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  1. If a law firm chooses to penalize a student whose school decided to implement mandatory CR/NCR during a PANDEMIC, do you really want to work for that firm?
  2. ITT people who are failing to grasp the severity of our circumstances, and the extent of the disruption it will have in our daily lives. Does anyone seriously think OCIs will still occur at their normal time? Someone bring me a credible projection or model that shows that life will go back to normal in September? First semester 2L will give everyone a chance to compete for merit. Give everyone a chance now to adapt to unprecedented circumstances. This is effectively an analogue to wartime. Countries are planning to repurpose industry to manufacture ventilators and masks. Stop continuing to obsess over law school and grades. They are not important right now. Take care of yourself and your mental health as you continue to keep a distance and protect your community.
  3. I'd imagine it would likely be held in Winter 2L, where you will have a second semester of grades regardless. This pandemic isn't something that is going away by April. There are projections that are predicting the peak of the virus as late as November in countries that are practicing social-distancing.
  4. Based on the models and reports that have been floating around, this is a stronger possibility than most people realize.
  5. 163 LSAT, B3 3.85, strong softs. Got notified yesterday!
  6. I got an offer this morning. GPA 3.7, LSAT 163. So not necessarily true!
  7. Forgot to mention this is mainly an issue for me for OZ as uoft takes B3. Does anyone think it's worth slipping this into an essay before I submit my application this cycle?
  8. Ivey grad here. In HBA1 you take 11 0.75 weight courses that are heavily curved, making it a real hard hitter on cGPA. Wondering if anyone has experience in how OLSAS calculates this. I'tll be bad news for me if they round them all to 1.0 credits...
  9. cGPA: 3.75 B3: 3.9 LSAT: 163 (writing again in November and expect to get at least 168+; if this doesn't happen I'm likely screwed for U of T)
  10. One question I have that is not totally clear from my research. I will technically have 5 years of work experience by Fall 2019. I do not need to apply in this category for any special reason; my cGPA is competitive, and I have a good academic reference from undergrad in 2014. I've just been out of school for a number of years. Are you required to apply to the mature category if you meet the requirements? Are there any reasons I should or should not? Specific schools I am applying to are Osgoode and UofT. Will the mature category prompt the adcom to focus on my work experience? If so, that is desirable for me. If i apply general, will work experience be de-emphasized? Thanks in advance for any thoughts.
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