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  1. Basically, Schulich has a mandate to keep the average for every course at a B (6.0) average so they bell everyone up or down based on where they fall on that curve. I've literally had high 80s in a course and been belled down to a B+ because the average for the course was too high. Which is weird because this doesn't apply to all of York it's just Schulich. It really sucks because you're basically competing against all these incredibly smart people who all graduated with 90s and now you have to fight each other for As in the course because they only give out a few. So yeah if you're considering applying to law school really consider whether you want to spend your entire undergrad fighting to get As.
  2. As someone graduating from the Schulich BBA program this year I urge you to really consider your decision. Schulich's curriculum is very hard and they grade on a curve and bell people down. I ended up with a GPA that was a little lower than competitive because I chose to go to Schulich instead of going to York or another school. That being said I had an amazing four years and loved the school environment and met my best friends there. But if I had to do it over knowing 100% that I wanted to go to law school I might have reconsidered because it definitely influenced my chances.
  3. Has anyone asked if we are allowed to submit our Winter semester grades? Mine bring up my cGPA considerably so I was hoping they might take them into consideration.
  4. As of right now, I've been waitlisted at Osgoode and Western. Accepted at Windsor and Ottawa (JD/MBA). And I'm still waiting to hear back from Queens but fingers crossed I get in there.
  5. Yeah, I've been waitlisted at Western as well and Osgoode and really hoping for Queens to come back soon and I hope I don't end up on another waitlist cuz that would really really suck. (but still very thankful that I haven't gotten any rejections) I mean I did see some access acceptances in the Queen's acceptance thread but not a whole lot so it would be interesting to see if more do come out. I mean the fact that none of us were rejected or accepted yet does speak to whether or not they've looked at our applications because reasonably not all of us ended up on the waitlist. At least one of us would have gotten rejected in that first wave if our applications had been reviewed. (not to say we all aren't very competitive but probability wise it just doesn't add up) Anyway let's just hope we hear back soon!
  6. Has anyone talked to admission about when they are going to start reviewing access applications or if they have already? This wait is killing me Queen's is the only school I haven't heard from yet.
  7. No I don't think anyone got an email saying there was a change on OASIS. And I don't think that would make a difference
  8. Oh wow you are so right. I just went back and looked as well and like 70% of the people who were waitlisted in 2017 before April 1st were given an offer in the two weeks after or in the months following. Man I don't want to get my hopes up but this definitely gave me a tiny glimmer of hope.
  9. I was looking at the waitlist forums from the past years and what people have been saying is that being waitlisted basically means that you're competitive but they want to look at all other applications before making an offer. So it's not a full out rejection but realistically they do have some applications to go through still so I'm losing a little hope. The waitlist tends to have some movement around May but from what I've seen in the past forums it's not a lot of people just a small handful.
  10. Wait I'm kind of confused. I realize this means I was waitlisted but after April 1st will spots open up and then we'll be reevaluated? Or is this like once all apps are reviewed and spots come up then I'll be reevaluated. Also kind of a dumb question but does getting put on the waitlist this early mean we'll get off of it earlier?
  11. Also waitlisted Cgpa 3.56 LSAT: 164, 165
  12. Yup same here. Nov 27th was in the queue for review. This waiting has got me super antsy.
  13. Accepted this morning at 7:02 am by email Got accepted to the JD program, JD/MBA and the JD/JD (USA) cGPA 3.57 L2 3.6 LSAT 164,165 Applied Access
  14. Really?? Yeah, I'm thinking I might give the school a call and just ask generally when access acceptances are being released. Thanks!!
  15. Honestly, I'm starting to regret applying as an access applicant even though my access considerations are legitimate (learning disability). My stats are cGPA 3.57 L2 3.6 B3 3.67 LSAT 164, 165. I feel like alot of people who have stats lower than mine are being accepted under the General category and I haven't been accepted anywhere other than Windsor. (I applied to Windsor, Queens, Ottawa, Osgoode, and Western) I'm at the point where I honestly believe that I might not get acceptances from the other schools, which really sucks. I feel like if I had applied as a general applicant I wouldn't have been in the position because my application would have already been processed. Does anyone have any idea when access acceptances go out? Or have any advice on what I should do in this situation? Should I call the schools and ask about the process for access applicants? IDK I'm just kind of sad because I figured I would know by now.
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