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  1. e-mailed Rose and was told my application is not currently competitive with the offers going out. What are the chances I'll be accepted / waitlisted / interviewed later in the cycle?
  2. @Pascale what did you raise your LSAT to? I've applied as well with 3.73 L2 and a 159 and am just curious about where I stand
  3. mapleleaf94

    Accepted to TRU 2019

    Accepted today February 8th CGPA 2.89 L2 3.73 LSAT 159
  4. GPA is from OSLAS, took some extra credits after my degree to bump my L2. I've applied to TRU, Calgary, Alberta, Sask, Manitoba, Western, Queens, UNB, and Dalhousie. Will I get into any of them?
  5. mapleleaf94

    L2 vs L3

    So I've been seeing everywhere that TRU looks at your last 90 credits and had accepted this as common knowledge. However, when I submitted my application was in the e-mail. So from my understanding they're an L2 school right? Just thought I'd put it out there in case anyone was hesitating based on their GPA.
  6. mapleleaf94

    Will L2/B2 schools consider 2018 fall grades?

    This is not true, they calculate last two years based on all coursework taken, generally fall and winter semesters only, before December 31
  7. mapleleaf94

    Email from uAlberta Law Faculty

    I got this email this morning as well
  8. did you receive a notification that you supporting documents arrived?
  9. mapleleaf94

    Acknowledgement of Application

    Me neither, I'm sure they're still getting everything form OSLAS
  10. mapleleaf94

    Which schools have their own site?

    yeah, all that goes through the individual portals
  11. mapleleaf94


    I emailed them about this because I sent mine off in late September. They said they're holding onto them until after Nov 1 at which time they'll update the accounts