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  1. Accepted today Discretionary 3.0 cGPA 163 LSAT Will be declining in favor of UVIC but super happy about this 😁
  2. Who was everyone today!!?? Anyone else load up on those free Fairmont pens???
  3. Damn I was hoping someone would tell me my single pair of Blue levi's would suffice! Also I think I owe my grandmother an apology... Off to Winner's for me I guess!
  4. My partner and her mom are coming! please bring people so I am not the odd man out. They were so supportive and instrumental in the process it felt weird not offering them to plus 1 with me lol. On a less serious note... what is everyone wearing?!?!
  5. Hey all, Looking for a potential roommate in Vic for next year. Will be staying in Sooke all summer while I look for apartments. But I have a big dog and I'm looking for a suite with backyard near a park (preferably by Mt Doug). But if anyone is trying to save some money via the roommate route and doesn't mind a big goofy dog pm me. I will also have a vehicle too so busses become less of a necessity.
  6. Just got accepted via discretionary! BC resident LSAT: 163 GPA: 3.0/4.0 (AGPA is anywhere from 3.4-3.7/4.5) I really don't know I will likely be choosing UVIC instead of Robson Hall ( I don't know how I got into either!)
  7. they said Sunday night, and also told me the next 3-4 days. So I am not sure!
  8. It went well I thought! Way less serious than I thought. Even made them laugh! Though that might not be a good thing!
  9. I got the call at 4:30. Uvic was my reach/dream school I am so pumped! cGPA: 3.0/4.0 AGPA: 3.4-3.5/4.3 maybe? LSAT:163, Discretionary Category
  10. When you say "holistic consideration" does that mean it was just under the auto index or did you apply discretionary?
  11. I have no clue..... my GPA is 3.0/4.0 with no drops on my transcript (also how Olsas has calculated it). With drops I am looking at a 3.36/4. How U of NB will calculate it is beyond me. My school has a problem, as our grading system makes it difficult to compete with others looking to go to Grad schools. I can't seem to attach a photo but the percentage breakdown on the back of my transcript is as follows. A - 4.0 - 94-100% A(-) - 3.7 - 90-93% B+ - 3.3 - 87-89% B - 3.0 - 84-86% - MY RANGE B(-) - 2.7 - 80-83% C+ - 2.3 - 77-79% C - 2.0 - 74-76% C(-) - 1.7 - 70-73% D - 1.0 - 60-69% F 0.0 - 0-59 % Hope this clears things up!
  12. Waitlisted! Yesterday 3.0/4.0 CPGA 3.1 L2 163 LSAT Pretty happy honestly!
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