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  1. I was just approved by Scotia today. Prime +0%, matriculation letter accepted (though they require a copy of the enrollment letter before releasing funds), funds released in three increments.
  2. Green circle was in early January. I was waitlisted a couple of weeks ago and received my offer today.
  3. I have declined the offer today in favour of staying closer to home .
  4. I was accepted from the waitlist today. I have accepted the offer.
  5. Accepted today! LSAT: 156 L2: 3.985 Have accepted the offer and paid the deposit.
  6. Yes, emailed to the @ualberta.ca email
  7. I will be declining my offer today as I was accepted to a school closer to home. Best of luck to everybody!
  8. Accepted today! L2: 3.985/4 LSAT: 156 Will almost definitely be accepting.
  9. Waitlisted today. L2: 3.985 LSAT: 156 CGPA: 3.9925 Keeping my fingers crossed that I'm eventually accepted!
  10. There are multiple components to bank financing for LOC's. "Calculated daily" - this means that the bank will take the balance of the credit each day and multiply it by 1/365th of the annual interest rate. e.g. if your balance is $13k, then each day they will calculate the interest owing by multiplying the $13,000 by 3.95%/365 (~$1.4068/day). "Compounded monthly" - at the end of the month, the bank will add up the calculated daily interest and the total amount will be credited from your LOC. e.g. If you withdrew $13,000 on January 1, on February 1 you would have $43.61 draw down on your LOC. The reason this is called compound interest is because starting on February 1, the daily calculated interest would be $13,043.61 (original Jan. 1 balance plus the interest charged on Feb. 1) multiplied by 3.95%/365 (~$1.4116/day) For most standard lines of credit, the minimum payment is the interest. This way it is impossible to compound the interest because you would pay the interest using other monies. However, for PSLOC's, banks will normally allow the interest payment to come from within the LOC as many students do not have the ability to make minimum monthly payments while attending school. Okay... someone tell me I'm wrong 😛
  11. I'm also in the same position. I checked with my school and they confirmed that the transcripts were sent electronically to U of A. I imagine the admissions committee is quite overwhelmed with sorting through applications and it may just take some time for them to get through them all.
  12. Accepted B2: 4.5 LSAT: 156 Index score: 80 Waiting to make a firm decision.
  13. I own and live in the east end of downtown (Victoria Park) Calgary and really enjoy it. I feel safe in the community and appreciate the easy access to transit, stores, and major roadways. Stampede generally brings some rowdy behaviour and heavy traffic volumes, but it's only for 10 days over the summer. Traffic and street parking can also be a challenge when the Flames are playing at the Saddledome. If you have any more questions about the east side, feel free to PM me 😊
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