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    Chances? cGPA= 86% L2=85% LSAT=157

    Sorry to hear about your LSAT, such a disappointing feeling! I can try to share my personal opinion. In for sure at TRU. U of C is tough to call because it’s holistic, so you could be in depending on your softs as you’re above the average GPA. U of A you’ll be in (last year there was 19 people admitted with your LSAT in the range of 150-156 and 5 with an LSAT aid 157-158). UBC doesn’t operate on a 4.3 scale, if you share your index that may be more helpful. UVic I’d also say depends on your softs- there were 3 people with LSATS in the 70-79 percentile admitted last year with your GPA- so it’s definitely a possibility. I think you’ll be surprised by what offers you get and to remain positive I also feel this cycle is a bit less competitive and more similar to 2017 than 2018 (totally my own opinion). Best of luck!
  2. Oops, thank you!! @erinl2 or other admin, can you please move this to the UBC forum?
  3. Hi everyone, I’ve accepted I’ll be lucky to be waitlisted with a 91.2 index. But now I’m curious if the waitlist is decided solely off LSAT and GPA or if they make the rankings with personal statements in consideration. When I called a couple months ago they said they start to look at personal statements in summer. So I took this to mean when they make the rankings, but I could be wrong. Anyone have any insight into how they make rankings or the waitlist process in general? Thanks!
  4. rkathleen

    Accepted to UVic 2019

    Just got the call! Beyond happy! cGPA: 85% or 4.0/4.3 (with drops, self-calculated), LSAT: 161 Index: 915 (could be wrong) Good EC’s and was told excellent PS by other profs.
  5. rkathleen

    Application Movement

    Mine was only moved to law committee for review on Friday, and I applied very early in the cycle and have a quite high index. I wouldn’t really worry about it, I feel like it’s just very slow moving or they’re waiting for Jan LSAT results. Plus with the snow in Victoria, a lot of people haven’t made it into work so I think that’ll put things behind as well.
  6. rkathleen

    Working part-time as a 1L?

    No I don’t. But my undergrad at UVic following a cohort schedule where you knew the exact time you start and end every day, so I figured there’s no harm in asking in case it’s the same.
  7. Hi all, I’m having a conversation this week with my work about scholarships. I can get a sizeable scholarship if I continue to work during my degree (I’d hope for like 4 days a week, afternoons). Is this possible? I’m currently in policy, so I work on a computer all day (so I could do some readings at work) and it’s pretty easy going. Am I crazy to agree to work part time during my first year at UVic? If not- what days/hours should I suggest? Thanks!
  8. rkathleen

    Working part-time as a 1L?

    If this is a genuine question you can PM me.
  9. rkathleen

    Accepted to Osgoode 2019

    Accepted this morning!! Truly in shock- I thought it was a waitlist email as my stats are on the low side. cGPA: 3.52 LSAT: 161 Strong references and EC’s (including starting my own non-profit), and unique PS. Filled out Part B.
  10. rkathleen

    Accepted to TRU 2019

    No- I declined in favour of U of C. Hope that opens a spot for someone else soon!
  11. rkathleen

    Accepted to TRU 2019

    Thanks! I applied the day it opened, but wrote the November LSAT. I called on December 18 and was told my application was just forwarded review that day.
  12. rkathleen

    Accepted to TRU 2019

    Accepted today! 3.52 cGPA LSAT: 161 General category: above average EC’s, I’m told excellent reference letters, and a PS I was also told was strong.
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    In queue 2019

    In queue on the same day and with same stats! Weird.
  14. rkathleen

    Accepted to Calgary 2019

    Accepted this afternoon, so thrilled! L2 GPA: 3.56 (self-calculated) LSAT: 161
  15. rkathleen

    Procrastinating Reference

    I had the same issue and felt awkward following up again. I called Calgary and had them re-send the email for him to submit and he did within an hour. I think it worked because it seemed like it was them following up instead of me, if that makes sense? So could give that a try.
  16. So far, my November LSAT score isn’t showing up as being received by any schools I’ve applied to (UVic, UBC, Calgary, U of A, York, TRU). Does anyone know how long it’ll take?
  17. rkathleen

    UVic vs UBC

    I'm not in law school yet so I can't speak to the school comparisons, but I am Victoria born and raised. If you want to work for Provincial government, Victoria is the place to go. There's also a program where they will pay off your student loans (I believe 60%) proportionate to the time you work there. So in 5 years, you can be free of student loans. They also have great work contracts for lawyers, 9-5 shifts without the expectation of overtime, every other Friday off, and an exorbitant amount of holiday time from what I hear.
  18. No there isn't, but apparently they email you when your application is complete!
  19. Hi all, Wondering what my chances are of admittance to UBC. I took the November LSAT and got 161. I called and they said that puts me "on the cusp" but I'm not sure if that's because they're being cautious with promising admission. What are my chances? My personal statement (I believe) is good. Also- I'm coming from UVic where percents are given and that's how I calculated my grade. Should I have used the lower end percent of the grade instead? (So for an 95 percent should I have calculated it as a 90?) Thanks so so much
  20. rkathleen

    Chances? cGPA: 3.5 LSAT 161

    I have the same stats and feel very hopeful! I feel that way since I’ve browsed the boards for a year now, as well as reddit and other discussion pages, and seen people with similar (and lower) stats get in, and people with higher stats be rejected. Osgoode is truly holistic (for those who don’t get automatically admitted). It’s nearly impossible to put a chance to it. If you have strong reference letters and statement, I’d say you have much more than 50% chance
  21. rkathleen

    Issues with OLSAS

    Hi everyone, I am having a headache issue with OLSAS. I took a four year degree, and did two of the first years at a community college to save some money. When I transferred, it became a diploma just because I coincidentally had enough credits. However, it was purely university transfer and half of the required courses for my Bachelor were done in those two years. OLSAS is now saying since there was credits for a diploma in those two years, it doesn't count. So they're calculating my 4 year bachelor as 2. The third year in my program is hardest so my GPA is 3.5 instead of 3.6 by this technicality. They refuse to reconsider. I am applying to Osgoode. What should I do? Should I email Osgoode and explain? Thanks!
  22. rkathleen

    Issues with OLSAS

    I think I might do this. When you wrote the letter did you ask them to calculate it, or include a self-calculated GPA? Like I know it would be 3.62 if they considered all 4, years should I mention that?
  23. rkathleen


    Does anyone know when we can expect GPA calculations from OLSAS? Or where I could look? Thank you!
  24. rkathleen


    Awesome, thank you both!