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  1. This waitlist thread is just for the Canadian JD right, or dual as well?
  2. Yeah! I recall Uvic asking. But if they don't ask and you don't tell them... LSAC doesn't tell them either
  3. I don't think they know whether or not you take your LSAT with accommodations... where did you get this info? The LSAC site directly says: How are accommodated scores reported to law schools? Scores earned with testing accommodations, including the testing accommodation of extended time, are reported in the same manner as nonaccommodated scores. https://www.lsac.org/lsat/lsac-policy-accommodations-test-takers-disabilities/frequently-asked-questions-about-process Don't let that bum you out! I really don't think it's true....
  4. - How is someone who worked full-time while studying for LSATs viewed vs. someone who has no full-time work experience? - How is LSAT improvement overtime looked at? (i.e. 10 point jump from first LSAT to next LSAT) - How is an upward trend in cGPA viewed (i.e. grades consistently getting better with each year of undergrad degree, obviously creating a better B2/L2 but lower CGPA) - How is one's undergraduate program looked at? (i.e. early childhood education major vs. criminology major, or communications major vs. engineering major, etc). - Does employment matter? (i.e. How would you compare someone who works full time at a big law firm vs. someone who worked at McDonald's?) Thanks!
  5. What if a person with similar stats applied access instead of general? (any Canadian school). How significant would the difference be? Also, do access applications typically take longer to get to?
  6. OMG CONGRATULATIONS! Unfortunately I didn't end up applying to Dal, but that's great! Thanks for letting me know
  7. I think athleticism is so important - I have a few sports teams (some competitive, some intramural) listed as my ECs as well. I've been a legal assistant in downtown Toronto for the past 3 years (a combination of part and full time positions). I also have been working in the community doing parks and recreation programming since I was 16. Mine are from profs from my undergrad too!
  8. I also have 3+ years experience as a legal assistant and was wondering the same thing... I'm not sure if it holds any additional value. I think this would make more of a difference for schools with a holistic approach. Let me know if you find anymore info on this!
  9. I’m in a very similar boat as you. What are your ECs/ LORs like? *edit: I know you said they’re good. But what kinds of ECs/ work experience?
  10. Most definitely NOT, I was always running on empty - finding it extremely hard to find time for all of my responsibilities
  11. I feel you 110%! Between working full time and studying my sleep was awful. I thought I'd get back on track after writing the dang thing but now I can't sleep because I'm thinking about my score..... YIKES. Literally just focusing on catching up on life, passing the time and hoping for the best. Best of luck!
  12. Haha I just have to keep finding ways to pass the time and it'll sneak right up on me. Oh no way! 2-3 points higher than my last PT would be great. Fingers crossed. & I totally agree in terms of the experience - I guess it's never a bad idea to write more than once (unless you're applying to a school that averages the scores, but I'm not). LOL no I couldn't tell, honestly!!
  13. Wow okay I literally feel like we're in the SAAAAAAME boat! 14 business days BRUH THATS A FULL 3 WEEKS ! 3 weeks is 15 business days, is it not? LOL I'm dead...... No way! You scored higher than your PTs? How much higher? That's amazing! That's where I'm trying to be. I don't really have an end goal, just a goal to be better than my PTs. I'm also re-writing in January so I went into this one with ease.... Took it seriously but not to the point of anxiety. Just considered it a "trial run" and an "experience" should it not have gone well...
  14. Hahaha I've been going to the gym non-stop! I'm basically a gym rat so when all my gym friends knew I had to let fitness take a back seat while studying I told them it was time to prioritize "brain gains"..... but now I'm BACK. & oh man really, it's literally just an email from LSAC right? How long would you say it took, 1 week? Thanks so much! Did you hit your target?
  15. Would you consider applying somewhere that doesn't average your scores (most other schools)? If so, then I think you'd be golden. How did you manage a 160 miraculously?! Please share the tips
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