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  1. I wasn't aware of that, but you are probably right!! Makes a lot more sense, either way though the waiting is getting so ridiculous
  2. I think now they are waiting for the July 3rd deadline before reviewing any other applications bc there will be a ton of students who don’t have to be reviewed once their acceptance goes firm. Taking the easy way out for sure but at this point I think that’s all they can do
  3. For those lucky enough to have offers elsewhere, it might be time to just fully commit to that school. You’ll have time to find a decent place to live and get ready to move rather than potentially waiting for nothing and being stuck in an even more stressful situation :(
  4. Hi there, While the specialization itself may not matter, I think your passion and interest in those courses may have a positive impact on your grades which WILL matter. From what I've seen on here, the Dal presence in Ontario is pretty solid. Keep in mind a lot of the class will stay in Atlantic Canada and some are interested in Western Canada job markets as well. It does not seem like any firm would turn you down if you had the grades and the EC's just because you went to Dal.
  5. I think we can assume that if we don't receive anything between now and tomorrow we will be rejected
  6. That is literally all they said, the email was super vague sorry I don’t have more to tell you
  7. I emailed today asking when we would be notified about the waitlist and I got a response saying they didn’t have this information and if we are waitlisted we will automatically be notified by email. And the waiting game continues.
  8. Called a bunch of times this morning and never had someone pick up...
  9. If you don't mind, what did they was "going on" with it? Can you expect an acceptance?!
  10. I wouldn't go off last year's acceptance pattern bc it's been really different this year. Doesn't seem like there's any predicting it.
  11. Does anyone else's uozone suddenly look different? can't see my application at all..
  12. For anyone whose paid their deposit, did your status change from accepted- deposit requested to deposit received?
  13. For anyone accepted today, what does your last name start with ?
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