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  1. @thedraper its not olsas actually, my bad. I was searching for olsas and I found this website https://lawapplicants.ca/ which calculates your gpa with olsas standard and from your lsat score determines your chances of getting into Ontario law schools except for Windsor since its hollistic.
  2. With this gpa my only chance would be Windsor so I probably won’t apply elsewhere. I’m just not sure if I could get in with a 160 lsat
  3. Hello everyone, I am debating whether I should stay another year at university or just graduate. I have already spent a year at York university and another 4 years at UofT. But I feel that my gpa might not be high enought to get into the single J.D program. According to OLSAS website, my cgpa is 3.28 and my L2 is 3.3. I am planning to get 160 or higher on my lsat. I would really appreciate your advice as I’m very undecisive at this point.
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