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  1. I submitted my application on November 9th. Lots of volunteer experience and I currently serve on the board of a non-profit. I work in the Canadian art industry and want to be an art lawyer so wouldn't be surprised if I was a diversity admission.
  2. Accepted this afternoon 😊 LSAT: 159 CGPA: 3.73 Ontario resident.
  3. This email is the electronic copy of your offer of acceptance. You should receive your physical offer in the mail in 1-3 weeks. Congratulations.
  4. Accepted this yesterday (January 8th). LSAT: 159 CGPA: 3.73 Strong LOR's, lots of volunteer experience and extracurriculars.
  5. Update: I also received everything this afternoon.
  6. I received an offer from Osgoode last week and provisionally accepted via OLSAS a couple of days later, but have yet to receive an electronic offer package or any other emails from Osgoode for that matter. I've tried calling the admissions office (which is, of course, busy) and just sent them an email. How long did everybody else have to wait before receiving their physical letters of admission / electronic email packages? Not too stressed out, just curious.
  7. General, although I sighted equity as a consideration relevant to my application. I don't believe Osgoode has an actual "Access" category, only a General and an Indigenous. Could be wrong though.
  8. Accepted this morning (December 12th)! LSAT: 159 CGPA: 3.73 Strong LOR's, lots of volunteer experience and extracurriculars. In queue on November 22nd.
  9. Hey, Wondering if somebody could tell me what the think my chances are of getting into Osgoode, Ottawa, or Schulich? LSAT 159 / cGPA 3.73 / L2 3.84 I have strong references and a lot of experience (both voluntary and work-related) pertaining to galleries and contemporary art and completed my undergrad at OCAD University. Appreciate your time!
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