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  1. monnnnz

    LSAT prep classes in Toronto

    Thanks so much, I hope so! You too
  2. monnnnz

    LSAT prep classes in Toronto

    I like PR so far but I haven't had any experience with other courses so I can't say. My diagnostic was around the same and it has gone up. But I also work full time and have not been devoting as much time to self-study as I should.
  3. .... working in 2 corporate law firms, for 3 years as an assistant and working for various community centers across the City for the past 11 years? And constantly being on multiple sports teams, etc. I know everything is considered.. and I know a lot of people with good grades but mediocre ECs. How valuable are ECs? Specifically law-related ones?
  4. monnnnz

    LSAT prep classes in Toronto

    I know someone who got a 168 working with Tara and she referred me to her directly, however, I've been doing the ultimate 84-hour in class course with the Princeton Review and I find it's helping so far (only half way through). I feel like by the end of it I will be where I want to... or at least I'm hoping so, but progress has been steady.
  5. I'm currently taking the ultimate 84-hour course in person and I find that it's really helping. I'm only half way through and I'm grasping concepts quickly, however, I function better in classroom settings with a teacher guiding me so i'm not sure if an online class will be AS effective. Depends on your preferences I guess.
  6. Started at 140 (before prep course), now about half way through my prep course (2 practice tests in) and scoring 150. Possible to be able to hit 160 with 3 more practice tests and around 12 more 3.5 hour classes? Just wondering how much other people have progressed while doing prep courses. i.e. a starting score vs. midway score vs. score upon course completion vs. acual lsat score?