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  1. I wonder what their idea of "not enough" means, also wondering how many additional applicants there were once deadlines were extended. Does anyone know if Windsor's extension has happened in previous cycles?
  2. Anyone know when the dual wait list starts moving? Maybe even based on previous years? It might be a little different this year considering they've extended the dual application deadline, twice.
  3. What the heck...... I'm also wondering what this means for waitlisted students..
  4. don't do it don't do it don't doooo itttttttt. Make all the money you can before going to law school lmao
  5. my LSAT is a lot lower than that but my L2 is 3.5ish
  6. Ah, complete opposites! I'm waiting on Western and got rejected from Windsor (single)... good luck to you too!
  7. Honestly I thought my ECs would maybe save me too did you apply elsewhere?
  8. I don't think it's THAT holistic. I got rejected just yesterday with a higher LSAT and really good ECs
  9. Congratulations! Really hoping that's me in the near future
  10. I got this email but I was rejected from the single. On the waitlist for the dual. Don’t think it has anything to do with applicants who are pending review
  11. Yes that's exactly what I thought!
  12. Similar stats, same boat. Waitlisted March 22. How is it possible to apply Access to Windsor when there's no "Access" or "Discretionary" category? Did you answer the optional question (#5) and submit supplementary documentation in SAM? Just wondering because I thought all applications that weren't Aboriginal were technically considered general. If anyone has any information on the dual waitlist movement please let me know!
  13. According to the website applications will open in August of this year. https://www.ryerson.ca/law/faq/ "Ryerson will begin accepting applications in August 2019 for fall 2020 enrolment. Please sign up for our digital mailing list, external link to receive updates."
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