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  1. After being rejected for 2019 admission due to my low lsat score I have decided I’m going to write again in August and apply for 2021 admission. I scored a 147 (I knew I wouldn’t be accepted with it but applied anyways based on the university holding spots for my province). I live on PEI and there are no local courses or tutors around that I know of. I have read through the threads and know there is a ton of different options but I’m really looking for someone who scored poorly originally and then significantly better. I would being willing to travel for a course if it’s worth the money. i studied using power score bibles and old tests. I’m definitely looking to take a course and potentially an online tutor. I really would like to get my lsat 10 points or more higher. Most people talk about getting their 160 score higher but I’m different, the lsat obviously isn’t my thing. I did study significantly so please don’t put me down. I had a decently high GPA in my undergrad and I’m not worried about that. I really want to go to law school and I want genuine advice on what programs, courses, etc work. I have tons of time to study. Also do not include that if I can’t do well on the LSAT I will not do well in law school. I’ve heard it before and after taking a year away from school I know this is what I want to do.
  2. I got email a couple days ago that there was a change to my status. It said rejected. Today I got another email that stated change and it went back to the no decision yet generic message. I emailed Wanda and she said it must have been error and there’s been no decision made yet. She said that to date all seats are full and she’s hoping to finish up the waitlist today and send out emails soon! I hope this helps some people
  3. I am not expecting to be accepted this year because of low test scores.. But I'm also hoping to just get an answer, so I can know to spend the time and money to start studying again.
  4. Hi! Yes the earlier the better, I also have not been accepted this year yet (maritime resident) I have almost a 4.0 with drops. Most of my grades in university were 85% and higher. My LSAT is trash, I wrote 3 times and it’s way below average. Because of this I knew my chances of being accepted were low. If I do get chosen from the waitlist even in late August I will most probably accept. I highly recommend trying to get the highest grade possible. There really isn’t a consistent acceptance for UNB for non-maritime residents. Mostly because we don’t fully know exactly what they look at. I have a long list of ECs (student athlete, pre law society, held positions in organizations, studied in the USA). Two strong references. A good GPA. So I think it really is important to do all you can with the LSAT. Plan to take it at least twice!
  5. Did you know it costs close to $50 to leave PEI and get to the main land. Did you know for most cancer treatments you need to go to the mainland to receive? Did you know that many hospitals in PEI don’t have an active Emergency Room and people drive onwards of an hour to receive medical treatment. On PEI you can’t have open heart surgery or brain surgery. There is no discounted bridge fair to go for surgery. On top of the fact most islanders are on waitlists to have a family doctor. Even high risk patients. So yeah in some ways I do think the maritimes has it worse than some other small towns. NFLD and PEI are somewhat isolated from the rest of the country and until you’re living there you don’t get it. Until your living there you don’t care or have the will to want to make it better. But when you live it, you want to do what you can to help and change the future of it.
  6. That statement made you sound like dummy. Most people know from the maritimes that there are absolutely no teaching positions available on Prince Edward Island and through many other Maritime provinces. Even French positions are becoming difficult to find a position. I know it just an example but you’re not getting the point and reading this thread makes me want to pull my hair out. You are recommended to study law where you want to practise. If you’re from PEI the closest law schools are DAL and UNB. I understand your interested in practising in the maritime potentially but go play your violin some where else. People on here are praying, dreaming and hoping for admissions to law school. I’m sorry that you May have to be apart from yourg girlfriend but that’s life. I’ve spent the last four years studying across the continent from family, boyfriend and friends for the opportunity and scholarships I was awarded and earned. You have other offers and accept one or risk waiting for UNB, it doesnt really matter because UNB isn’t changing their admission criteria this year or possibly in the near future.
  7. Thank you for your kind words! I hope I get admitted even if it’s the day before it starts. I have a plan in place if I get a late admission (lucky to have family in Fredricton). I agree it’s definitely a privilege and many people don’t realize it. I have been so privileged to make it this far. I’m not giving up on my law school journey regardless if I don’t get in this year. I’ll probably take a year or two off to study for the LSAT and take a prep test. In addition I’ll hopefully have the ability to save to pay my tuition for three years as well. Best if luck in your next two years! You deserve it!
  8. Thank you!!!! I completely agree with everything you said. I have not been accepted to UNB yet but hearing people bash people’s stats that are around the same as mine hurts. Just because my stats aren’t as high is not an indicator of my intelligence. I have a high gpa but the LSATs were hard for me. I took it three times and studied as hard as I could while being a student athlete working 20+ hours a week, going to class 15+ hours, practising 20+ hours a week and traveling every Sunday though Tuesday from August until May every year. My hard work should not be put down because I was unable to make a 160+ on standardized test. If UNB decides that then it’s fine. But it’s not for a random bitter person to decide. I am sorry you are disappointed that you haven’t been accepted yet. UNB is literally the only school I have chance of getting accepted too. Your stats are spectacular and I envy it. But you’ve been accepted to other schools and I haven’t been. It sucks not being accepted to the one school you want to go to but it also sucks not being accepted to any school. We are all trying our best. In my case coming from one of the provinces with “reserved spots” I have a law firm the has already told me they will hire me and all I have to do it get accepted and graduate. Where I’m from not a huge number of students are going to law school and not many people want to move there to work. I want to live there and work for the rest of my life. Where I’m from depends on some of these seats to guarantee that we’ll have enough lawyers working in the private and public sector. Even with those, most law firms are hiring and so is the government.
  9. Saskatchewan holds spots and states on their website that they give preference to students that live in a province without a law school. A huge portion of why they give priority is because most lawyers on PEI & NFLD are from there.
  10. This is what I’ve been told and why I want to go to UNB I intend to go back to PEI post grad.
  11. Thanks for replying! I should have included but I really only intend to apply to UNB. I want to live close to home and don’t particularly like Halifax.
  12. Hi! I know these forums might be annoying for some people. Im from PEI and am a resident there. I’m doing my undergrad at an American school (LSAC approved school) that uses a 4.0 scale and does not give me a percentage grade only A, B, C, D, F. A is 90% to 100%, B is 80% to 89%, C is 70% to 79%, D is 60% to 69% and F is below 60%. I’ve estimated my GPA with drops on a 4.3 scale to be about a 3.85. I’ve only had 5 grades below a B and the rest are As & Bs. I’m just wondering what LSAT score I should shoot for November I haven’t done very well in the past and I’m extremely nervous. Since I have a decent GPA, what is the absolute minimum lsat score do I need to get accepted?
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