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  1. Hello, I am a 3L preparing for the bar. Can anyone share with me bar exam summaries/charts? I keep hearing about upper years circulating old summaries and charts but I don't know how to access them. Thanks!
  2. Hello Everyone, I plan on writing the bar this year in late august/the fall and I had a question regarding LSO fees. I signed up for the monthly payment plan (10 month plan) and I received an email saying that all fees for the Bar material fees must be paid before April 15th to write the bar. Do I have to pay the bar material fees before the 15th or do I not have to pay them before the 15th because I signed up for the monthly payment plan. Thanks
  3. Hello, can someone shed light on working at the MAG during 2L summer? I accepted a job at the MAG but I am just wondering what the hours are like during the summer? (I don't work at the bay street office). Is it 9-5? 9:30-5:30? If you come in earlier can you leave earlier? Also, do they give you an option on what date you can start the job such that you can decide if you start in May or June? Thanks
  4. what is the latest that you can expect to receive a call today from a firm? I hear that they may call you in the afternoon. But I'm assuming that is rare
  5. If we don't hear anything by 5:30 pm from firms that should send out ITC emails, could we get an email tomorrow? Or does it essentially mean we are on the waitlist
  6. Any word from Gardiner Roberts at Western?
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