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  1. I do not know whether the OP posted this or not, but the OP was waitlisted at Ryerson and was admitted to uOttawa law.
  2. I do not think that Ryerson has any strengths in real estate law or corporate law currently. Go to Ottawa.
  3. Most Canadian law schools tend to consider GPA and the LSAT equally. Schools that tend to prefer GPA to the LSAT are: Osgoode and uOttawa law. If you have a cGPA of 3.66 (the OLSAS scale), you need an LSAT score of 164+ to be competitive for UBC law; or an LSAT score of 160+ to be competitive for Dal law. Good luck!
  4. I believe that both law schools are fine. If you want to work in Ontario, particularly Toronto, Windsor law will be better for you. If you want to work in Calgary, uSaskatchewan law will be better. Good luck with your decision!
  5. uOttawa law may not consider a letter of continued interest. As far as I know, sending a letter of continued interest to admission committees is a fairly American thing; Canadian law schools very rarely require or accept a letter of continued interest. That being said, good luck!
  6. Your OLSAS GPA means your cGPA. A cGPA of 3.67 (the OLSAS scale) is pretty decent. Good luck!
  7. There is also an article published by the American Bar Association: https://www.abajournal.com/news/article/physics_math_majors_get_top_lsat_scores_poli_sci_majors_are_average
  8. For your information, I was waitlisted at Osgoode and Western last year. Like you, I got in uOttawa and Windsor last year. (I was rejected from Queen's last year). I just waited until the July deadline last year, and my uOttawa law acceptance became firm after that date. Although I wished to get in Osgoode (because I live in Toronto), I also liked uOttawa law. From my personal perspective, I advise you to go to uOttawa unless you really dislike attending the law school. I personally think that your current chances at getting in Osgoode or Western off the waitlist do not seem to be good. I do not think that gambling your current spot at uOttawa law will be a good idea. So, as of now, I advise you to wait until the July deadline as a miracle may happen; and keep your current spot at uOttawa.
  9. Honestly, the game is not over yet. Let's see. Good luck!!
  10. So, yesterday, the incoming 1Ls at the Common Law Section (English program) registered their courses. I have just counted the total number of the remaining seats of the thematic course for the 2021 winter term. It turns out that 28 seats are currently available. However, I would say that the actual number of the remaining seats may be less than 28. Firstly, the current number (28 seats) does not reflect the number of the incoming 1Ls who have been waitlisted at their preferred thematic courses. Secondly, some people who have been admitted to the law school very recently do not yet have access to their student centre that enables them to register their courses. So, the actual number of the remaining seats may be less than 28. That being said, good luck!
  11. Aren't the lists of awards recipients available here? https://www.uottawa.ca/obtain-your-degree/prizes-and-medals
  12. I studied Archival and Museum studies for my graduate studies, but I found that cultural institutions such as museums would favour white people when they seek their employees. As an immigrant from Asia, I was not confident in securing a decent job for my family. My frustration led me to apply to law schools. I was so happy to get in uOttawa law.
  13. Just let you know that uOttawa law will consider your Masters as extracurricular activities. So, the law school will not include your Masters grades when it calculates your cGPA. Hope my explanation helps.
  14. I am just an incoming 1L at uOttawa (I defered my admission by one year due to academic and personal reasons). No one here except admission committees will give you an answer regarding your chances at uOttawa. Yes, the law school clearly indicates that it "may" give less weight on the LSAT when it assesses an applicant whose first language is not English. However, in any event, uOttawa loves applicants that have high cGPA. In sum, while I have no idea of your chances, you may have a good chance if your cGPA is above 3.70 and you have good personal statements. I think your ECs are pretty good. Good luck!!
  15. For your information, English is not my first language, and I applied under the Access category admission of uOttawa law. I got in the law school last year with 3.78 cGPA, 157 LSAT, and two Masters.
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