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  1. Anonymous2310

    Entrance Scholarships 2019

    Was there an explanation with the offer?
  2. Anonymous2310

    Entrance Scholarships 2019

    If you don't mind me asking, what was the scholarship?
  3. Anonymous2310

    Entrance Scholarships 2019

    Does anyone know how the entrance scholarships from the faculty of law are awarded? Are they given out with the admissions offers or do some of them get distributed at a later date?
  4. Anonymous2310

    Accepted Fall 2019

    Accepted December 18th. CGPA 3.9/4 (chemical engineering). No LSAT. Fully Bilingual.
  5. Anonymous2310

    In at McGill

    Where is the actual PDF link for the offer?
  6. Anonymous2310

    In at McGill

    In. With the condition that I complete my degree. GPA 3.9/4.0. No LSAT.
  7. Anonymous2310

    Chances? (CGPA: 3.9)

    I hope so lol I know the applicant pool is usually extremely strong. Are you currently in law school?
  8. Anonymous2310

    Chances? (CGPA: 3.9)

    Honestly, after having been exposed to the various facets of chemical engineering (by no mean have I explored them all), I simply have no desire to work in the field. Academic research in chem eng was exciting; I got to work with state of the art instruments and worked with an amazing team. But, I was thrown off by the slow pace and repetitiveness of it. Government research/work was dreadful (at least in the departments I found myself in), no one was truly motivated, people arrived late/left early and took many, many breaks. The buildings were mostly empty, etc. etc. Finally, in private industry, there was a huge division between engineers, operators and, contractors. As an engineer, you're a salaried employee who can receive bonuses based on performance. As an operator or a contractor, you're a unionized worker who gets shift work and no incentives to work hard besides the potential for overtime. And so, trying to achieve the common goal of improving processes/increasing company profits was non-existent. The only time, an operator was eager to try a new process parameter was when they had participated or had suggested the change in the first place. And so the reasons for which I want to go into law are the following: Eventually, I would like to have my own clinic/firm, I can stay up to date with science and inventions through IP law and I get to build these longitudinal bonds with motivated individuals who actually need and want my help.
  9. Anonymous2310

    Chances? (CGPA: 3.9)

    @Luckycharm , I should've clarified. I'll be graduated in December. The co-op program pushes graduation off by two regular semesters.
  10. Anonymous2310

    Chances? (CGPA: 3.9)

    I appreciate your comment, pzabbythesecond. Yeah, med was definitely something I had thought of. I've always been of the type to try and keep as many doors as I can open. I hope and I think I did a pretty good job on the PS. I tried to relate my background to my future aspiration of becoming a patent attorney. So I'll keep my fingers crossed haha.
  11. Anonymous2310

    Chances? (CGPA: 3.9)

    Hi everyone, Chemical engineering graduate with a CGPA of 3.9/4.0. I completed the co-op program where I interned in a multitude of working environments (academic research, governmental research and, industrial practice). I've got two scientific publications (second and third author). I've won an undergraduate research opportunity award (UROP). I'm fully bilingual (Studied in French until halfway through university when I was given no choice but to study in English). I'm greatly involved in community work via my volunteering at a palliative care hospice I've dedicated over five years of my life to (I have several functions at this hospice). I appreciate any feedback :)