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  1. Most schools I spoke to said they won't send rejections until late in the cycle. If you're taking the later LSAT most schools told me they just wait until they get those LSAT's to evaluate your application. Others have said that they will evaluate it when they receive it and if you don't meet the criteria at the time to be offered an admission, they will set it aside and when they get your new LSAT it will flag your file and they will be asked to re-evaluate it. I'm in the same boat as well, taking the November LSAT. I wouldn't stress too much. The only thing you risk is getting your acceptance later, if they send them out as early as late November/early December.
  2. kunaRT

    2019 Timeline

    Well that's what the person in admissions told me on the phone. They said it would just flag it again when your February marks come in anyways and they would review it again once updated. But, if your marks are good enough without the fall transcripts, I don't see why not just send it now. You could likely get an early admissions that way. Maybe give them a call as well to double check?
  3. Hey everyone, Panicking a little because Dal is the only school I'm applying to that needs TWO academic references. I was a coop student through undergrad so a lot of my connections have been work related and I only have one academic reference. I would really love to go here! I do have someone who isn't a professor but a faculty member with a Teaching Institute at my school. I worked with her full-time for a summer and part-time through the school year within community engagement. Would I be able to use her as an academic reference?
  4. kunaRT


    Hi, I've seen a bunch of people mention their "OLSAS GPA" in these forums. Does OLSAS show you the GPA they calculated and sent off to schools, or did everyone just manually calculate it using the conversion chart on their website?
  5. Is this actually true and proven to be used by Alberta Admissions? How do people know about this? It's giving me hope lol!
  6. kunaRT

    2019 Timeline

    I am a current student as well and when I called Alberta admissions, they said to wait to send in your officials transcripts until your fall marks are updated. They said they won't even look at your application until those are in, and that you might as well wait and not have to pay to send your transcripts in twice.
  7. kunaRT

    Confirmation of receipt of application??

    Got an email from Windsor and Ottawa a day or so after my application was submitted (Nov 1) and just got notice from Western and Osgoode this morning. I think it depends on when OLSAS receives your documents as well. I noticed my OLSAS just updated either yesterday and today. They likely notified Oz and Western.
  8. Hi everyone, I am rewriting my LSAT this November and am getting a little anxious. I was wondering what my chances would be like with the 154 score I already have and my GPA. I had a very bad first and somewhat second year, hence the poor cGPA. I later switched programs and went up dramatically I have strong work experience as a coop student having worked for multiple government agencies as well as a bunch of community engagement experience. My letters of reference were quite diverse as well and encompassed these experiences. Hopefully they were strong! Personal statement is likely average-strong. I've applied for Queens, Western, Windsor (JD and Dual), Ottawa, Osgoode, Calgary and Alberta. May potentially apply to Dalhousie as well. Any help would be appreciated!
  9. kunaRT

    Transcript Requests OLSAS

    I had the same question, called them and they said you just need to send in a request via the OLSAS portal when you submit your application and they will retrieve it. You are basically giving them permission to access your transcript from your respective university.
  10. kunaRT

    Application Submission Time

    On Western's website at least, I saw they said they will choose two at complete random. So there really is no way unfortunately to control which of the three go through. In general, I think all reference letters go to all universities regardless and they will figure out how they want to handle extra letters.
  11. kunaRT

    Application Submission Time

    I submitted 3 as well. Which schools did you see that said they would only look at 2 letters?
  12. Would love to know what they say. I'm applying for Ottawa as well but haven't submitted my OLSAS application yet. Hopefully you don't need high school!!
  13. kunaRT

    ABS Description

    Hey everyone! I was just wondering what kind of information we should be putting in the description portion of the Autobiographical Sketch on OLSAS. It doesn't give you a spot to put in, your place of employment and position for example. By the time I put all of those in, my character count is at the limit. I'm assuming you should be putting a small description of what you did in your role and how its relevant. How should I go about this?