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  1. (admin delete if not allowed) Has anyone taken out a professional line of credit? Due to the high living cost of attending UBC, I think I might have to but am a bit overwhelmed by the options and what to ask. If anyone has any advice or recommendations, please pass them on! Feel free to DM if you prefer to keep it private. Thanks
  2. The only reason I’ve kept active on this page after being accepted was to see you make this post! Amazing, huge congratulations
  3. Each committee member looks at peoples profiles (stats, personal statement) individually and make their own rankings, then they get together and determine the final waitlist ranking as a whole.
  4. Just regular category! No other documentation. My PS talks about a lot of the inequity in my life, and I’ve worked on a ton of feminist causes so my PS was tailored to my interest in their feminist law program. So I think that was a huge factor
  5. GUYS. I couldn’t be happier, and shocked, to be posting this.... but I was accepted today! cGPA with drops: 84.5 LSAT: 161 Index: 91.2 (sorry if admin believes this is extraneous) but I called admissions mid-February and was told I was very very high on the waitlist and would hear before end of March. She mentioned they had read my personal statement, so perhaps they aren’t all numbers. Either way, so so happy! Accepted already, the deadline to accept was April 2.
  6. I was accepted in February with a 239.8 index... but strong softs. So perhaps they aren’t purely a numbers school.
  7. Pretty sure it’s less competitive this year, as the index this year for auto admit is 905 and last year was 915... so be encouraged
  8. Got accepted this morning! L2 GPA: 3.62 LSAT: 161 Will be declining in favour of UVic Good luck to everyone!
  9. I believe “forwarded for review” means it’s with the person who calculates your GPA with drops and assembles the file. Then “to committee for review” is when group of people who determine if you’ll be given an offer actually review it. People say if you’re auto-admit your status goes straight from “forward for review” to offer, but I don’t believe that’s true. My index was above auto-admit (I think 920) and mine went to committee for review first. I believe strongly that they looked at my personal statement and file in depth as well, because the same day the status changed I saw a law professor at UVic viewed my LinkedIn. Which I don’t think they would do if it was purely a numbers game. For timeline purposes, I was forwarded on a Thursday and given an offer on the Wednesday (I think it took so long because of the crazy snow here). Good luck!
  10. I had a 161 LSAT and a 3.5 GPA and was accepted back in January (many people told me my chances were 50/50 or less). I think if you have solid EC’s, reference letters, and personal statements you should feel confident in being accepted.
  11. I’m from Victoria so I’ll try to answer this the best I can! Your best neighbourhood bet is Cedar Hill or Hillside for proximity to UVic. However, Uptown area has direct busses to UVic and central to amenities. So is Esquimalt (and close to downtown). Even near Royal Oak exchange is great. All will likely be cheaper than neighbourhoods by UVic. I’d just stay away from Langford/Colwood/View Royal. Your best to look at UsedVictoria as well as the usual Craigslist and Kijiji, although a lot of people also are beginning advertise on Facebook marketplace as well. You’re probably fine to wait until late spring or early summer to begin looking. I don’t think the rental crisis is as bad as people make it out to be here, all my friends have had a good experience finding places to live. Just takes a couple weeks of looking. If you have any more questions feel free to PM me!
  12. Someone’s already been in this cycle with a 91.66 so I think it’s a bit less competitive this year (that could be different now that January results are in)
  13. Sorry to hear about your LSAT, such a disappointing feeling! I can try to share my personal opinion. In for sure at TRU. U of C is tough to call because it’s holistic, so you could be in depending on your softs as you’re above the average GPA. U of A you’ll be in (last year there was 19 people admitted with your LSAT in the range of 150-156 and 5 with an LSAT aid 157-158). UBC doesn’t operate on a 4.3 scale, if you share your index that may be more helpful. UVic I’d also say depends on your softs- there were 3 people with LSATS in the 70-79 percentile admitted last year with your GPA- so it’s definitely a possibility. I think you’ll be surprised by what offers you get and to remain positive I also feel this cycle is a bit less competitive and more similar to 2017 than 2018 (totally my own opinion). Best of luck!
  14. Oops, thank you!! @erinl2 or other admin, can you please move this to the UBC forum?
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