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  1. turbotom

    Application Acknowledgement

    Got it too.
  2. turbotom

    1L Schedule

    What is the schedule like for a 1L? Just trying to figure out when I would likely be in lectures and how many hours per week? Thanks!
  3. turbotom

    Alberta vs. Calgary for Vancouver Market

    Thank you! That's just what I was looking for.
  4. Can anyone weigh in on UoA vs UoC for someone who wants to work in Vancouver?
  5. turbotom

    LSAT 177, really bad gpa

    No, I graduated May 2018.
  6. turbotom

    LSAT 177, really bad gpa

    I wanted to share my story with you, it's not entirely the same as your situation but I think it would interest you. During the first three years after high school I studied in Arts and Sciences and I was forced to withdraw twice from the program. I basically failed every course I took. I think I have something like 13 or 14 F's on my transcript and only like a couple passing grades from those three years. I took time off to figure myself out and then returned when I was finally serious. I changed to the business program and completed my degree in four years. I averaged a 3.6/4.0 over these four years, but this still only brought my cGPA up to 2.6/4.0. I wrote the LSAT once and scored a 166. I'm definitely not competitive at every school across the country with my stats, but there are many schools that I am. I have already received offers at four schools for 2019 and I'm hoping to receive some more. My advice to you would be to go take a couple more years of undergrad courses so you have at least a solid L2 GPA. The cumulative GPA won't matter as much once you have shown that the previous years are not a true reflection of your academic potential. Your LSAT score is incredible and with even a decent L2 would have to make your application hard to overlook. Then focus on applying at L2 schools and schools that drop enough credits to make you competitive like Calgary, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Dal, UNB, Western, Queen's, Manitoba. Manitoba actually has a "Request for Elimination" you can submit. Based on certain factors you can request to exclude a previous program or portion of your transcript. Also, depending on your reasons for your poor performance before maybe you would be a good candidate for a "discretionary" application at some of the cGPA based schools? Anyway, just wanted to provide you with some hope. I have a 2.6 cGPA, a 166 LSAT and 4 offers already.
  7. turbotom

    Accepted to TRU 2019

    Got the email yesterday. L2: 3.75/4.3 L3: 3.69/4.3 LSAT: 166 BC resident
  8. turbotom

    Accepted 2019

    Got the email yesterday, no scholarship. BC resident. LSAT: 166 L2: 3.67/4.0
  9. turbotom

    Calgary vs. Dalhousie

    I am already leaning towards Calgary but I'd like to hear some opinions. Accepted to both, I am from Vancouver and want to work in Vancouver.
  10. turbotom

    Accepted 2019

    Accepted on December 7th CGPA: 2.79/4.3 L2: 3.75/4.3 L4: 3.64/4.3 (I've got ~150 credits on my transcript) LSAT: 166 BC resident
  11. turbotom

    Accepted to Calgary 2019

    Just got an offer today, LSAT: 166 L2: 3.67/4.0. Graduated in May 2018. Super excited!
  12. turbotom

    School Names in Personal Statements

    Yes, of course. My question is which if the two names would you use to address the school? For example, Allard School of Law vs. University of British Columbia; or Robson Hall Faculty of Law vs. University or Manitoba
  13. I am wondering what is the correct way to address the law schools in a personal statement is? For example, if writing about UBC, would you write "studying law at the Peter A. Allard School of Law" or "studying law at the University of British Columbia"? Thanks.
  14. turbotom

    Chances? (2.69 cGPA / 3.62 L2 / 166)

    Thanks everyone for your thoughts. I believe that UVIC would calculate my GPA with drops as 3.44/4.3. Using the index formula on this forum that puts me at 895 on their index. I've read that their "auto-accept" is around 905-915 depending on the year. Is that the minimum index required?
  15. turbotom

    Chances? (2.69 cGPA / 3.62 L2 / 166)

    I am 26. I am applying discretionary because it was recommended by the admissions team when I emailed them regarding how they would calculate my GPA stating that I have older grades holding back my cGPA. I know I do not qualify for many of the reasons that someone might apply discretionary, but I believe is my best shot. It does specify any other factors that the applicant wishes the Committee to consider. I was hoping that they would take into consideration the stark contrast in my performance and that for the last four years of undergrad studies I maintained a decent GPA. With drops and conversion from 4.3 to % scale, I believe I'm looking at something like 67.06% at UBC. Using the formula listed on this forum I should be an 87.52 on their index... meaning not competitive in Regular category.