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  1. I've got a few friends at TRU and they've told me while it's mainly focused on Vancouver and the interior of BC's legal market there are quite a few people taking part in the Calgary recruits.
  2. There probably won't be much - if any - movement before the July 3 deadline where all Ontario offers go firm
  3. also waitlisted B2: 3.73 LSAT: 159
  4. B2 3.73 LSAT 159 BC res, no Sask connection accepted elsewhere so I'll be declining the waitlist
  5. Ualberta averages, I'm pretty sure all others take your highest
  6. I was accepted to TRU and uAlberta as well as being waitlisted at Western with an L2 of 3.73 and an LSAT of 159 so take from that what you will
  7. Which province are you from? I'm trying to see if I missed the boat on interviews
  8. I e-mailed last week and received a response that I was being considered for one but no follow up as yet
  9. might be a waitlist thing. I applied last cycle and didn't get an e-mailed rejection or acceptance
  10. betting it all on black and letting it ride
  11. Nothing on my end, it has been radio silence for a long time on here
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