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  1. If your L2 GPA conforms to the OLSAS'S grading scale, your chances will be good at Queen's law, Western law, Ryerson law, and uSaskatchewan law. If you took the LSAT only once, you should be in uAlberta law. Some law schools, such as uManitoba law or UNB law, will drop some of your worst academic records. You may have chances at there too. Good luck!
  2. uOttawa law has not finalized its decision yet, but the law school has confirmed that students will have an option to learn digitally for the winter term.
  3. Please refer to this: https://commonlaw.uottawa.ca/en/students/admissions/admissions-criteria 1. I advise you to contact uOttawa law's admission office regarding your issues of part-time studies. 2. If your cGPA is not around 3.70+ in accordance with the OLSAS's grading scale, your target LSAT score should be 160+. 3. As far as I know, uOttawa law will look at your cGPA. 4. Based on my knowledge, uOttawa law will not give a preference for uOttawa graduates. Good luck!
  4. No, uOttawa law's French Common Law program consists of 80 entering students.
  5. If your GPA is 3.80 in accordance with the OLSAS's grading scale, your chance at uOttawa law will be good, but you may not be a competitive applicant at Osgoode Hall. You need an LSAT score of 160+ to be competitive at Osgoode.
  6. UBC, Osgoode, and uOttawa are good places to learn environmental law. Osgoode also offers JD/MES (Master of Environmental Studies) program as well.
  7. It has been known that the Common Law Section's English JD program admits 310 entering students each year. However, the law school now indicates that it accepts "approximately 280 entering students each year," including those in its combined programs (https://commonlaw.uottawa.ca/en/students/programs/overview). I have no idea of whether the Common Law Section's incoming 1Ls for this year consist of 280 students or not, but given the information from the site is correct, the largest English common law program in the country is not uOttawa law (280 entering 1Ls), but Osgoode Hall law school (290 entering 1Ls).
  8. I strongly advise you to contact the admission offices of U of T and Osgoode.
  9. You can not send a PDF file of your transcripts to the OLSAS directly due to the OLSAS's specific requirement of processing grades. You should send your original transcripts to the WES and make the institution evaluate it; otherwise, Canadian law schools will not evaluate your transcripts.
  10. I would recommend that you apply to Western law as both your L2 GPA and LSAT score are good.
  11. If you apply to uOttawa law under Access Category, there will be a separate section that allows you to elaborate on your extenuating circumstances. If you apply to the law school under Regular Category, the law school will certainly look at how you manage various personal or academic challenges. Good luck!
  12. Osgoode has a holistic admission policy; so, no idea. Ryerson pretends to be holistic; no idea, and its policy is mystery. U of T and Western will focus on your academic records.
  13. Where do you intend to apply? Defining "good EC's" may depend upon law schools' admission policy. Some law schools will not care about your EC's. A few law schools, such as uOttawa or uWindsor, like EC's pertaining to social justice or human rights.
  14. I guess that getting in Osgoode may be more competitive this year than previous years due to the LSAT Flex. I have already witnessed significant amount people with an LSAT score of 170+.
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