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  1. Hi all, I was hoping someone in this thread could let me know how oci’s went for you following your transfer? I’m hoping to transfer to Osgoode next year, but I’ve heard mixed comments on how interviewers react to transfer students. I’m also heavily involved with a number of groups at my school (cla, pro bono, student society, etc) and I’m worried about not being able to get my foot in the door at legal clinics after a transfer when you’re in second year. Any advice would be appreciated! Thanks!
  2. Myself (dual) and another female (single) are looking for a third female Roomate to sign for a lease in a 3 bedroom property. Dm if interested !
  3. Thank you. By any chance can you dm me the email that you used to contact the school please !
  4. I’m just wondering if anyone could shed some light on the following. - how many days is the orientation at Detroit mercy in August typically? - do classes run from Monday to Fridays for First years or do any fall on weekends ? If so, have you ever needed to miss a weekend class for a wedding you are in and was it an issue? - do exams typically run to December 20/21 for first years ? - what does the summer class schedule for Detroit mercy look like? Much thanks to whomever can shed some light on the above!
  5. Hi everyone! I am accepting my offer to the dual program today and will be applying for a NEXUS this week. I am currently looking for a roommate(s) and people to carpool with. If anyone is interested let me know!
  6. Accepted today! 2.8 cgpa 3.2 last two years 157 lsat Just under 2 years work experience in a US firm in Toronto. Masters degree with A- average. Internship with the UN.
  7. Does anyone happen to know the timeline for acceptances to the dual program?
  8. Via portal or email? Also if you don’t mind what letter does your last name start with?
  9. You have to email a specific administrator and get approval to use January lsat.
  10. I applied to the Windsor jd program and did not get in. They then emailed for me to apply to the dual. My cousin who currently goes to Windsor law says this likely indicates that they did not receive enough applicants. Not sure if this helps !
  11. Did you receive an email or update on the web with no email?
  12. Does the entire committee weight in on the decision to accept a student ? Does each committee member view the application or is a decision made by a select few or one individual on the committee?
  13. I had a 2.85 gpa, 3.3 I believe l2, 157 lsat masters degree, work experience in a firm, internship with UN, certificate from duke, multiple ECs and I was rejected from western and Windsor already and I had extenuating circumstances for the gpa that were cited in my application I’d work on improving your lsat score
  14. Hi Ryan, would you have taken a look with a 157 lsat and a sub 3.0 gpa if there were extenuating circumstances, a great deal of ECs, work experience in a firm and a masters following bachelors
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