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  1. Calculate your OLSAS cGPA. If you’re still in the 3.7-3.8 range (which sometimes doesn’t quite hold, depending on how your grades fall between the 77-82% range), and you want a reasonable guess “worst case scenario”, a 157 LSAT has a decent shot of sending you to Ottawa. I didn’t originally see that you also applied to Ryerson. While I don’t know too much about their adcoms process, the accepted thread from last cycle seems to suggest that you’d be relatively competitive there too, particularly with a 157+. This said, the closer you get to 160 (ideally hitting or surpassing it), the range of options you’ll have expands. A 3.7-3.8 OLSAS gpa and a 160 could very well net you Western and Queens as well. All this to say, your post that I’ve quoted sounds like if you score 156, you may not write in January. I would highly recommend shifting the “I’m not going to write again threshold” to 158, if your cGPA holds up after converting via OLSAS.
  2. LSAC hates canuckfanatic! They went from 143 to 178 with this ONE EASY TRICK! Seriously though, I do hope that the advice was taken to take the day off. Same goes for tomorrow morning, since the test is in the afternoon! Getting in the right headspace at this point is far more important than practicing.
  3. This kind of thing happens. You're not the only one to make these kinds of errors. It just happens. It's not ideal, of course, but your app won't get tossed out for it. One suggestion I'd make at this point is to stop looking at your application. Make sure everything goes through and nothing is missing, sure, but after that, try to forget about it. Offers won't go out for another month, at least. More likely, you're looking at the new year. Reading your submission can do nothing except stress you out -- what if you look and see another error? Take a long break from the whole process. You can't do anything about it now, you've come a long way, enjoy the fact that you submitted a law school application (not everybody does, even if they set out to!), and focus on whatever else you have going on in your life.
  4. For what it’s worth, I seem to remember something like this occurring to me when I was finishing up my application. It’s probably routine maintenance, overnight weekend maintenance is very common for large websites. Besides, how many late Saturday nights have you spent on OLSAS? Probably not very many! It may very well happen every week and you’ve just never known about it. Either way, there’s no sense stressing about it in the middle of the night. You still have 22 hours to submit your applications, and if it really is down, I’m sure they’ll want it back up ASAP so people can submit.
  5. Do you already have a score on file? if you're scoring low 160s, and you have a 151 on file, I would say write in November. That would be a massive increase in your chances. Then you could register for the January LSAT and cancel if you get an acceptance you're happy with in the meantime. This would leave the cost and effort of a second LSAT hanging over your head, but might be worth considering, especially if what Luckycharm has said about the offer to available spot ratio is true.
  6. When you submitted your application, did you fill in the LSAT tab? It’s been a bit since I did this but I seem to remember at least providing my LSAC number and maybe the dates I wrote. From there, OLSAS pulls your LSAT scores from LSAC, you don’t have to manually provide LSAT scores (or at least, you didn’t, and I assume it’s the same now). If you’ve just submitted today, your application is probably unavailable because it’s being processed, but in a day or two you should be able to review it (and I think at that point you’ll be able to tell if your transcripts and LSAT scores have been pulled). As far as finding out about acceptances goes, once schools receive all the applications (which won’t happen until Nov 2 at the earliest, but it’s a bit of a slow process), they’ll start to send out emails with student numbers and logins. These will allow you to check their admissions portals, which will provide status updates from time to time depending on the school, but will also be where most people find out they’ve been accepted. There’s also the OLSAS portal where you would accept/decline offers, but this portal seems to update after the individual school ones do once acceptances start coming in. You’ll probably also get an email from the school saying they’ve made a decision and to go check their specific portal to see what it is. Honestly though, you’ve submitted it, so take a day or two off. Celebrate the fact that it’s done, you’ve put your best foot forward, and focus on whatever non-law school related things you’ve got going on right now. Then check and make sure it looks like everything went through on your application, like transcripts and LSAT scores. After that, try your best to ignore the whole process. You might hear back from schools in December, you might hear back in June. Speaking from experience, and you’ll see similar experiences if you browse the forums, it’s very easy to get into a habit of checking each portal you’ve applied to at least once a day, if not more. Try not to do that! At this point, it’s out of your hands, you’ve done all you can, so let the information come to you when it’s available — chasing it by checking every two hours won’t make it come any faster!
  7. I'm a 2L at Western and I was accepted with similar, but slightly higher stats (158/3.7cGPA/3.72B2/L2). I am relatively confident, given my LSAT, that my stats only carried so far and it was my 4th year non-academic experiences that ultimately got me in (I worked full time with a full course load, and did some light volunteering on the side). I would follow the advice of hmyo and rewrite the LSAT. Feel free to PM me if you'd like to talk about this in more depth.
  8. The summary bank has been updated! Pretty decent size expansion, so I guess they were waiting to have a collection of them to upload all at once. There is a tax summary, although the prof isn’t named, so hopefully it’s usable for you!
  9. While I don't know what the questions are, so I can't assess how similar/different they are from eachother, I think that if you have a core EC or something that you're drawing from, that's fine as long as you don't repeat the same experience from that EC. If you're president of a club, you can pull multiple experiences from being president of a club, but you shouldn't use the time you lobbied to get university funding for your club to answer every question. If you talk about lobbying for funding, increasing membership, managing new pandemic rules and maintaining club engagement, and undertaking a new club initiative, then these are all things you did in the capacity of president without sounding like you copy and pasted the same answer four times with slight adjustments.
  10. It’s pretty common for applicants to make a master draft of their statement that contains everything they want to say and then adapt it to fit certain schools (by either cutting or adding certain things, like why x school). Depending on the school, you might send the exact same version of your statement, if you don’t have a “why x school” section. It’s not a problem, and is definitely more efficient than trying to tell the same story in a bunch of different ways. Don’t worry about it!
  11. I’m a 2L at Western and I’m happy to look over personal statements as well. Given the approaching deadline, I’ll try to get feedback to you in ~48 hours. Just over a week until the process is over. Hang in there!
  12. I've seen that as well, and I was starting to wonder if they've received any. It hadn't occurred to me that they would upload them in a batch, I was thinking they'd upload them as they received them. Thanks for replying though!
  13. I didn't want to create a new thread and clutter the place up, so I thought I'd ask here, but has anyone heard anything about the summary drive or found any upper year summary dropboxes? It looks like the summary drive hasn't changed at all (at least for the upper year classes). Specifically looking for Civ Pro with Chiodo and Evidence with Ives.
  14. I had a bit of difficulty getting my academic reference as well. Great prof, great relationship, but very busy. Waited until two weeks before to write it, I'm sure, and I had to pester them a little bit towards the end to get it in on time (I've since heard it could have been late as long as the application went in, but I didn't know that at the time, so I ended up submitting my application at 11:55pm). Since you can't pop into their office to remind them (or at least make sure they've seen your emails), at this point, I would suggest reaching out to another prof. Are you applying to Ontario schools? If so, the Nov 1 deadline (which, again, isn't firm for reference letters apparently, but I'll let others here confirm that -- don't take my word for it) means any new profs you ask will have two weeks to write a letter they didn't know about. If another week goes by and you STILL don't know what's happening with your original reference(s), you'll be in a tight spot getting anything from anyone. At least right now, the substitute reference will understand the position you're in. Next week, they might wonder why you didn't ask sooner.
  15. I asked my academic reference, who I had for a class at the time anyway (1st semester of 4th year) after the first class of the term. I thought any earlier would be too early, and any later would be unreasonable. My non-academic reference was my supervisor at work at the time, and we were pretty close so he knew well in advance. Probably 6 months earlier than my prof, but that's just because we talked all the time at work anyway. On a similar note, don't be afraid to politely remind your references about the deadline. I wouldn't badger them every day, but at the 1-month mark I would recommend reaching out and just confirming that they'll have it done. There are some horror stories on this forum about people that reach out a week before the deadline and find out the prof forgot or won't do it anymore for some reason. Not the applicant's fault, necessarily, but that doesn't change the damage it does to your application.
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