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  1. Thanks, this actually really hurts as I have previously been rejected from their summer leadership program. But I guess its all about having the right mindset and using failure as a stepping stone for success. Whatever your definition of success may be.
  2. Big news, I just received a response from Ivey and got rejected. I don't know how to feel right now.
  3. I forgot to mention if I go to Western I would be in their social sciences program studying political science for the first two years. And then proceed into Ivey's HBA program.
  4. I didn't apply to QC because I didn't have space in my timetable to take calc as a prereq. I am currently doing a half day co-op at a law firm hence the tight timetable. Switching into commerce is very competitive so I wouldn't be surprised if I don't get in, but there is a slight chance I guess.
  5. I need your opinion on where I should go to school next year. I would appreciate your feedback greatly! Programs accepted into: Schulich BBA Laurier BBA McMaster Commerce Queens Bachelor of Arts Honours (Econ) Waiting on: Western Ivey AEO Please take into consideration: -GPA attainability (I'll put in the work, but some schools may mark easier than others) -Cost -Reputation -Employability if I for whatever reason don't get into law school -Student life Thanks a lot!
  6. Good morning, hope everyone's new year is going well!. I wanted to find out if I have the legal right to make a brief opening statement before I cross-examine the crown's witness. Furthermore, in this particular case, I am defending my client on charges including assault causing bodily harm and robbery. The crown has chosen to proceed summarily but never issued a warrant to arrest my client. I was wondering if this was an infringement of S.495 (2b) of the C.C. Which states (2) A peace officer shall not arrest a person without warrant for, (b) an offence for which the person may be prosecuted by indictment or for which he is punishable on summary conviction. I am cross-examining the officer who clearly failed to go through the legal process of arrest. My question is, can I request a direct verdict based on the unlawful arrest of my client?. Thank you, I would love to hear your opinions!
  7. I am currently going through my final year of high school, and have the goal of pursuing a career in Law. With that being said, I know that I am going to have to put in hard work in and outside of school. However, my question is when did you know you wanted to become a lawyer?, what kept you focused and on task to achieve your goal?. Also, I can use some advice on what undergrad would help me become prepared to face law school. Although I know that there isn’t a perfect formula for law school I’m looking for an undergrad program that requires little math, but also still has potential jobs if I don’t go to law school. Although I have a goal of going to law school and putting in the work. I am a realist and want to have a plan B. Thank you so much for taking the time to consider responding to my situation.
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