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  1. Hi all, I've been accepted to Western, Ottawa and Osgoode at the moment. I was wondering how I would be able to find out if these offers are conditional/unconditional? I'm still in school right now so I'm not sure if I have to keep a certain average.
  2. Hi all, I've received early acceptance to Western, Osgoode, and Ottawa, and am just waiting on Queen's. I was wondering when 2017 early acceptances went out, just so I can anticipate a bit of a timeline. Thanks!
  3. s2019

    Where do I begin

    I would also not reccommend studying for the LSAT while in full-time school. I wrote the LSAT June 2018, and did not start studying until April. However, for April and May (once I was finished my classes), I took a full-time LSAT Prep course for 1.5 months, and was studying 9 hours a day 5/6 days a week. I ended up scoring a 164 on the lsat, and felt well-prepared. My suggestion is to treat studying like it is a full-time job, and it should be your number one priority. Studying while your in full-time school will mean you will not be able to dedicate enough time to it. I know you mentioned that you have a religious holiday in may. I would suggest waiting to write the September LSAT, and dedicating June-August studying for it.
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    UVic or Queen's

    Hi all, So I'm torn between going to University of Victoria and Queen's. A little bit about myself: Did my undergrad in Toronto, really not a fan of the city and looking to move somewhere a bit smaller and quieter. No interest in corporate law, more interested in Human Rights/Family Born and raised in Ontario, probably looking to work in Ontario after I graduate but not 100% sure Looking for a school with a community supportive atmosphere 4.0 GPA, 164 LSAT Looking for some more info about the two schools and pros/cons of each Also some questions about UVic: Really drawn into the co-op program, anyone have any insight about how it is? Also, if I go to UVic am I able to complete a co-op in Ontario? Or is it strictly in BC. Anyone that has gone to school in BC then practiced in Ontario - do you think it has hindered you at all? Any and all info is welcome! Thanks in advance
  5. Hi everyone, I submitted my law school application for next year (2019) to Queens, Osgoode, Ottawa, and Western, and was very sure that I wanted to go to law school. My credentials are 4.0CGPA/164 LSAT. Now that I have submitted my application, I feel nervous and have some anxiety about law school. Essentially, my biggest fear is my career consuming my life. As much as I want to go to law school and practice law, I also want to have a life outside of it. However, I like the direct path that law school provides (law school --> lawyer). However, I am now considering applying for a masters in public policy/public administration instead of law school. I feel like maybe I read too many posts on the forum about all the downsides of law (no jobs, so much work, so much money, etc etc) and feel like I am scared away. Also, I do not have one area of law that I am 100% passionate about as of yet, and am scared that I will not necessarily find it in law school. Looking for advice about what life in/after law school is REALLY life, the pros and cons, and thoughts on pursuing a masters program instead. thank you all! Also, if anyone has gone to Queens, Osgoode, Ottawa, or Western, let me know your thoughts on the schools!