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  1. BearPatrol

    LSAT - Better than expected?

    Wow your all clearly very smart. Mostly when I thought I did shit, I did lol. I think if your the type of person who has a history of underrating how well you performed on any given test then the LSAT should be no different.
  2. BearPatrol

    Gap year ideas?

    I feel you. I can't even galavant in my own city. A great resource for this is Linkedin. You can search up people who have a similar degree and see what they did straight out of school and how their career progressed from there. I've seen people with social science degrees working in every capacity imaginable so it's really a matter of the opportunities you can find and take advantage of.
  3. BearPatrol

    In queue 2019

    This queue would make the DMV jealous
  4. BearPatrol

    Application to Western Law Email?

    Reminder to send transcripts if your still in school, let em know if you changed your contact info, link to bursary application, little spiel about admissions.
  5. BearPatrol

    OLSAS Fall Grades Transcripts

    Thanks for sharing that. I had no clue. Wish they'd make this stuff more obvious.
  6. BearPatrol

    When Do Rejections Go Out 2019?

    I can't wait to get rejected either.
  7. BearPatrol

    Nature of the undergrad degree

    They only think about nature if your degree was in environmental science.
  8. BearPatrol

    Not realistic [FT work + FT school + LSAT]?

    I wonder what the rationale for this could possibly be. Test takers who get the digital version will not be seeing electronic forms for the first time in their life. Clicking boxes is actually easier than colouring in little scantron bubbles as well. What a time to be a law school applicant.
  9. BearPatrol

    McMaster Law?

    Go Marauders Go!
  10. Haha I understand why you might be nervous about that but I didn't feel like there was any difference in terms of difficulty or content.
  11. I wrote a disclosed one and an undisclosed one last year. The only material difference is that for a disclosed test, you will receive a pdf of your test along with a scoresheet that will indicate where you lost marks. With an non-disclosed test you will just receive your score. I highly doubt that a school wouldn't accept a non-disclosed test. All the schools I applied to accepted non-disclosed tests. Just double-check the specific school's website for confirmation.
  12. BearPatrol

    Discussions on Reddit?

    But I'm not sure an answer with a lot of down votes would necessarily be misleading. Just as a view with a lot of up votes wouldn't necessarily be correct. Crowdsourcing what you will pay attention to in this manner runs the risk of seriously skewing your perspective.
  13. BearPatrol

    Are You Happy With Your Income?

    Ambition and humility are not mutually exclusive. Even just a little humility would have prevented some of the more asinine statements in this thread from ever having been typed.