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  1. I know that is what I was wondering! and it is a possibility
  2. I know that is what I was wondering! and it is a possibility
  3. Thank you all for your feedback. I really do appreciate it as I have been struggling with these thoughts so your responses helped. I managed to connect with some law schools this morning(BC and Calgary). I explained the situation and was informed canceling my Nov score will not hurt my applications as AC's will wait for Jan mark anyway. Even if I don't cancel the Nov score AC's will still wait for Jan score before making a final decision. Thought I share!
  4. Hi all I am writing the LSAT in Nov and again in Jan and applying for 2019 admissions. My PT score was 142 and I am not expecting to reach my target(160) in the next two weeks. Either way I am thinking of going ahead with the Nov writing to get an idea of how bad/good I do on a real exam sitting. I am going to cancel my Nov score and wondering if this will look bad for applications? Or should I just keep my Nov score and then wait for Jan score. I am worried admission committee's won't consider my application and wait for Jan score if they see my low Nov score on file. Thank You!
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