admitted by this time last year with a 3.7cGPA/L2 and a 158. Scoring lower is not ideal but Western says it takes your highest score, so that’s all you can hope for. What are your ECs like?
  4. Ottawa sends out acceptances in December which is early enough that they haven’t received your grades for that semester yet. I would expect that you receive relatively early offer, Ottawa’s sweet spot seems to be 3.7 gpa/157 LSAT. I got in with a 3.71/158 before Christmas last year.
  5. I got in to Ottawa, Windsor, and Western last cycle before end of January (applied to Oz and Queens too but accepted Western before they got back to me) with stats slightly less than yours. 3.71 cGPA, 3.75 B2/L2, 158 LSAT. I’m more than happy to discuss the other elements of my application over PM if you’d like more information!
  6. No, the second section is optional and offers you an opportunity to talk about “equity factors, work/life experience, performance considerations and diversity factors”. Scrolling down on the link you provided will give you more information, but the topics you mention in your post are meant to be included collectively in the Part A of your personal statement.
  7. I’m shocked at the number of emails I’ve received of this nature in just the last two weeks. My undergrad email, in my entire four years of using it, only received one email like this. Surprised Western doesn’t have a better handle on this.
  8. Teksavvy has been great to me for the 2-3 years I've had them. In September, I'll be signing with them again without hesitation. I'm more than happy to answer any questions you might have!
  9. Without derailing this topic, as I agree with your final point about needing to actually score before admissions chances can reasonably be guessed, from what I've seen this year in rejected/accepted threads, there are people with great stats getting declined while lower stats are being accepted. Stats are less meaningful if lower stat applicants are getting in while higher stat applicants are not.
  10. While I can’t comment on whether or not to cancel (conventional wisdom is to avoid cancelling, although this write is different because it’s the first time you’ll know what your score is and THEN cancel), with a 3.9 GPA, a 157 LSAT will likely get you into Ottawa, and a 160-162 to Osgoode. For UofT, a 165-167 is probably a safer bet. Keep in mind that Ottawa (and I’ve heard that recently, Osgoode too) is rather holistic, and stats alone don’t necessarily guarantee admission. I recommend looking through the accepted threads for the schools you’re interested in to see what worked for other people. For what it's worth, I'm only entering law school next September, so most of the information I've provided here is from these forums. On a closing note, people seem to generally overestimate the value of their ECs. Keep this in mind if you apply to a school that is known for being holistic in its acceptances.
  11. You need to add the university as a bill payee through your bank (easily done through online banking), with the account number payable set as your student ID. You’ll see it’s been processed when Student Services shows a -500.00 balance.
  12. From the Student Services page (where you see your acceptance/green circle), towards the bottom you’ll see “Account Summary”. If you’ve paid your deposit and it’s been processed, you’ll see “Total Due -500.00”. If that’s the case, you can click on Detailed Statement of Account. To organize it a little better for the sake of forwarding it on, I clicked on Printer Friendly Form, took a screenshot, and sent that.
  13. Mileage may vary per rep, but Hatem (Scotiabank’s Western rep) started straight out of the gate at prime. Never talked to any other reps. Might save the hassle of going to RBC for a deal that you know you’re not going to take.
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