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  1. CrystalClear

    Transcript from Foreign University

    Was the exchange facilitated through your home university? Do you have a copy of the grades you got from the exchange university? I had the head of the department that facilitated the exchange from my home university write me a letter explaining the situation and submitted a copy of the grades that I had received in PDF form and that seemed to work. I would get in contact with the admissions from the universities you're applying to to see what instructions they give you.
  2. CrystalClear

    Renting in Gatineau

    Good point! Thanks for the advice
  3. CrystalClear

    Renting in Gatineau

    I've read all the discussions about areas close to campus that are good to look into, but whenever I check Kijiji I get a bunch of apartments in Gatineau that are within my price range. Are there any reasons not to rent in Gatineau other than the commute? I have a car, so I'm not as concerned about commuting back and forth unless the commute time is ridiculous or there's no parking on campus. I've never been to Ottawa, so I'm only familiar with what Google Maps can tell me.
  4. CrystalClear

    UOttawa vs. UNB

    I have to make my decision about UNB soon, so I'm just looking for some opinions. I have to decide whether or not I am going to UNB by January 5th. If I decide not to, then I can wait a few months to hear back from Queens and McGill before I make my choice about Ottawa. For now, I am just going to operate under the assumption that UNB and Ottawa are my only choices and go from there. I've been accepted to both UNB and Ottawa, and I'm interested in attending both. Ottawa is more centrally located, but being that I am a resident of the east coast, I wouldn't mind studying and working here in the future as well. As far as I've heard, graduates from both universities have about the same opportunities for work. Ottawa is a bigger school, so there are a variety of electives and experiential learning opportunities. That's not to say that UNB has none, but definitely not as many. I actually know what the scholarship opportunities for UNB are. This is one of the advantages to going to a smaller school: there's a bit less competition for the scholarships, and I'm working with a higher GPA as far as UNB is concerned (my GPA got obliterated by the OLSAS conversion). For Ottawa, on the other hand, I can't really figure out what kinds of opportunities I'd be eligible for (a lot of scholarships seem to be reserved for Ontario residents) and what my chances of getting scholarships are. At the end of the day, I'd like to keep the crippling debt to a minimum. In short: I'm interested in both locations, but I'm probably more interested in being in Ottawa; it just seems like there are more opportunities to explore and grow personally and professionally. However, UNB has lower tuition, lower cost of living, and potentially more scholarship opportunities for me since I have ties to the east coast. I'm wondering if the variety of Ottawa is worth the hefty price tag.
  5. CrystalClear

    Status Explanation, please?

    I believe this just means it's under review. My application said this until I got my offer. I emailed to verify that all of my documents had bee received, and they didn't have any problem letting me know that my application was complete.
  6. CrystalClear

    Accepted to Ottawa 2019

    Got the offer today! CGPA: 3.71 L2: 3.77 LSAT: 158
  7. CrystalClear

    Transcript from Foreign University

    That depends: do the grades for that exchange appear on the transcript from your home university? If so, it might not be necessary to provide another transcript. In my case, the equivalent credits for the courses I did abroad appeared on the transcript from my home university, but the grades and the actual course titles weren't there. When in doubt, contact the admissions office.
  8. I did a semester abroad in France during my fourth year of university. Of course, the transcript for the semester in question was required to complete my application in OLSAS; however, there was a bit of a problem in that the issuing university refused to provide any further copies of that transcript. They do not respond to my enquiries, and it is very clearly outline on the photocopy of the original transcript that no other copies will be provided. I called U of O admissions a few months ago to ask if I could have a copy alongside an explanation from the head of the French department/exchange coordinator submitted by my home university's registrar. At the time, the person on the phone said that that should be fine and that someone would contact me if I needed to do anything else. Last week, my uoZone account finally updated to show that all of my documents had been received except for the transcript from the foreign university. I called the admissions line, and the representative told me to send an email so an admissions officer could get back to me; she said she has seen this sort of thing happen before. I'm getting a little bit frustrated because I have had to deal with the same problem for every school that I've applied to, so I'm wondering if anyone else has had the same issue and what you did to solve it?
  9. CrystalClear

    Obligations after acceptance

    I feel like intentionally leaving out your updated transcripts would constitute academic dishonesty. 🤔 Why wouldn't you want to submit updated transcripts for scholarship applications? It's your final semester; make it count.
  10. CrystalClear

    Chances [3.73, 158 + Master's]

    I have to decide by January 5th.
  11. Xpresspost is Canada Post, so it would be subject to the whims of the rotating strikes, unfortunately. Hopefully your documents get delivered soon!
  12. My numbers were pretty much exactly the same and I got admitted without references. I'm also not a NB resident (but I do live on the East Coast). I think you probably have a pretty good shot, just make sure you get your application in as soon as you can! Good luck!
  13. CrystalClear

    Chances [3.73, 158 + Master's]

    Long-time lurker, first time fishing for chances. cGPA(OLSAS): 3.73 LSAT: 154, then 158 (I already know this could have been better but I only had so much money for retakes) I feel like I had an engaging, strong personal statement, but that might just be bias. Did my undergrad with a double major in French, many awards during my undergraduate degree, master's degree with perfect GPA (4.0), consistent volunteering on campus (mostly involvement in student radio and newspaper), lots of on-campus job experience (working with international students learning English), over a year of full-time work experience with the federal government, involvement in union and committee initiatives, etc. I'm just wondering what people think because I have another offer that I will possibly have to make a decision about before I hear back from McGill. If my chances from McGill aren't super, then I don't want to hold out and miss the other opportunity.
  14. CrystalClear

    Accepted to UNB 2019

    Just got my acceptance email from Wanda! GPA: Between 3.7 and 4 (not sure what it is with drops, but closer to 4.0 or over with drops) LSAT: 158 General category, out of province (NL resident), strong personal statement. I'm very excited to have this opportunity, and I'll be thinking about accepting. I hope to wait for a few other schools to respond first.
  15. CrystalClear

    Accepted to UNB 2019

    Congratulations! When did you submit your application?