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  1. ACCEPTED TWO DAYS AGO!!!! CGPA: 3.42 L2: 3.8 ish LSAT:158 (2nd try) Strong EC and References. Will most likely be accepting. Looking forward to meeting you all! Last name starts with a D
  2. Hey, same thing just happened to me as well. It changed this morning.
  3. Do candidates get informed that they have been approved under the access category? Is there anyway to find out?
  4. I've tried calling a couple times and each time I have been placed on hold for a long time. Still no update unfortunately!
  5. Okay, I was just checking to see if I was potentially the only one. I will be calling them Friday, I'll update you then! Thanks once again
  6. Hey guys, hope everyone enjoyed their holidays. I was wondering if anyone else's application was still under the "Referred for Review" status? Secondly, under the "to do list", it states "initiated' and it hasn't changed for a couple weeks now. Would anyone suggest calling the school to ask for an update?
  7. Hey guys, My application, like many of yours, says "Referred for Review". Has anyone been able to figure out what this means?
  8. How are your EC's? I have similar stats to yours!
  9. So just an update for those wondering, I contacted Windsor and was told it may take some time for it to get updated. Approx 1-2 weeks ish.
  10. Mine says the same thing as well! It seems to be a common issue but I have sent an email out. So, ill let you guys know if I hear anything
  11. Hey, Did you end up getting in?! I have similar stats, but with a 158
  12. Yea, I've applied to all the Ontario Schools!
  13. Hey everyone, Just a quick question for everyone. So I have an overall GPA of 3.72, with my last two years being around a 3.86. What kind of LSAT score would be considered competitive to get into Windsor's Law program? Dual or single? My POS was strong (at leats above average) and as was my LOR
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