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  1. Seems like that email was only sent to incoming first years. Could you copy/paste it? I’m entering 2L and didn’t get it.
  2. With my PSLOC at Scotiabank, they made it very clear that once I had graduated and was in a position where they'd start looking for the money back, switching to a 15 year payment plan was as easy as letting them know (although my paperwork specifically outlines this as an option). Does your PSLOC mention anything like that?
  3. This year was 180-185 and I believe last year was as well.
  4. Just reach out to a bank and see if they approve you. I recommend Scotiabank, they're well known for their law student LOCs. From what I've heard, anecdotally, they rarely decline anyone outright or even require cosignors. The conventional wisdom seems to be that a law student is a relatively safe bet for repayment.
  5. If you "Pass" your B-s, but not your Bs, firms will assume the Pass is a B- (or lower) anyway. Might be best to take the B- so they don't assume Cs.
  6. I had to decide between Western or Ottawa last year and I picked Western. My three primary reasons for that were, in no particular order: - Ottawa was three times as far away from my family as Western. It was far enough that driving home for short holidays like Easter weekend wouldn't have made sense. I had also considered taking the train, instead of driving, so I could be productive on the way home, but that would have turned a 6hr trip into a 10 hour trip, and 5 roundtrip tickets were $650 pre-tax, and they didn't even get me all the way home. - The climate. Some might find this one a little extreme but Ottawa gets BRUTAL winters (particularly compared to what I'm used to). London is still worse than I'd like, but certainly more manageable. And, with the consideration of point #1, I probably wouldn't have even brought my car to Ottawa, which meant walking to school every day in the winter and hating it. Not worth it. - The campus. Again, some might find this one dumb, but I hated Ottawa's campus. The law building is shared with other faculties, from what I've heard, and is already too small for the two sections of law that it houses. The library was dull and reminded me of my undergrad library (Western's is much nicer visually, although I can't say I've ever spent much time there). Some people complain that Western's law building is old and outdated and too small, but I much prefer it. Naturally, these are all pretty subjective. The whole process of selecting a school is. Go and visit them. I was set on Ottawa and wasn't even going to bother seeing Western. I saw Ottawa and couldn't believe I'd nearly decided three years of my life (don't count on transferring) without checking it out first. Western felt much better the moment I walked in the door. I'm more than happy to talk about my experience at Western over PM as well as what else talked me out of Ottawa.
  7. I agree with the poster above. Early morning classes you’ll have no problem with Springett, but every time I went home for lunch and came back for an afternoon class it was always a bit of a gamble whether or not I’d get a spot. 9/10 times though even if the lot was full when I got there, within 5 minutes or so someone will leave and you can hound them to their parking spot. There’s also plenty of paid spots near the law building so if you’re like me, you’ll buy a parking pass and then pay for parking at least 2 days a week anyway because you don’t have time to wait for someone to move.
  8. I see this kind of request a lot, and as someone who's just finishing 1L, I remember having a similar urge. From someone's who nearly made a similar post this time last year, fight the urge. Take this summer to relax. Work, if that was something you were planning to do. But otherwise, read non-law stuff. Play videogames. Do the things that you can, within the current circumstances, that you think you might have to put aside for a bit when you're busy with 1L. September will be here before you know it and 1L will likely sweep you off your feet with stuff to do. You'll have readings to manage, you'll be keeping track of due dates for applications and assignments, plus the social aspect of making new friends and support systems. Having read a syllabus that may be for a different prof or, at the very least, will have changed with the law will not help you. If anything, it might stress you out because it'll be over your head (and reasonably so, since you haven't learned anything yet). Enjoy your summer and let 1L come to you, don't rush to 1L.
  9. Looks like I misquoted it a little myself. Glad we were able to straighten it out!
  10. I’m not sure what their terms were prior to me signing with them, but I arranged the deal with a rep familiar with law students seeking LOCs and my local rep was also rather surprised. We ended up having to confirm with the original rep prior to my signing and ended up crossing out “one year”, writing in “two years” and initialling beside it. Definitely seemed unusual but I got the deal, so I suggest pushing for the same going forward.
  11. TD might demonstrate some flexibility because you're an existing customer but Scotiabank has a reputation (and in my experience, a well-deserved one) for being the best law PSLOC bank. Definitely don't agree to TD's deal, whatever it might be, until you've reached out to Scotia. 135K, two 5K credit cards, and a two year post-graduation grace period. Went through the process from start to finish in about 3 weeks and could have been quicker if I hadn't been out of the country during that period.
  12. Is this a 1 year grace period after graduation or after articling? FWIW, I was able to get a 2 year post-graduation repayment period so it's effectively one year post articling.
  13. I have a 15" laptop that I use in class that's never bothered me as far as screen size goes (or general portability), but the screen itself is poorer quality than I'd realized initially and it makes it hard to read my notes sometimes so I'd look at screen quality over size (likely not an issue for a MBP but also an unnecessarily expensive if all you need it for is school). That being said, I wrote an at-home exam today with a digital copy of my summary and THAT would have been much worse on a 13" laptop than it was on my 27" desktop monitor. An external monitor is definitely a worthwhile investment.
  14. I'm just a 1L so I can only say some of this from experience I know I've seen it echoed on this forum that legal work is frequently about waiting, and it's something you just have to get used to. Even in law school, you wait. You wait to get assignment grades back. You wait to get exam grades back. You wait to hear about job offers, clinic applications, moot results. After law school, you'll wait to hear from opposing counsel, from judges, for decisions, for evidence, for a meeting, whatever it is, you're waiting for it. Try to embrace the waiting. Waiting is not bad news.
  15. The Rejected thread for the last admissions cycle was started April 4, so we're likely not too far from rejections unless external factors (like coronavirus) have created a delay. No news is good news, though, as long as you're not rejected you're still in the game so don't rush it.
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