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  1. You already seem to be inclined to accept Ryerson's offer; you should go to Ryerson if you want to practice in Ontario.
  2. No offense to Windsor's dual JD students, but given your stats, I strongly advise you not to accept the dual offer. The dual JD is prohibitively expensive. I believe that you will get in Queens, Western, or Dal eventually. As you took the January LSAT, you may need to wait for acceptances longer than other applicants do. Best of luck with your applications!
  3. All Ontario law schools will just consider a Masters degree as an extra curricular activity. The University of Alberta law school will certainly take Masters grades into account when the law school assesses applicants' grades.
  4. They are just same, but my personal understanding is that Windsor is better in regard to its placement at Corporate law.
  5. You can just send your transcripts to law schools by using OLSAS. Just use transcript submission section on the OLSAS.
  6. I have firmly accepted. P.S. You have been accepted to Osgoode as well. Will you still accept Ottawa? That being said, congrats!!
  7. If you do not want to work in the United states, I advise you to choose Ryerson law over the Windsor dual JD. The dual program is prohibitively expensive.
  8. I believe that you will get admitted by today, and I encourage you to call the Windsor law's admission office.
  9. The April 1st deadline is for a provisional acceptance.
  10. I originally got in uOttawa Law last year, but I have deferred my entry into the Common Law Section by one year to finish my Master program. I was accepted to the law school last year as an Access applicant due to my permanent medical issues. The Common Law Section admissions office sent me a new offer of admission letter yesterday. The processes of obtaining a deferral are very formal; after firmly accepting an offer of admission via the OLSAS, paying the required deposits, and submitting a signed document that corroborates a request for deferring an acceptance, a deferral may be given. In addition, an application to other law schools will be prohibited, and a new application to uOttawa Law via the OLSAS will be required as well. (Application fees will be exempted as the Common Law Section admissions office will notify the OLSAS of the deferral of admission.) I just add my stats to these threads for future reference. Stats: cGPA 3.78, LSAT 157 (an accommodated score due to my medical issues), MA in history (A- average), and Master of Information (A- average). ECs: Volunteering at the LGBTQ2+ Archives for three years, Volunteering at museums, military services (two years), and three-years-experiences of organizing workers' unions.
  11. As far as I know, the Common Law Section's admission committees do not give a phone call to admitted applicants to notify an acceptance. However, I have heard that the society of the Common Law Section students gave a phone call to some admitted candidates for whatever reasons.
  12. Unfortunately, many applicants say that Ottawa is “really weird” every year.
  13. No idea of mature candidates, but uOttawa assesses access applicants later than it does regular applicants. For your Information, I got in uOttawa Law for the last admission cycle under access categories (I deferred my admission by one year), but the law school indeed reviewed access applicants later as it gathered medical documents or the verification of access claims from access applicants. Accordingly, uOttawa Law began reviewing access applicants’ files around the mid January of last year, and many applicants complained about the law school’s lateness. That being said, I have no idea of how uOttawa law looks at mature applicants’ files. You have very good stats, and I wish you best of luck with your application to uOttawa Law.
  14. Wow, you are accepted to two law schools! Thousands of congratulations! Personally, I would choose uSask law over Ryerson law as the former is an established law school with one hundred-years-history , more legal clinics (Ryerson law does not have any legal clinics yet), more law professors (Ryerson law has only 9 law professors), diverse programs, including mooting or law journals, a beautiful law building (Ryerson law does not have a law building yet), and very strong associations/relationships with the local bar of Saskatchewan. That said, I totally admit that my statements regarding Ryerson law are biased because the law school may be a wise choice for you if you want to work in Toronto. Best of luck with your decisions and the rest of your applications. Congratulations again!
  15. Based on the name of the poster, the OP seems to be an international applicant from an East Asian country. To the OP: When it comes to going to a law school in either Canada or the States, if you are indeed an international applicant, you need to take into account the cost of attending a law school, including the cost of living in a city that you are currently considering, and the potential opportunity to obtain working-permit or permanent residency. Good luck with your future decisions!
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