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  1. I spoke to Stephanie this morning asking for a wait list status update.. status remained the same. She said they’ll be making decisions up until tomorrow and that if we don’t hear by tomorrow it’ll be a no. They’ll also let the registrar's office know tomorrow and then that's when the formal rejections will go out. If anyone gets into the dual program off the wait list within the next two days or knows of anyone who does, please let me know! I've honestly already lost all hope at this point but any additional information would be appreciated.
  2. So whoever gets accepted from this point forward has to go on the 13/14th regardless? Essentially you start living there some time before the 13?
  3. For those who were accepted to the dual program in the last week, when is your deadline to accept, and will you be accepting? When's orientation/ the first day of school? I've been on the wait list for a grueling 6+ months without any updates and am aware of a few others in the same boat, so I'd just like to know what *may* be coming. It's been a long stressful process so any insight would be much appreciated. Thanks!
  4. When were you waitlisted & did you get an email?
  5. Thanks so much for explaining that, super helpful
  6. Ah so you got your offer the day after the decision was made, I see. I called Stephanie a couple weeks back & she couldn't tell me whether or not the class was full, understandably so, just that we'd be hearing by first week of Aug (what is now next week) & that we'd have enough time to figure everything out (i.e I-20, nexus, etc.). I haven't really seen movement after you tbh! I'm not 100% sure though. Just gotta keep waiting it out... Also - would everyone else getting accepted to dual in the future have those exact deadlines/ pick up dates? I'm assuming yes?
  7. as am I! Fingers crossed.
  8. these are for single! Dual hasn't moved
  9. Yes, each question does have a character limit. Windsor only has 2 categories: general and indigenous/Aboriginal. When applying as a mature or access student you should be explaining your circumstances in that optional question.
  10. Stephanie! I called her last week since I couldn't get a hold of anyone on the Canadian side and that's all she said. That we'd have "enough time" to get all our affairs in order should we be accepted. So referencing the posts on this thread, there's 5 of us still waiting? Plus one more LS.ca member I'm aware of outside of this thread
  11. Yup still waitlisted since March 22. Called and was told we'd find out by first week of August!
  12. Do you think Stephanie being away is why we haven't seen movement recently?
  13. YUCK. how do you think it went? nope just dual, was rejected from single a while back
  14. you're not the only one sis
  15. WOW.......... I'm gonna call her too then (i'm on waitlist though, since March 22)
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