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  1. Thank you so much! I definitely appreciate that. I spent most of my life in Toronto, so it does seem like it'll be a bit of a downsize, but I don't see that as a huge negative, to be honest!
  2. So I've received an offer from TRU for this September, but I've never been out to BC. It's proving a little bit difficult to find time to go all the way out there (I currently live on the other side of the country), and right now they're my only offer so I'll probably be going there. Can anybody tell me anything about the school/town? What it's like living there? What it's like going to school there? What is there to do? I've read some things in other posts, and I'm not trying to be repetitive- just trying to prepare myself in the event that I don't get to go out there before moving...
  3. I may call them this week. I hate doing it but I need to start making some concrete plans...
  4. Thanks! That does make me feel better :)
  5. Accepted yesterday! LSAT: 152, 158 GPA: ~3.6 I think
  6. I’d love a response from them also, so I know if I definitely have to move! Right now I have an offer from a school on the west coast but would like to stay in NS if possible... I wish I could just get an answer already
  7. I’m curious as to whether others are still waiting for a response? I haven’t even gotten an email from them since my application was submitted/paid for in December.
  8. Not yet. I agree!! Especially when I know for a fact that AdComm has mine, since Leanne told me that a few weeks ago! Every time I get a notification on my phone I freak out... and always for no reason
  9. LSATs: 152, 158 (Nov) cGPA: 3.14/4.3 L2: ~3.7 i think (may be a little lower or higher, i really don't remember)
  10. That’s awesome! Thanks for letting me (and others) know!
  11. Yeah, hopefully they get a move on...
  12. It's getting really frustrating, but am glad I'm not alone. It's the same for me and Dal, as well.
  13. Glad to know I’m not alone!
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