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  1. They could offer classes in advanced machine learning algorithms.
  2. When will the inaugural chances thread for Ryerson appear? You shouldn't be allowed to call yourself a law school without one.
  3. Do we still have to use OLSAS to respond to late offers (after April) or are we dealing with schools directly at that point? Its kind of confusing to me because I've heard of offers going out until like August for some schools but if everyone's acceptances automatically become firm on July 3rd then I am sort of confused as to how people are still being considered at that point.
  4. Kind of odd they'd send emails to people on the waitlist first.
  5. Affirmative. They are probably sending acceptances later as well.
  6. Yeah at 5 PM sharp. I thought it was one of those group email things where we'd all get it at the same time.
  7. Try refreshing your inboxes
  8. You have more than enough time to take the July exam. You don't want the LSAT to be plaguing your life all summer, just get it over with. You can always re-write if things don't work out.
  9. I find it very hard to believe that Asians are just deficient in these characteristics. Lest we forget these folks are applying to a school. Not to be on the bachelor.
  10. I'm only speaking to the Harvard case where Asians seem to consistently score lower on their personal assessment criteria. I can't speak to other school's policies as I am not familiar with them.
  11. I'm almost exclusively speaking to the case being carried out against Harvard. To my knowledge, I don't think this is happening in Canada.
  12. Transparency in the form of "Sorry you were rejected cause we only want 150 Asians in our class this year". Not "Sorry you were rejected cause our holistic admission policies assess human beings as more than just a GPA and test score and despite your exceptional academics you are not quite as exceptional a human being as the people we will admit this year".
  13. That may very well be true. I just think that if this is where admission policies are heading then there should be transparency for all those involved and not rigged predetermined processes that try to maintain the veneer of objectivity.
  14. By all indications the system allows for to Asians be conveniently classified along stereotypical lines so as to score lower on those indices. In that manner, I would consider it insulting.
  15. Well there are no good answers to these questions but I think academic factors are the fairest criteria to use when you have minority groups competing for the same spots. In this case Asian Americans have presumably faced the same systemic racism that other minorities have faced and yet they've still managed to achieve stellar academic scores. I just don't see how limiting their representation is fair in light of the omnipresent assumption that we extend to all other minority groups about having to deal with systemic racism.
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