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  1. Yup same here. Nov 27th was in the queue for review. This waiting has got me super antsy.
  2. Accepted this morning at 7:02 am by email Got accepted to the JD program, JD/MBA and the JD/JD (USA) cGPA 3.57 L2 3.6 LSAT 164,165 Applied Access
  3. Really?? Yeah, I'm thinking I might give the school a call and just ask generally when access acceptances are being released. Thanks!!
  4. Honestly, I'm starting to regret applying as an access applicant even though my access considerations are legitimate (learning disability). My stats are cGPA 3.57 L2 3.6 B3 3.67 LSAT 164, 165. I feel like alot of people who have stats lower than mine are being accepted under the General category and I haven't been accepted anywhere other than Windsor. (I applied to Windsor, Queens, Ottawa, Osgoode, and Western) I'm at the point where I honestly believe that I might not get acceptances from the other schools, which really sucks. I feel like if I had applied as a general applicant I wouldn't have been in the position because my application would have already been processed. Does anyone have any idea when access acceptances go out? Or have any advice on what I should do in this situation? Should I call the schools and ask about the process for access applicants? IDK I'm just kind of sad because I figured I would know by now.
  5. So I 100% realize that it is very early on in the acceptance cycles for most if not all law schools in Canada. But I was just wondering if anyone had a better idea of how the access admission process works. I applied to Windsor, Queens, Ottawa, Western, U of T and Osgoode with a cGPA of 3.56 and an LSAT of 165 and I've only heard back from Windsor so far. From what I've seen on most of the Accepted 2019 threads all of the acceptances have been for general admission applicants. I've seen some post saying that access acceptances come out later because it takes longer to go through all the documentation provided and substantiate the claims. Is this true? For those who applied access and were accepted around when did you start to hear back? Recently I started to hear that most acceptances go out after April 1st once the automatic admit applicants start to accept their offers so I'm holding out hope that it's just a matter of time. But I'm still really curious about the process the schools go through for access applicants. I know I personally submitted a ton of documentation to substantiate my access claim and I'm just curious if they actually take the time to go through it.
  6. Hey Congrats!!! My stats are close to yours and I'm also access so this gives me some hope. Just wondering what day did you go into the queue?
  7. I'm at a cGPA 3.56 and an LSAT of a 165 I've only gotten into Windsor so far so I'm getting kind of anxious.
  8. I went from Referred for Review --> Referred to Admission Committee and then I got Accepted a couple weeks (maybe three/four weeks) after. So those who have been referred to the admission committee will probably be hearing back soon.
  9. In today!!! I legit checked half an hour ago and there was nothing and all of a sudden it showed up. CGPA: 3.56 LSAT: 164, 165 Ontario Resident Access Student
  10. I'm experiencing the same thing right now. It was working fine this morning and then all of a sudden I can no longer access my application status. I'd like to believe it's a good thing meaning there's movement on my application but it's probably just a glitch in the system.
  11. I'm just wondering if there is an average number of days a person is in the queue before a decision is made? From what I've seen in this cycle most people hear back within 22 days of being in the queue at most. Does someone have a better idea of how long it usually takes? Could you potentially be in the queue for a couple of months? Just for context I've been in the queue since November 27th and just like most of you I'm getting a little antsy.
  12. Yeah it's weird that some of us have "Referred for Review" and others have "Referred - Admission Committee." I have the admissions committee one and I'm worried there might be a difference between the two of those.
  13. Sorry might be the wrong thread but my application status says "complete" Does that just mean that I don't have to hand anything else in?
  14. My application just went into the queue November 27th. LSAT 164 and a GPA of 3.55. Oh man never been this nervous in my entire life.
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