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  1. JD2019

    Entrance Scholarships

    Think I'm overthinking this here but I am a bit confused by the instructions for the scholarships that require an application. "Please supply the Admissions Committee of the Schulich School of Law with one additional reference letter addressing your qualifications which will support all scholarships. In addition you must supply the following:" How are people differentiating between the reference letter and scholarship specific letter?
  2. JD2019

    Decision pending

    Thank you for this! Did they comment on the fact that people have already been accepted?
  3. JD2019

    Decision pending

    Did you end up calling? Seems like everyone is getting different information...
  4. JD2019

    Index and Courses In Progress

    I didn't, but I think once they see that you have fall grades pending, they won't make an offer. I'm also above the index
  5. JD2019

    Index and Courses In Progress

    I emailed them and was told they will not evaluate your file until 1st term grades are in
  6. Congrats to you both! Did you get an “under review” email?
  7. JD2019

    Under Review!

    My last reference was received Nov 7th but I have yet to hear anything from Rose. I might be over anxious but I'm panicking that I haven't received the "under review" email yet
  8. Does anyone know which schools (if any) will actually accept you before the fall grades are submitted?
  9. JD2019

    2019 Timeline

    Anyone know when UoA starts requesting scores from LSAC?
  10. Has anyone else not received anything, even a receipt, from Queen's? Is this normal?