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  1. kunaRT

    Accepted to Western 2019

    November LSAT! They should have all the LSAT marks by now. I called in late December and they said they received my new score within the week or two after the release.
  2. kunaRT

    Accepted to Western 2019

    Got the green checkmark just now! cGPA: 3.49 L2: 3.93 LSAT 154 /161 General category. Will likely accept (waiting on Osgoode)!
  3. Hi everyone, I am an Ontario student who was recently accepted to Dal. I was thinking of flying out to the Weldon Welcome Week event in March. Does anyone have any idea what this two-day event is like? I saw the itinerary for the days and it seems almost like an orientation for the students only. I’m used to open houses being more of a walk around and visit which stations you like. I’m just wondering if it is worthwhile for my parents to also fly out, if the events are catered to be only for me throughout the day. Any help would be appreciated, thanks!
  4. kunaRT

    In queue 2019

    In queue as of Jan 3rd. 3.5 cGPA/3.92subGPA LSAT 161 General category
  5. Yup! Got this as well. They're probably JUST starting to review applications and wanted to let everyone know.
  6. Hey everyone, I recently received my first law school acceptance - from Dalhousie. I have heard absolutely amazing things about the school and am especially interested in their health law courses. My main concern is the distance and its ties to Ontario. I will ultimately want to come back to Ontario after graduation and practice here. I would love to hear any input. Thank you so much! Note: I've so far applied to Dal, Calgary, Alberta, Western, Windsor, Queens, Ottawa and Osgoode. I re-wrote the LSAT in November and my score jumped quite a bit, so I'm hoping to hear from the other schools soon to help me decide.
  7. kunaRT

    Accepted to Western 2019

    I saw the incomplete message as well. I called and they said it's a common IT error they've been having. The applications are likely complete, it was just coded wrong apparently.
  8. kunaRT

    Accepted to Western 2019

    Doesn't the section where is says "Applied", turn into a green checkmark?
  9. Accepted early this morning! LSAT 154/161 (Nov 2018) cGPA 3.5/L2 3.82 General category. Ontario Resident. Finishing my final year of undergrad. Strong extra-curriculars (from co-op).
  10. kunaRT

    Under evaluation?

    Does it change straight from under evaluation to admitted if you get an offer? Or is there something in between?
  11. kunaRT

    When Will Schools Receive Nov 2018 LSAT Scores?

    The same thing happened to me. It was updated on OUAC two days ago. I called OUAC yesterday and they said it's usually sent and received by the schools within 24 hours.
  12. kunaRT

    Application Status

    This wasn't there for me before I wrote the November. It's definitely because we re-wrote!
  13. My LSAC account says Calgary pulled my LSAT score yesterday, so I'm sure you'll see it come up soon. And for York, once it's updated on OLSAS, they said it takes about 24 hours thereafter to distribute to all the schools.
  14. kunaRT

    Osgoode is ghosting me

    Their website says they start their holiday (office closed) on December 21st. They might just be busy. Try email maybe?
  15. Hi everyone, I just got back my November score and jumped quite a bit from a 154 to a 161 LSAT. My cGPA is still lower than average. Although, I know Oz doesn't look at L2, it's about a 3.92. Would love to know if this improved LSAT gives me a better chance at Oz now! Thanks for the help!