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  1. Blakes ITC (uOttawa) Don't think I've seen them posted here but at least a few BLG and NRF ITCs have also gone out at uOttawa
  2. Also got an ONCA call just now!
  3. If you're worried about being screened out based on CGPA, why not pass/fail the D+? You'll still have to explain it in interviews but if firms do cut applicants based on whether they fall above/below a certain GPA line, then you're more likely to at least clear that initial bar.
  4. First: I did my undergrad in Canada, but I currently live in the U.S. (dual citizen) and have for the last five years. I have a couple credit cards, a car loan and some student loans, so a pretty substantial credit history. However, when I try to check my credit score on Borrowell, it says I have no history. I assume this is because credit histories don't cross borders, but will there be any way for a bank to consider my American credit history when considering my loan application? If not, will I be okay with a co-signer? Second: My parents live in Montreal, but I'm not going to law school there (or anywhere in Quebec). Assuming I'll need one of them as a co-signer, should I make appointments at banks in Montreal, or in the province where I'll be going to school? Or does it not matter? Third: Will I need to have submitted a deposit for one particular school to get a PSLOC? I'm still waiting to hear from one of my top choices, and money is too tight for me to be making multiple non-refundable tuition deposits. Any help would be much appreciated!
  5. Accepted yesterday! 3.10 cGPA, 175 LSAT. Mature category. Not sure how strong my PS/LORs/ECs were but I'd guess somewhat below average. Kind of surprised to get in considering how I'd heard Ottawa didn't give too much credence to the LSAT, but it's a good kind of surprised.
  6. Got an email this morning! 175 LSAT, 3.35 GPA after drops. My dad is from NB, but I've never lived there myself, though I did do my undergrad in NS and talked in my personal statement about wanting to live in the Maritimes, so I'm not sure how they considered me as far as their NB-resident criteria.
  7. Got the email today. 175 LSAT, 3.4 cGPA with drops.
  8. Thanks for the help, everybody. I decided to fire off a quick application to Manitoba. My index score of 84 looks to be a good ways above their cutoff, so that's at least a fallback for me if none of the others pan out.
  9. When you say "broadly," what do you mean? Like, apply to as many schools as possible, or apply to some higher-ranked ones and some lower-ranked ones?
  10. 74.54% CGPA with drops, 91.31 index score. The predictor said "likely," but will I get disqualified because of the low GPA?
  11. It's both -- my best years were my 3rd and 4th. Thanks for the feedback! Queen's is my third or fourth choice at the moment, so I might drop it and look at something like Manitoba if I've got a better shot at getting in there. I've never even visited Winnipeg before, though.
  12. So I took the LSAT on a whim and did surprisingly well, and now law school seems like an actual possibility for me. The problem is I spent my three of my four years of undergrad not taking it seriously (I also had mental health issues, but so does everybody) and barely scraped a B/B+ average. I'm 26, finished undergrad in 2014, and I genuinely feel like I'm more mature and able to handle law school, which I definitely wasn't four years ago. I'm applying to Ottawa in the Mature category. I'm not sure if I should apply to the others in their comparable categories. I am a white guy without a lot of compelling life experience beyond having depression and ADHD, which seems to disqualify me from Queen's and UNB's Access/Discretionary categories, and I can't figure out if I should apply to Dal as special status or mature. Any help there would be massively appreciated. My CGPA with drops (just for UNB I believe) is somewhere in the 3.3 range, depending on how it's calculated. Anyway: what are my chances as a regular applicant vs. as one of the other categories? Can my LSAT make up for my GPA, especially considering it was years ago? Should I make a big deal out of how much older and wiser I am now in my personal statements? Am I shooting too high? Should I apply to other schools instead? Please help.
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