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  1. I'm assuming the verification email is directing you to a facebook page that shows an error? I'm having the same problem and it isn't just for this page. Apparently it is an issue with facebook from what I can tell and from a quick google search there seems to be quite a few people with a similar issue, unfortunately nobody seems to have a good answer or fix from what I can see. I will update if I can figure it out.
  2. I wrote the Jan LSAT and just got a response last week saying that they have deferred my application until they receive my 4th-year grades for this semester. Not sure if this helps but I would assume that they are slowly making their way through applications and are likely near the end seeing as they seem to be getting to the Jan LSAT now.
  3. Also referred today 3.3 cGPA 3.57 L2 166 LSAT (January) 162 (Nov) Probably doesn't mean anything but posting anyway in case it does haha
  4. Congrats! This gives me hope that my 3.57 L2 and 166 LSAT will get me an acceptance soon!
  5. Exactly the visualization is killer! I know so much about Lakehead and much less about other schools so I've essentially "sold" myself on Lakehead because I don't know enough about the other schools at this point. Should probably do some research haha
  6. It isn't so much that I have convinced myself that its a school of last resort but that I have found many things that I think I would like about it because I did so much research into the program and Thunder Bay itself. It is possible if that I was sitting on an acceptance for 2 months from any other school I would have found out a million things that I like about that school too because I've done an unnecessary amount research on it lol. Thank you for this! I'm not so much looking for confirmation but more so open to hearing what people have to say good or bad. I am very interested in the no articling aspect as well as getting to spend a semester in a placement rather than a classroom. I just was trying to convey that I do understand that only some firms will hire me without having me actually article. It is also a good point that small town law and environmental law can be learned from other schools as well, you're correct in saying that aboriginal studies is their advantage and I do have an interest in that (likely why I was accepted because I focused on small-town practice and aboriginal law as I come from a small town that is adjacent to three reserves). Thank you for your response! I guess if I am fortunate enough to have to make a decision I will have to look into if I would be going to Lakehead because I'm legitimately interested in it and its specific advantages.
  7. So here is my situation: I've currently been accepted to only Bora Laskin at Lakehead but I have fringe stats that could get me into another school (particularly Western) in the coming weeks. I haven't worried too much so far about what I would do if I got an offer from another school but, since I have heard that Western is going to be sending out another wave in the coming week I thought I should prepare to make my decision before April 1st if I happen to get an offer. I don't want to get into Western and have to choose between there and Lakehead in like 10 days. Some background on me, my goals, and my knowledge thus far: -I am aware that I haven't even been admitted to Western or anywhere other than Lakehead yet so being concerned about this may prove to be silly if I do not receive any other offers. -I like the IPC program at Lakehead but I understand its limitations and that if I want to work in Southern Ontario I will likely have to Article anyway -I don't have a preference between small-town law or big city law yet, I would be open to either or doing one and then the other later in my career who knows -I have a preliminary interest in Environmental law but likely only because my undergrad was enviro focused -I have kind of sold myself on Lakehead at this point because I didn't think I would get another offer but my January LSAT has given me a chance. So far I really like the small number of students, the practical placement, and the overall atmosphere of Thunder Bay as it is very similar to my hometown/city but am unsure about its reputation and the distance from home (2-hour flight, 15-hour drive non-stop) So here are my questions.. -Is the fact that Lakehead is a newer school going to make it difficult/impossible for me to get a job in Southern Ontario if I for some reason decide I do not want to stay in the North? (Still undecided on this) -Would it be dumb of me to decline a potential offer from Western in favor of Lakehead? -What is the general view of Lakehead's program? Ultimately what I think I want to know is if I get an offer from Western should I take it over Lakehead given the information provided above?
  8. Fair point, I guess some schools like Ottawa wouldn't weight the LSAT as highly, I just don't know which schools would care more. but I guess looking at the accepted posts past years Western and Ottawa seem to be the opposite of eachother like you said, Western caring about the LSAT much more than Ottawa, lots of people getting into Ottawa with mid 150s but nobody getting in with a low gpa unless they have an access claim.
  9. Fair enough, I read it more like the fact that there is a chance that OP may get into 'any' law school possibly, not necessarily every law school. Being this much of a splitter is so rare it is hard to say what schools will think, it may depend heavily on personal statements who knows. Its so hard to predict because usually people with high 170s don't have a sub 3.0 cGPA right? Not disagreeing with anyone just pondering what may happen. I'm very interested in how this will turn out for OP and what school would be willing to take a shot at someone who is a splitter like that.
  10. Fair enough, I worked 25ish hours a week for one year and it was tough enough, can't imagine full time for the whole 4 years. My cGPa is 3.33, with a L2 of 3.57 so I feel your pain on how much cGPA matters in Canada. It is possible that for a school like York who allows students to fill out a "Part B" of their application without having to qualify access that could maybe help explain your situation. Also for schools like Windsor, you would have a shot because you clearly show the aptitude required as seen from your LSAT score. I would be very surprised if you didn't get in anywhere. Good luck!
  11. With a 177 I think schools would be dumb to reject you, not saying that they won't, but scoring a 177 is damn hard to ignore. I would say that you have a decent chance at any schools that definitely uses an index. I would also assume that if you have some sort of reason that your GPA is low, then you could apply for access. If you can qualify for access category I would assume you would get multiple offers. I'm no expert by any means but that is my best guess.
  12. Yeah, I'm still pending review and I have the same financial thing on my homepage now. I think Windsor's system must just change your status for various reasons every time they access it or your information is updated or whatever. Also I agree with this. I'm not sure why all the other schools refuse to completely get on board with OLSAS, not sure why they require all their own application systems to continue to run. If anyone knows why this is other than the fact that the schools pre-dated OLSAS I would love to know. Lakehead completely gets it right, use OLSAS for your admissions, call/email if you get accepted and they don't tell you anything or change your status. Basically, if they need something from you they will contact you instead of changing your status 6 times a month lol.
  13. This is exciting! Thank you for posting this, good luck!
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