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  1. Thanks. I suppose I will just have to reach out to individuals at the firms, but it’s an awkward topic to raise. I see that Miller Thomson is on NALP but I don’t consider them to be on the same level as MLT or McDougall Gauley so I’m not even sure how useful their info is.
  2. Thanks but unfortunately they’re not on NALP.
  3. Does anyone in this forum know what associates at MLT Aikins and McDougall Gauley are paid or where I can find this info?
  4. Hmm that guide is so broad that it doesn’t help with the specifics I’m wondering about. Thank you anyway though.
  5. Can anyone provide general information about what associate compensation at the larger Saskatchewan firms (Saskatoon/Regina) is? Does it increase in lockstep? What are the target hours and how do bonuses work? Any insight is helpful.
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