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  1. Kazansky

    Accepted 2019

    Accepted on Nov 19. GPA ~4.17. LSAT 159 BC resident. Strong LR, likely average PS. Likely declining for UBC. Good luck all!
  2. Has anyone elses current status changed to "offer"? Mine just changed 5 minutes ago
  3. Hi all, just wondering if anyone has some insight into what UofA does if you have an index score that should be an auto-admit (247.4 or 245.2 depending on the multiplier) but still have courses in progress until December. I'm unclear about whether they will accept you without the term-1 grades or whether they will wait and require you to submit the transcript before making a decision (even though you're above the index). Any help would be appreciated! Auto-admit calculation was done with the 22.5 GPA multiplier as found on this link
  4. Kazansky

    Accepted to UNB 2019

    Got my email from Wanda today at 6:00am my time, 10am out east I guess. GPA: 4.19 with drops I believe LSAT: 159 General Category, out of province, Strong EC's and LOR's. Currently a 4th year student. Good luck to everyone waiting!