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  1. Since high school I have had an extremely difficult time forcing myself to study and complete homework assignments. Throughout high school and my undergraduate education I didn't do readings, and usually did assignments and exam prep very last minute. I know I'm interested in the course material - I attend every lecture and am very engaged in most of my classes. I've never had a huge issue with my work ethic preventing me from succeeding academically, but as someone who "coasted" in the past I predicted that I would struggle in law school. Since starting school in September, I've found that my inability to focus has made life extremely stressful and much more difficult than it should be. The course material is obviously more challenging and standards are higher. When I sit down to study or do readings I usually just end up staring at the wall, getting up and pacing around, etc. Once I start my work I get distracted very easily and usually can't work for more than a few minutes. I don't feel like my inability to focus is laziness or disinterest. It's also not for lack of trying because I spend most of my free time outside of class attempting to get work done. I feel motivated to do well and genuinely try to work hard but feel like there's a barrier preventing me from working as efficiently as I want to. I'm sure the bad study habits I developed in previous years play a big role in my current work ethic. Does anyone have have advice for developing better study habits in law school? I know I'm passionate about law and don't want to fail because I can't make myself do readings. If anyone has felt this way I would really appreciate hearing how you handled things. Any advice would be a big help.
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