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  1. https://www.ualberta.ca/law/about/news/main-news/2019/may/looking-back hey all, 0L here admitted to uAlberta for the fall, super excited to start! I've read on here a lot of mixed reviews about the outgoing dean and the both positive and negative impacts on the program over the last half decade. I found the above link and it seems like the faculty is on the way up. Obviously this being an official publication on the website of course it's going to paint a rosy picture. Could anyone speak to the general attitude among the student body about how the program is faring and if you've noticed any material changes to the quality of the program? Also any tips about the first few weeks of moving to Edmonton and starting law school would be greatly appreciated!
  2. My advice would be register with a local university to take a semester of open studies courses to bump your L2 GPA. I did that and it worked out for me with a similarly bad CGPA
  3. Most schools will accept open studies courses, UBC is a notable exception. I took a few semesters of open studies to bump my L2 and I was admitted to TRU, U of A, and waitlisted at Queen's and Western. My understanding is that they do look at the content of those courses and discourage - or outright ignore - any courses that aren't upper level (300-400 level).
  4. Did you also get an e-mail follow up?
  5. I've got a few friends at TRU and they've told me while it's mainly focused on Vancouver and the interior of BC's legal market there are quite a few people taking part in the Calgary recruits.
  6. There probably won't be much - if any - movement before the July 3 deadline where all Ontario offers go firm
  7. also waitlisted B2: 3.73 LSAT: 159
  8. B2 3.73 LSAT 159 BC res, no Sask connection accepted elsewhere so I'll be declining the waitlist
  9. Ualberta averages, I'm pretty sure all others take your highest
  10. I was accepted to TRU and uAlberta as well as being waitlisted at Western with an L2 of 3.73 and an LSAT of 159 so take from that what you will
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