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    Chances cGPA 3.55 LSAT 164 Access Student

    Phew. Thank you so much, that makes me feel so much better. I haven't found a ton of people with a similar gpa and lsat score so I really appreciate you commenting it definitely helps calm my nerves a little.
  2. faoejfowjfjewaofjwa

    Chances cGPA 3.55 LSAT 164 Access Student

    I was wondering if someone with a little more experience might be able to predict my chances. I have a cGPA of 3.55 (OLSAS calculated) and an L2 of 3.6. I attend the Schulich School of Business as an undergrad which is a really hard program and I explained it a little bit in my PS. I got a 164 on my LSAT and I'm rewriting November 17th to see if I can raise it to balance out my GPA. I applied as an access student as I was diagnosed at 8 with a learning disability and submitted all the required info. I had pretty strong references one from a York prof and the other from a lawyer I work for. And I had a lot of experience (president of a business law club), internships in tech, VP positions, etc. I applied to Western, Ottawa, Osgoode, Windsor and Queens. My top schools are Osgoode for JD/MBA, Ottawa and Western. I would really appreciate if someone could give me a better idea of my chances. I'm nervous about my cGPA and how being an access applicant factors in.
  3. faoejfowjfjewaofjwa

    Personal statement

    It's already split up for you. OLSAS splits the questions and you are only allowed to write 2000 characters each with spaces. And the third question is optional depending on whether or not you have considerations.