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  1. Can attest to this. Took nearly all 100-levels in my fourth year since I had a lot of unused electives. No school took issue with it. Take some easy courses and bump out some good marks!
  2. Accepted today as well. Will likely accept. In queu since ~Nov 20 cGPA 3.94 LSAT 159
  3. I believe it depends on the school. I know UBC, UVIC, UofA, Calgary (except in summer directly preceding your application year), Dal, Western, and Ottawa took my summer credits. I’ve heard that queens however does not (might want to verify this yourself). Not sure for Oz. For reference, I took 2-4 courses each summer of university so I would have been pretty bagged should they all had not looked at summer courses. edit: forgot UofT. I heard they don’t count summer courses for B3, but do count them in your cGPA obviously.
  4. Going to take the opposite stance. I retook 2 courses mid way through my degree that I bombed in first year (C and C+) and ended up with A+’s in both and saw a substantial enough increase in my cGPA. With that said, if you can bump up your lsat even a few points in the same time instead of taking the courses it would likely have a more significant effect.
  5. Ranges from 600-300 from what I’ve seen. $500 for UBC, $300 for Uvic, and the rest of Canada falls somewhere in between
  6. Accepted a few days ago, just noticed. Regular category. GPA 3.93/4.0 (crude math) LSAT 159 Declining for UBC although a tough call. Good luck all.
  7. I’d call. I’ve found UBC admissions to be the most helpful/informative admissions office I’ve called, they were great. Hope all goes well with this cycle.
  8. Forgot to post. Accepted first day, Nov 28th I believe. Regular category. GPA with drops 92% LSAT 159 (after a death in the family)
  9. Hey, asked someone in admissions the same question a while back, here is what they sent me: Regardless of how many credits your degree is (60, 90, 120 etc.), 6 courses are dropped at 39 courses complete, 4 drops at 35 courses, 2 drops at 32 courses, and even more than 6 drops if you complete more courses (as shown below). Each drop is one semester long course (not year long). For those with 60 or 120 unit/credit degrees, the chart below was sent to me by the admissions officer and outlines exactly how many drops you will receive per credit completed. Accumulated Credits Credits Discounted ------ For 120 credit degrees 96 - 103.9 6 104 - 115.9 12 116 - 127.9 18 128 - 139.9 24 140 or more 30 Accumulated Units Units Discounted ------ For 60 unit degrees 48 – 51.9 3 52 – 57.9 6 58 – 63.9 9 64-69.9 12 70 or more 15
  10. Yeah, I just got the email this morning confirming my acceptance of the offer as well as containing some info about tuition, orientation, etc. For reference, I accepted the offer on Friday Nov 30
  11. In the same situation. @Whosiewhatsie, do you know if they send that email to everyone who they’re considering for early admission or just to those who hadn’t already sent in their transcripts (excluding the 1st term grades)
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