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  1. Got the email today! OLSAS GPA: 3.85 LSAT: 157
  2. Accepted dec 16th! OLSAS GPA: 3.85 LSAT: 157
  3. In queue as of yesterday... my stats are less than impressive for Osgoode so I'm thinking this doesn't mean much, or perhaps auto-reject?
  4. Is being the first in my family to attend professional school an acceptable consideration for part b?
  5. They say that if it isn't posted by the day before, call LSAC
  6. Thanks for your feedback. I'm only in my third year of undergrad so won't be applying until next year. Wrote in September and took powerscore online course. Planning on writing again in March. I honestly feel like I understand the material and actually quite enjoy doing it. I get a majority of the practice questions right. I just think that since I've never really done so poorly on my academics before, I really just have discouraged myself by constantly not improving and just completely lose confidence while writing.
  7. I'm not saying that I 100% have no chance anywhere in Canada. I'm wondering if Bond is an acceptable back up?
  8. I already know I'm going to get 100 people bashing on me about this, so honestly hold the hate. I go to U of T and have about an 88% cumulative average. For the life of me, I cannot get any higher than a 153 on my LSAT and know that my law school prospects aren't looking great. However, I want to go into law so badly and do not want my future determined by one test. My LSAT score is not even really accurate of how I understand the test because I choke under the pressure every time I write (even practice tests) but I understand the material when I'm studying. Anyway, I have been looking into Bond University as a back up and I want to hear honest opinions of people who have actually gone there/are there right now. I am not some rich kid looking to buy a degree and hang out on the beach all day which everyone seems to think about bond students. I am extremely hard working and excel in my academics which is why the LSAT was so discouraging for me. What I've been considering is going to Bond for one year and transferring somewhere in Canada after that because I think I'll be able to be in the top of the class, and finish my studies at home. Are there other schools like Bond who don't look at LSAT scores and offer Canadian programs? Perhaps with less negative connotations? I know Bond is not ideal. Believe me, I would much rather stay in Canada, but I think I would make a great lawyer and do not want to change career plans due to my LSAT. I also have many connections to get into law firms after I finish my degree so thats not a huge factor for me. So as I said, I'm not looking to have people tell me that Bond is for only dumb, rich kids. I know the stigma.
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