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  1. And my LSAT practice tests are now low 160s right now, so hopefully the LSAT I just wrote is in that range or slightly higher.
  2. So, it turns out my last LSAT was 153, not 147. Still rewriting in Jan with the hopes of high 150s/low 160s with test accommodations.
  3. I'm seriously considering outside of Ontario. My top 3 are in Ontario but I'm not opposed to moving to wherever the law school is.
  4. Huh! I didn't realize they could give accommodations like that. When I called them last year to ask, LSAC basically just suggested I cancel my score since the max they ever gave was 50% extra time to anyone. Maybe I just spoke to someone who didn't know much on the subject. Maybe I'll apply for accommodations anyway and see if it improves my score. Because the 147 was with the logic games section mostly blank and I usually score just over 80% accuracy on it in practice. I still have time to get this done for the Jan LSAT.
  5. I guess you missed the point were I said my Canadian university actually gives me their grades for my exchange, in my original post? I used the calculator that's been floating around called the Law School Application Assistant. So, basically I'd be better off only applying to law schools with an Access category (or the like) instead of the General application?
  6. So basically, I have a very legitimate reason for my cgpa to be really low (1.4/1.5) the first two years that can be documented through the university's disability office and a low 3.0 gpa for the rest. My L2 includes my exchange grades. My medical condition is such that I wouldn't be able to get it accommodated with basically removing the timed aspect and this negating the point of the LSAT. If I have an absence seizure, those can last 20 min. I had one during the games section last time and it basically killed my score. And now that it's a digital format, that's yet another major trigger.
  7. Hi Just graduated from a BA in Greek and Roman Studies with a cgpa of 2.8. My first 2 yrs in a BA Economics dragged it down to a 1.5 in both years due to the Faculty of Science not being super understanding about a disability. My L2 of 3.2. My LSAT is at 147 and unlikely to go higher due to the change in format and my medical condition. I have an exchange for my final year in the UK with several 90s on my transcript as my university actually issues grades as opposed to a pass/fail/for credit system for exchange results. I've got strong references from both a professor at my exchange school and the degree I just graduated from. I also was heavily involved in running a student service on campus for my student union. While I was in the UK, I also interned at a university archaeological unit and a law firm. Since graduating, I'm working at a Toronto firm as a legal assistant. I know my stats aren't great, but do I have much of a chance with all the non-academic stuff I've piled on?
  8. When I called Windsor Law, they said they would accept the January LSAT as long as it was indicated on OLSAS. Might be because there isn’t a Dec one available in Europe?
  9. Hi, Been a lurker for a while. and finally decided to make an account. Couple of questions! 1) What are my chances of getting into the Windsor JD (not the Dual. Too broke for it :P)? I'm a Greek and Roman Studies student at Windsor doing a 2-semester exchange in Europe for my final year. I'm expecting the grades from the exchange to come back as mid-high 80s on average for a full course-load, but I won't have official grades for either semesters until June/July/early August(?). This is because of my host uni's policies, so can't really do much but ask for provisional grades and a letter with what those grades would mean (at Windsor) once they are official? I'm also rewriting the LSAT in January 2019 (there's no Dec test in Europe :/). Since the 147 was with no prep and a full-time job, I'm expecting some serious improvement. Any idea what LSAT score I would need with in Jan? As far as extra-curriculars/community involvements go, I think I'm probably doing pretty good? I'd been a student union employee running a service for 3 years of my undergrad, until this exchange. Before that, I have a year volunteering at that service. This year, I've also managed to bag a student internship (limited spots) with the host school's commercial archaeological unit. No doubt about it, should've worked harder in 1st year, but I really wasn't into the program I was in, and ended up transferring out of it. Still tanked my cGPA though, especially when I did not get the particularly impressive grades in my required 4 classes of ancient languages for the Greek & Roman degree. Only realized I really wanted to go to law school during that degree though. 2) What other Canadian Law schools would people recommend if I'm interested in international law. I'm fascinated how it applies to museum acquisitions and I would love to break into that field or something to work for the federal government. It would be awesome to be able to put my Classics undergrad to use Thanks folks!
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