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  1. I am quite sure that you will get in Queens, Western, or Ottawa. Best of luck to your applications!
  2. For this admission cycle, I believe that you will get in all law schools to which you have applied; you may face pleasant choices of selecting law schools. Best of luck!
  3. Based on my observations for the last year cycle, my impression is that Queen's law is currently more like a B2/L2 school than Western is. Western still seems to prefer applicants with cGPA 3.70+ although my perception of the law school may be wrong. You have a strong LSAT score and not bad L2 GPA. Hence, I think that you have a better chance at Queen's law than Western law. I just advise you to check acceptance/reject/wait-listed posts for the last year admission cycle, and also look into Queen's and Western law's entering class profiles; both of them are publicly available now. For your information, I got in Ottawa law and Windsor law last year with 3.78 cGPA, 3.84 L2, 157 LSAT, and an MA; wait-listed at Osgoode and Western law. I was outright rejected from U of T law, Queen's law, and Lakehead law. I was an access applicant. Best of luck to you!
  4. I think that you will have a good chance at Queen's Law; I am not sure about your chance at Western Law, but you have a pretty decent chance there as well. For the rest of other law schools in Ontario, I am not sure about your chances of getting in. Best of luck with your applications! I am quite sure that you will get in at least one law school in Ontario ultimately.
  5. Yes, I think so. Your tremendous efforts certainly deserve that OLSAS cGPA jump!
  6. Just let you know that a B+ at York is a GPA of 3.30 only in accordance with the OLSAS grades scale. For the rest of your academic years, you should get at least straight As (a GPA of 3.80 by the OLSAS scale) to boost your chances at Osgoode. Good luck with your future studies!
  7. Good luck with your applications! Have you had some improvements regarding your stats such as an LSAT score since the last cycle?
  8. Isn't the book about the author's experiences of Harvard Law school in the 1970s? We live in the 21st century of Canada in which Canadian law applies. I do not think that the book pertains to "the Canadian law school experience in 2019."
  9. "Undergraduate academic performance is a significant numerical factor in the evaluation process. Most successful applicants have at least an A- or 80% average overall (CGPA). The Law School Admission Test (LSAT) is mandatory for all applicants. The Faculty of Law does not have a cut-off or minimum score requirement. However, the Law School looks for an LSAT score above the 70th percentile." (https://commonlaw.uottawa.ca/en/students/admissions/admissions-criteria) As your current stats cohere with uOttawa law's admisdion preference, I'd say that you will most likely get in the law school. For your information, I got in uOttawa law last year under Access Categoris with 3.78 cGPA, 3.84 L2, 157 LSAT, and an MA degree. Best of luck with your applications!
  10. I have no idea of the rigor of uOttawa's law program because I have deferrred my entry into the Common Law Section's Juris Doctor program by one year (the 2020 Fall term) to finish my master degrees in March 2020. So, if you get in uOttawa law, we may be in the law school's same incoming class! Good luck!
  11. Unfortunately, I do not think that you currently have a decent chance at Western law. Both your cGPA and L2 GPA are good, but I have witnessed very few people who got in similar stats to yours. If you obtain an LSAT score of at least 160, you must be in. For your information, I applied to Western law under its Access categories last year with 3.78 cGPA, 3.84 L2, 157 LSAT, and an MA degree. I was waitlisted at Western law, but did not get in there ultimately. Best of luck with your applications!
  12. Thank you for your response; I certainly know the implication of accepting an offer of admission to an Ontario law school by the early July. Yet, I honestly do not think that I had realistic chances at Western and Oz last year. With my stats, I was not competitive for the two law schools at all. I just appreciate the fact that Western and Oz even waitlisted my applications.
  13. I am not sure of how we define "holistic admissions." That said, I would say that Windsor law has the most holistic admission policies in Canada. Law schools that maintain index scores have numbers-based admission policies. Those schools are: uVic law, UBC law, uAlberta law, and Manitoba law.
  14. I got in the law school on June 18th, 2019; I was not waitlisted. For your information, I was admitted to uOttawa law under Access Categories, and immediately after I was accepted, the law school began waitlisting other applicants. I got in Windsor law as well, but chose uOttawa law; I was also waitlisted at Western law and Osgoode, but did not get in there. I was rejected from U of T law, Queen's law, and Lakehead law.
  15. I got in uOttawa law last year with fairly similar stats to yours; mine were 3.78 CGPA, 3.84 L2, 157 LSAT, and an MA. I believe that you have a decent chance at uOttawa law, but I would say that your personal statement and ECs may affect your overall chance. I strongly advise you to retake the LSAT and obtain a better score than your current one. If you have an LSAT score of 160+, you will have much stronger chances at most law schools in Ontario, including uOttawa law. Best of luck with your applications!
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