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  1. It would be grossly unfair if uOttawa does not take into account your grades that demonstrate your tremendous academic efforts. You should be in!!!!
  2. https://www.ouac.on.ca/statistics/olsas-application-statistics/ Based on the statistics of other Ontario law schools in the past, probably between 1600 and 2200??
  3. As far as I know, New England Law School did not even require an LSAT score in the past; it was a predatory admission scheme in that the law school offerd its own standardized test to assess applicants' qualifications in lieu of the LSAT. It seems to me that the law school has recently changed its policies regarding an LSAT, but it is not a reputable law school. My suggestion: please please go to uOttawa.
  4. Hello, I just think that you have a good chance at uOttawa law; given that you do not have any volunteering experiences, your chance at Windsor law does not seem to be good. For your information, I saw someone got in uOttawa law last year with 3.70 cGPA and 150 LSAT; based on the posts of the person via this site, the person was rejected from Windsor law. Good luck with your applications!
  5. Hello, If your CGPA coheres with the OLSAS' Grades scale, I would say that your current chance at uOttawa law is quite good, around 70 % probabaly? As you may know, uOttawa law likes applicants with 3.70 CGPA and 157+ LSAT. Although your CGPA is below A-, I have frequently witnessed applicants who possessed stats similar to yours and got in uOttawa law. Certainly, I believe that an LSAT score of 160+ would ameliorate your chance at uOttawa law. (and, other law schools in Ontario as well.) However, for your case, I think that even an LSAT score of 160+ may not boost your chance at uOttawa law as the law school places a great emphasis on applicants' CGPA. Best of luck with your applications!
  6. Unfortunately, you are an extremely borderline applicant at those four law schools. As no one would be able to predict your current chances correctly, I strongly advise you to retake the LSAT and obtain a score of at least 160. In addition, your personal statements and Ecs may affect your chances at the four law schools. The followings are my personal inputs: Queen's: a 50 percent chance as it is a B2 school and a bigger law school than Western in term of the 1 L class size. Ottawa: a 50 percent chance as your cGPA is a bit low. Western: a 40 percent chance. Osgoode: a 30 percent chance; although it has holistic admission policies, it is one of the most competitive Canadian law schools to get in. Best of luck with your applications!
  7. I will look forward to attending uOttawa law with you next year!
  8. Based on my experiences of the last 2019 admission cycle, any decisions regarding applications can be posted via the UO zone at any time, but a decision email was usually sent out the day after the UO zone decision's showing up, usually the next day morning.
  9. Just curious; given your current stats, is uOttawa law still your No. 1 choice? Or, Osgoode or Queen's? Best of luck!
  10. I know! Using the term, "a fancy life," was my joke, friend!! Why so serious?
  11. Thank you so much for your kind words. I really appreciate it.
  12. I am 38 now; so, when I start my legal studies at uOttawa law next September, I will be 39 years-old. I am an immigrant from a non-English-speaking country, and came to Canada eight years ago. (At that time, I could not speak English at all.) As Canadian employers did not recognize my foreign degrees, I have redone my HBA and obtained two MA degrees since 2011. Why am I going to law school in such an old age? My possible answer is to give a fancy life to my dear wife and son?? 🤔
  13. I am quite sure that you will get in Queens, Western, or Ottawa. Best of luck to your applications!
  14. For this admission cycle, I believe that you will get in all law schools to which you have applied; you may face pleasant choices of selecting law schools. Best of luck!
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