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  1. I was thinking the same thing, the link below shares the payee account names for different banks! https://registrar.uwo.ca/student_finances/fees_refunds/fee_payment_methods/methods_from_a_canadian_bank.html
  2. Has anyone paid their deposit yet?
  3. I wanted to know if the letters of reference I had given last year for the 2019 cycle will still be a part of the upcoming admission cycle on my OLSAS account? or do I need to receive new letters?
  4. The same thing happened to me, any changes happen after that for anyone?
  5. How did you view the document tracking option, I am having trouble seeing mine after I sign in?
  6. I know this is a really silly question, but whenever I sign into the Uwindsor site I am unable to find any document tracking page or hyperlink... is there any way someone can explain how to reach the document tracking page?
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