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  1. That is what mine has been for months as well.
  2. It is a possibility from any school, including U of M, with good grades and enough hustle. Naturally a school closer to Bay St. would be useful, or whichever BigLaw market you want to work in.
  3. Yup, I asked if they could tell me what their calculation of my GPA with drops was, but they said it was an internal number they could not share ๐Ÿคจ They also said they have both my reference letters, final grades and personal statement and would let me know if anything changed regarding my status. No idea what is going on. "To date we do have a number of acceptances outstanding, both to Special Categories as well as Regional Preferences." <- got that back in February, many people have been accepted since then but not me
  4. I doubt either of the two profs that gave me a range of A grades would have said yes to writing a letter of reference and use it to maliciously scuttle my application. My ECs are nothing fancy but are in line with what I assume to be pretty normal for K-JD apps (School clubs/societies, gov jobs over the summer, a few university awards/scholarships, intermediate proficiency in a third language etc.) I do have some interesting things like international work experience though. Honestly I am just confused.
  5. It is after drops, but it is still competitive/higher than many people with acceptances this cycle. Especially when taken with my LSAT score.
  6. Feb of 2018... Application would have been compete in October. They also would have had my fall grades in Jan, before any acceptances had been sent out.
  7. Have not heard back but it is mid-April now. Getting accepted off the wait list in July or August is basically useless. Especially as other schools have already accepted me that had decision deadlines.
  8. I did not get in this year with a 3.8 with drops / 165 LSAT as a non-maritimer. So you would want better than that I guess, unless you have extra strong softs.
  9. Are you from the Maritimes? It also depends on what your GPA with drops is, probably high 150's would be fine but low 160's would be safe.
  10. 3.8 with drops, 165 LSAT only write Feb 2018
  11. I doubt if schools have access to previous tax returns or bank statements. However you could get audited by the financial office theoretically. Federal/provincial student loans have access to much more information by comparison. Also please don't deflate the value of your assets to boost your funding at the expense of other students who may actually need it.
  12. Don't bother applying to UNB unless you are from the Maritimes.
  13. Even though it does not have a feature to let you redistrict council zones?
  14. Any Paradox grand strategy game other than Stellaris is always a good time; CK2, EU4, Victoria2, HOI3.
  15. Without even having an LSAT score until July I doubt asking is worth OP's time. Better off focusing on making a strong application for the next cycle.
  16. I am assuming they would have all been sent out at the same time. Also no updates for a week, although that doesn't mean that people not on the forum are being awarded them. There was also a previous post that they would try to send them out before the open houses, which is this Friday March 22nd. I remain mildly hopeful, but at this point my decision making is based on not receiving a scholarship for Robson.
  17. What's wrong with a discussion about the admissions policy of a school?
  18. Thanks for the added information about PEI. I did not know travel was so expensive to the mainland. Travelling from anywhere in northern canada though to a major medical facility is also not cheap, and not every area has close by heart or brain surgeons. I don't have a family doctor either so I am familiar with the struggle. Not sure how having locals go to law school close by will fix those issues though, sounds like you need more MDs not JDs.
  19. Now who is being rude? Your views seem to be emblematic of a regional issue with immigrants and people from other parts of Canada that the maritimes has. There is a reason retention rates of new Canadians are so low in the maritimes, and it isn't because they get sick of Anne of green gables. Maybe being more open to people "from away" would help the maritimes economically, as it has the rest of Canada.
  20. Don't think I've been rude but if you find that then I apologize. Likewise if I have been illogical, though I believe I have stuck to my core point the entire way. Being accepted in July or August doesn't really help me, it takes time to get up and move across the country and I can't turn down other offers on the hope that UNB lets me in. Likewise not in the financial situation to blow hundreds of dollars on deposits. I only applied to 3 schools to keep costs to the bare minimum.
  21. Ah ok, then we agree for once I have no problem with access or discretionary applicants, I just feel that treating everyone from certain provinces as special cases goes a bit too far. Surely being from a small town in the maritimes is no harder than being from a small town anywhere else in Canada?
  22. Why shouldn't Canadian schools train more lawyers for Toronto, or engineers for Alberta or teachers for PEI? If they provide an economic or social benefit for the country who cares where they are from or where they end up?
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