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  1. Rejected today. 3.78 CGPA, B3 3.78, 157 LSAT, and MA.
  2. Regarding your question, I am not sure. However, I am aware of an incident that Windsor Law accidentally disclosed applicants' files for "about 15 minutes" (according to its admission committees) last year, which resulted in the issues of "privacy breach" (according to Windsor Law's report). At that time, Windsor Law's email (to applicants last year) implied that its admission committees already had a tentative list of information on potential admittees as well as possible recipients for scholarships. The incident happened in late January last year. Hence, I suspect that Windsor Law may have already finished a cursory review of all applicants for this cycle too. That's my just personal opinion. Someone who had an actual experience of application for the last cycle may be able to clarify the "privacy breach" incident. For your information, my files are still in pending review as well: my stats are 3.78 CGPA, 3.84 B2, 157 LSAT, MA, some unique ECs, and currently doing a combined program of two Master program. I have not been accepted to anywhere yet. Good luck with your application. I believe that you may have a chance at Ottawa, Windsor, and Lakehead.
  3. Do not worry too much. Although I know that your top choice is uOttawa Law, I am quite sure that you should be in either Western or Queen's Law at the least. I have not heard back anything yet either. Like you, I am an Access applicant with 3.78 CGPA, 3.78 B3, 3.84 L2, MA, and currently doing a combined degree of two Master programs. Honestly speaking, I currently think that I may be rejected from all law schools to which I have applied; I have applied to all law schools in Ontario under either Access or Mature category. I have already registered the 2019 July LSAT due to the possibility of rejections. Anyway, good luck! I really wish you get in.
  4. Dear mknz, First of all, congratulations on your acceptance to Ottawa law, which is a great law school. Overall, I think that you should secure your current acceptance at Ottawa law (or any other law schools that you may get in later). If you really wish to do a master, you can request a deferral of your acceptance although you may have to proceed with this request as early as possible. I did my MA in history at York; I guess that you want to do your MA in Political science at York? I know that most MA programs at York are one-year programs. So, as long as you already have acceptances to both one-year MA program at York and uOttawa's JD program, you may request a deferral of your acceptance to uOttawa. Additionally, I have two points related to my recommendation. First, you should consider the fact that getting in Canadian law schools has been increasingly competitive and unpredictable. If you look at acceptance, rejected, and waitlisted threads closely, you may recognize that Ontario law schools have become significantly holistic in regards to assessing applicants' files. I suspect that recent changes in taking the LSAT, i.e. no limit to taking the LSAT and the generous endorsement of an accommodated LSAT, have affected Ontario law schools' decision-making processes. For example, you may observe that U of T, Osgoode, and Ottawa particularly prefer a high CGPA to a high LSAT score for this year. Accordingly, there is no guarantee that you will be able to get in Ottawa law again next year. I have a 3.78 CGPA, 3.78 B 3, 3.84 L2, 157 LSAT score (an accommodated LSAT score), MA in History, currently doing combined degree programs of Master of Information (archival studies) and Master of Museum Studies, and quite extensive ECs. However, although I have applied to all Ontario law schools under either Mature or Access category, I have not heard back anything yet. Even some applicants, especially some Access category applicants who have a much better LSAT score than mine, have not heard back anything either. So, you are quite lucky in the sense that you have secured at least one acceptance to Ontario law schools. Second, you should be cautious about rewriting the LSAT after June this year. You may know this, but the LSAC will introduce the digital LSAT as of July this year and all applicant in North America have to take the digital LSAT after September this year. I have no idea of how you will prepare for the digital LSAT and do well on it, but I know that many applicants fret about the unpredictability of the digital LSAT. So, to make a long story short, I suggest securing your current acceptance and seeking a deferral of your acceptance. Best of luck to your decision and congratulations again!
  5. Congratulatuons on your LSAT as well. You will be accepted to every law school to which you have applied
  6. Dear capitalttruth, Do not be discouraged, and please be optimistic. I have not heard back anything yet, either. I know that you were waitlisted at Ottawa law last year with a lower LSAT score than your current one. I am quite sure that you will ultimately get in at least one Canadain law school, hopefully, Ottawa law. Best of luck with you this year!
  7. Dear keithdavis, I just would like to express my sincere congratulations on your acceptance at Osgoode. I can certainly see how your tremendous efforts, passion, and perseverance illuminate your great outcomes. Best of luck for your future studies. I believe that you will do very well in your law school.
  8. Hello, capitalttruth, I have applied to all law schools in Ontario; Lakehead, Ottawa, Queens, and Western under Access category; Toronto under Mature category; Osgoode and Windsor under General category. My stats are cGAP 3.78 (OLSAS scale), L2 3.84 (OLSAS scale), B3 3.78 (OLSAS scale), 157 LSAT (70% score and an accommodated score due to mental issues), and an MA in history; I am also currently doing a combined degree program of Master of Information (Archival studies) and Master of Museum Studies. As you may see, my access claim just pertains to mental issues and an accommodated LSAT score as a consequence of the mental issues. I have not heard back anything yet. Based on the fact that you were waitlisted at Ottawa Law last year, if your LSAT score improved compared to that of last year, I am quite sure that you will be accepted to most schools that you have applied. So, stay positive and wish you best of luck!
  9. Dear keithdavis, Thank you so much for your encouragement and suggestions. I really appreciate it. I do not want to derail the purpose of creating this thread. So, if I hear back anything later, I will post here although U of T, Osgoode, and Windsor pertain to my applications under Mature Category. (I have applied to Lakehead, Ottawa, Western, and Queen's under Access Category.) Thank you and best of luck!
  10. Dear keithdavis, First of all, my sincere congratulations on your acceptance at Western. I am really impressed by your passion and perseverance, which your stories clearly resonate; I am really sorry to hear that you have recently been separated with your son as I also have a three-year-old son. I am quite old as you although I am a little younger than you. (I know your age since I saw your previous posts.) I personally believe that you will be accepted at every law school that you have applied, including U of T Law; your stats are very strong, given your status as the Mature applicant. I do not think that your 15-year-experiences of working in restaurants are insignificant. Rather, your experiences of interacting with diverse people may set your applications apart from those of other excellent candidates and impress the admission committees of both Osgoode and U of T. So, good luck! For your information, My files are: CGPA: 3.78 (OLSAS scale), B3: 3.78 (OLSAS scale), and L2: 3.84 (OLSAS scale). Like you, I also graduated from York University. LSAT: 157 (2018 September), 70 % (This is an accommodated LSAT score due to my medical issue. ) I will also take the 2019 January LSAT with accommodations, but I am highly sceptical if I would be able to increase my score for the 2019 January LSAT because of the workload of my current graduate program. I have already completed an MA in History (A- average). I obtained my MA from York as well. In addition, I am currently doing the Combined degrees of Master of Information (Archival Studies) and Master of Museum Studies. (My current average grades are between B+ and A-, but certainly closer to A-.) Volunteer and extracurricular activities include political actions concerning Marxism, president of the student union, work experiences, and mandatory military service (I am an immigrant). I also have received quite many scholarships and awards from both my undergraduate and graduate programs. As I am a very social justice-oriented person, my personal statements mostly concern labour and indigenous rights. I am eligible for both Mature and Access Category of Ontario Law Schools. However, I have mostly applied to Ontario Law Schools under Access Category. I have applied to all law schools in Ontario, but I have not heard back anything yet. Personally, I think that I may not be accepted to any law school in Ontario although I have applied under Access Category. I do know that competitions for law schools have increasingly intensified. Long story short, best of luck!!
  11. I respect your feedback, but given that the OP is applying to Ontario Law Schools under Mature/Access Category, may the OP have quite good chances at Queens, Western, or Ottawa? The OP has a good LSAT score, and OP's L2/B2 is not too bad if we consider the OP's mature or access status.
  12. Dear Luckycharm, Thank you very much for your reply. May I respectfully ask you why you think that my chance at Ottawa is good? I know that Ottawa Law's admission is a kind of black box and, in this sense, the admission is very selective given that I am under Acess Category. Thank you again for your comment.
  13. Dear yeezy, Thank you very much for your comment. In fact, your response is more generous than I have expected. I appreciate it.
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