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  1. Yes it was before June 17th. Hope there is some movement on the wait list for you soon
  2. Hey @leveredge I declined my spot a while ago, I'm guessing that spot has already been reassigned though.
  3. Meh, I don't care anymore since I am not going here. Just wondering if applying early or being from the area is more important, as @UnbLaw2018 suggested.
  4. Are you also from the region perhaps?
  5. Thanks, I know how averages work. Not to rub salt in the wound though but I did not make up the fact that OP was evidently consider not competitive as they were outright rejected and not wait-listed etc. Nowhere do I claim to be an expert, just another random person on the internet providing stats about admissions. Anyways apparently people here are too sensitive so I will be declining to go to Queens. Best of luck everyone.
  6. Not sure if people know but Wanda (main admissions person) had quite a bad fall and is still out of the office. This is likely having an understandable impact on the speed of decision making.
  7. Sorry you found my posts offensive. I am ESL so can seem a bit abrasive.
  8. I mean it clearly wasn't competitive since OP was rejected... and the posted average score is 3.7 Apparently people are upset by facts.
  9. Sleep on the couch and rent your room on Air BnB.
  10. Accepted yesterday CGPA 3.8, 165 LSAT. Will probably accept as I would like to stay in province.
  11. 3.4 with drops is not really that competitive, and UNB weights GPA more than LSAT so it is not enough to just have a good LSAT score.
  12. Oof as a Carleton student who scored 165 and got in to all my schools
  13. What's the best thing and the worst thing about living in Fredericton?
  14. You might qualify for more bursaries/funding option as a resident of the province of the law school you attend.
  15. Your CGPA/L2 are a bit low, but with a high 160 you could certainly get into some Ontario schools. Financially though it does not make much sense in my mind for you to go to law school, unless you are super passionate about it. Giving up a good paying job for 3y while paying tuition, would put you at least 200k behind where you would be if you stayed in your current job. Especially as your salary as a lawyer would take several years to climb up to the 6 figures you are about to start making. If you don't care about the money, go for it, but that 200k could get you a lot of happiness/retire a few years early etc.
  16. I am not from SMU but don't worry there will be lots of new people who don't know each other just like you.
  17. Accepted yesterday. 3.8 w. drops /165. Have only 2 weeks to decide, since UNB are slowpokes though I have already paid a deposit at another school so may be declining.
  18. That is what mine has been for months as well.
  19. It is a possibility from any school, including U of M, with good grades and enough hustle. Naturally a school closer to Bay St. would be useful, or whichever BigLaw market you want to work in.
  20. Yup, I asked if they could tell me what their calculation of my GPA with drops was, but they said it was an internal number they could not share 🤨 They also said they have both my reference letters, final grades and personal statement and would let me know if anything changed regarding my status. No idea what is going on. "To date we do have a number of acceptances outstanding, both to Special Categories as well as Regional Preferences." <- got that back in February, many people have been accepted since then but not me
  21. I doubt either of the two profs that gave me a range of A grades would have said yes to writing a letter of reference and use it to maliciously scuttle my application. My ECs are nothing fancy but are in line with what I assume to be pretty normal for K-JD apps (School clubs/societies, gov jobs over the summer, a few university awards/scholarships, intermediate proficiency in a third language etc.) I do have some interesting things like international work experience though. Honestly I am just confused.
  22. It is after drops, but it is still competitive/higher than many people with acceptances this cycle. Especially when taken with my LSAT score.
  23. Feb of 2018... Application would have been compete in October. They also would have had my fall grades in Jan, before any acceptances had been sent out.
  24. Have not heard back but it is mid-April now. Getting accepted off the wait list in July or August is basically useless. Especially as other schools have already accepted me that had decision deadlines.
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