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  1. Hi everyone, I just finished 1L and am very interested in going into employment law. I was wondering if anyone knew/recommended any courses that may be useful for this area? I'm enrolled in labour law and employment law already.
  2. Hi guys, So in undergrad I would always go to the States and visit family over the February reading week, as I never actually really needed to do much reading over the week. I am a little nervous about booking a trip during reading week in law school though... I was looking for some insight as to how busy February is for law students and whether it would or would not be advisable to travel during reading week in 1L.
  3. Hi everyone, So I have accumulated OSAP debt throughout my undergrad, in which I am graduating this April. I am starting law school in September, and will be taking out OSAP again to help pay for law school. I know that you are able to be placed in interest-free status when you are back in school (https://www.osap.gov.on.ca/prodconsumption/groups/forms/documents/forms/tcont003388.pdf), therefore when I start law school I will not have to pay back OSAP. However, I am still kind of confused by this. Will I still be accumulating interest on my undergraduate debt when I am in law school that I have to pay back after I graduate, or will I not be accumulating interest at all? Can someone please explain this to me lol.
  4. Update for anyone dealing with the same issue: I sent in my transcripts late, and emailed each school directly letting them know and it was all good!
  5. Hi all, Currently deciding between Western and Queen's and would love to find out some pros/cons for each school! Particularly, I am interested in sense of community, course offerings, legal clinics (esp. legal aid clinics), campus life, London vs. Kingston, and really anything else that seems relevant.
  6. Same, now I'm freaking out lol. I just requested my transcript through OLSAS, really hoping it's all good.
  7. Hi all, I have already been accepted to all the laws schools I have applied to. I am in my last semester of my undergrad right now, do I still have to send my transcripts through OLSAS for my fall grades if I have already been accepted?
  8. Hi everyone, I'm in a position where I am paying for my own law school tuition, and as we all know, it is not cheap. I am approx $18 000 in OSAP debt from my undergrad already, and although I have enough in my savings account at the moment to pay back all my loans, I don't want to as I would rather not be THAT broke right now. I will need to take out OSAP and Student Lines of Credit in order to fund my law school tuition, but I really am lost about the whole process. I don't really have anyone that I can turn to that I can talk to about it either. I'm planning on attending law school in September 2019. When should I start looking into taking out Lines of Credit? And do I just go to the bank and talk to them about it? (Maybe stupid questions, but I really have no knowledge about this area). Also, when do I apply for OSAP? And how much of my tuition/living expenses will OSAP cover?
  9. Hi all, I've been accepted to Western, Ottawa and Osgoode at the moment. I was wondering how I would be able to find out if these offers are conditional/unconditional? I'm still in school right now so I'm not sure if I have to keep a certain average.
  10. Hi all, I've received early acceptance to Western, Osgoode, and Ottawa, and am just waiting on Queen's. I was wondering when 2017 early acceptances went out, just so I can anticipate a bit of a timeline. Thanks!
  11. I would also not reccommend studying for the LSAT while in full-time school. I wrote the LSAT June 2018, and did not start studying until April. However, for April and May (once I was finished my classes), I took a full-time LSAT Prep course for 1.5 months, and was studying 9 hours a day 5/6 days a week. I ended up scoring a 164 on the lsat, and felt well-prepared. My suggestion is to treat studying like it is a full-time job, and it should be your number one priority. Studying while your in full-time school will mean you will not be able to dedicate enough time to it. I know you mentioned that you have a religious holiday in may. I would suggest waiting to write the September LSAT, and dedicating June-August studying for it.
  12. Hi all, So I'm torn between going to University of Victoria and Queen's. A little bit about myself: Did my undergrad in Toronto, really not a fan of the city and looking to move somewhere a bit smaller and quieter. No interest in corporate law, more interested in Human Rights/Family Born and raised in Ontario, probably looking to work in Ontario after I graduate but not 100% sure Looking for a school with a community supportive atmosphere 4.0 GPA, 164 LSAT Looking for some more info about the two schools and pros/cons of each Also some questions about UVic: Really drawn into the co-op program, anyone have any insight about how it is? Also, if I go to UVic am I able to complete a co-op in Ontario? Or is it strictly in BC. Anyone that has gone to school in BC then practiced in Ontario - do you think it has hindered you at all? Any and all info is welcome! Thanks in advance
  13. Hi everyone, I submitted my law school application for next year (2019) to Queens, Osgoode, Ottawa, and Western, and was very sure that I wanted to go to law school. My credentials are 4.0CGPA/164 LSAT. Now that I have submitted my application, I feel nervous and have some anxiety about law school. Essentially, my biggest fear is my career consuming my life. As much as I want to go to law school and practice law, I also want to have a life outside of it. However, I like the direct path that law school provides (law school --> lawyer). However, I am now considering applying for a masters in public policy/public administration instead of law school. I feel like maybe I read too many posts on the forum about all the downsides of law (no jobs, so much work, so much money, etc etc) and feel like I am scared away. Also, I do not have one area of law that I am 100% passionate about as of yet, and am scared that I will not necessarily find it in law school. Looking for advice about what life in/after law school is REALLY life, the pros and cons, and thoughts on pursuing a masters program instead. thank you all! Also, if anyone has gone to Queens, Osgoode, Ottawa, or Western, let me know your thoughts on the schools!
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