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    Personal Statement Submission?

    I was accepted Friday and have been looking over the paperwork that was sent with the acceptance and apparently yes, it is possible to be admitted without submitting a personal statement. It says in one of the documents that you must submit a "Personal Statement - If you have not already done so, email a PDF version [of your personal statement]"
  2. RGoodfellow

    How does Calgary assess 4 credit courses?

    Oooh okay, that makes sense! I see that is says in the link that NeverGiveUp posted that they don't split up semesters. Interesting! The UofA, on their website, says that they take the last 20 half courses, and then in brackets (equivalent to 60 credits). I'm going to assume, and I think it's also safe to assume, that since the UofC doesn't have anything that similarly references credits, that your 4 credit courses will be considered the same as a 3 credit course.
  3. RGoodfellow

    How does Calgary assess 4 credit courses?

    I think it's worth assuming that they'll look at the credit equivalent in your case - but I'll also say that unless there's a course in there that you didn't do very well at that you're worried about them taking into account, at the end of the day it doesn't matter all that much. I'm not sure what you mean by "from when I apply" - the UofC looks at all courses completed before December 31st of the year you applied. As well, they don't count by semester, so if they were to ignore the credits and just take the last 20 half courses, they'll just take one class from a semester to fulfill that, not the whole semester.
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    Accepted 2019

    That's okay! Yes, November was my only writing.
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    Have I ruined my chances?

    Thanks for the clarification!
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    Accepted 2019

    Thank you! I did get an email, and I've actually been out of university for a year already. Thank you! Yes, my score is from November.
  7. RGoodfellow

    Accepted 2019

    Accepted this morning! L2: 3.77 (unconfirmed) LSAT: 160
  8. RGoodfellow

    Have I ruined my chances?

    I'm concerned about the fact that OP has switched to a psych major when it was biological sciences that were holding them back. It may have changed since I was in school but in the first two years of a psych major there's a heavy emphasis on brain anatomy as well as the associated organs (in other words - biological science). In second year psych you will have to deal with statistics classes. I don't know what, precisely, the issue was with the biological sciences classes, but I would implore OP to consider more about their new major than it seeming to be "the easiest one to get". Psych is far from the easiest degree to get. Also I wanted to note as well that regardless of how many classes you take in your last two years, OP, the UofA looks at the last 60 credits' worth of classes. While this is equivalent to two years of full-time study, if you take four classes per semester in your last two years, the UofA will look to your classes from the year before as well.
  9. RGoodfellow

    Chances for 2019?

    I'm not going to lie, I'm getting a bit antsy as well. I figure if no one has been posting in the acceptance thread then it's worth assuming that not much has gone out yet (or, somehow, all of the people getting offers aren't on here). It might take until the end of June for them to send out all the offers, so I recommend you sit tight! That's what I'm telling myself anyway, haha.
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    1L Schedule

    Hello! I don't have a whole lot of information, as I'm still waiting on a decision on my application, but here's what I do have: https://law.ucalgary.ca/sites/default/files/teams/2/1l-registration-package-2018-19.pdf Basically, for the first three weeks in September and January you will be required to take a block course, which runs from 8:30AM - 5PM. It also states that 1Ls are required to take all first-year courses (so all the 400-level courses listed here: https://law.ucalgary.ca/sites/default/files/teams/2/courses-by-number-2018_0.pdf), and they cannot take 500 or 600-level courses, so you're looking at six courses besides the block courses. Aside from that all I can make are assumptions, and I'm not about to assume that the UofC's law courses will be scheduled the same way as their undergrad courses are. Hopefully a current student will come around soon! (Also, congrats on being accepted!)
  11. RGoodfellow

    How to find exact address/room?

    Hello! If you go into your LSAC account and pull up your admissions ticket for the test, it should have the room number on there. This location can change though so be sure to double check a couple days before the test!
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    LSAT 164 L2 - 3.3

    What's your GPA like for your last 20 half-courses? That's what UCalgary uses, rather than your cumulative. It sounds like your L2 might yield a higher GPA than your cumulative, and that would definitely mean your chances of getting in are higher. EDIT - I just saw that your L2 is 3.3, I had assumed that was your cumulative, apologies! Your LSAT score is above the average so I do think it's still worth trying! EDIT2 - I reread your post and now I'm a bit confused - you've already obtained an undergrad degree but you've gone back and taken additional university courses, right? Is the L2 you posted just from your undergrad or does it include these most recent courses as well?
  13. Just wanted to pop in and say that UofC got my score today! Hopefully it'll update for you soon as well, OP!
  14. RGoodfellow

    How is L2 Calculated

    Ooooh I gotcha! That's a really good question, and it's hard to say. I would assume they'd take the higher two but in this case I'd recommend contacting the school(s) you're interested in and asking them for clarification.
  15. RGoodfellow

    How is L2 Calculated

    I believe they'll take the most recent ones, so I would go with the ones you most recently started, rather than what most recently ended. So if you're deciding between a full year course you started in Fall 2017 and a half-course you started in Spring 2018, for example, even if they both ended in May, you'd take the half-course you started in Spring 2018 first. EDIT - If you're deciding between a half-course in Fall 2017 and a full year course started in Fall 2017, though, I think you'd take the full year course first.
  16. RGoodfellow

    How is L2 Calculated

    Hello! They will definitely look at whatever half-courses you'll have completed by the end of December, but I don't think they'll look at your full year courses for this year, as from what I've seen most schools are just about done with application assessments by May-ish. L2 doesn't necessarily mean the last two years of classes. As far as I can tell most law schools use the last 20 (or so, depends on the school) half-courses, and that usually constitutes your L2. So whatever full year courses you took prior to Fall 2018 would count as two half-courses for this purpose. For me, since I took a couple years in the middle of my degree with only four courses per semester, I technically had to calculate using two and a half years of courses to get my L2, haha!
  17. RGoodfellow

    Decision pending

    Whelp, this is good to know. I was waiting on submitting my personal statement until after December in case I hear from UofC first so if I'm not going to hear back from UofA until after the document deadline anyway I don't feel so bad for putting my PS off.
  18. I know for UCalgary, Malina said that they would get the LSAT scores around mid-December. I imagine it would be a similar case for other law schools as well. https://lawstudents.ca/forums/topic/42202-submitting-your-application/?do=findComment&comment=767833
  19. RGoodfellow

    Chances? LSAT 160, L2 3.74, cGPA 3.65

    Yes, 160 is my only score. Thank you very much! Thank you very much! That's really good to know about UofC.
  20. I've applied to both UofC and UofA. My LSAT score is one point below the average for UofC, and I see that there are a decent number of people with my LSAT/GPA that got into UofA last year, but I'm still a bit worried. I'm particularly worried about UofC, as they use a holistic approach and my stats are effectively right near the average of students accepted last year. I don't have much for ECs as I had to work throughout my undergrad but in what I did have, I had leadership positions. I don't know that it matters as far as Alberta universities are concerned but I would be considered a mature applicant.
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    Chances? Mediocre GPA [3.05, 3.48]

    OOF I had the same problem as you have when I was studying, and I felt like it was made worse because I was only using the Khan Academy stuff so it wasn't on paper and I couldn't underline key words. The only advice I have for that is to read the questions carefully, twice if you have to, then tackle the questions. I found that I eventually got a feel for what the test makers were looking for, and my score improved a lot! I feel you on how dense the LR Bible is, too; I bought that because I had run out of new questions with Khan Academy. They use real LSAT questions, by the way! There's even a resource on their website where you can see exactly which test they pulled them from. Even though they're dense, they have great points and were incredibly valuable in improving my score in my practice tests. It's worth the headache to work through them IMO. I also juggled KA and the LR Bible and found that it was easier for me to work through the LR Bible for a few chapters, then try a practice test on KA once a week to try out the strategies I learned. As for weaken questions, the best tip I have is from the LR Bible: Try switching the answer. So if an answer says "Students who didn't eat breakfast got good grades", switch it to "Students who did eat breakfast got good grades". If the switched answer strengthens the argument in the stimulus, then that's the one you want! I can't speak to anything else in your thread, since I'm not even a student yet (just wrote the LSAT today haha), let alone a practicing lawyer, but I wish you the best of luck!
  22. RGoodfellow

    RC - Help

    Do you find that you get certain kinds of RC questions wrong more often than the others, or is it more all over the place? What resources are you using now to study? Are you just using practice tests or are you using something else as well?