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  1. Hello, I had to submit my LSAT accommodations since Western requires them. I was submitted them through SAM on OLSAS and I accidentally forgot to click "Miscellaneous" and left it on the first option which is "Proof of landed immigrant" even though I was born in Canada!!! I can't go back and undo, it doesn't let me. Please help
  2. Is it too late to apply to TRU? I see people are already getting acceptances. Are my chances lower now?
  3. Do I have to pay for CAS for LSAC to send my LSAT score to Osgoode, Uoft, UBC, UNB?
  4. Got an email to set up a profile on my.uwindsor.ca, to track the progress of my application. The following documents (autobiographical sketch, references, lsat score, essay, verifiers) are required. I completed all this on OLSAS before submitting my application, except the essay. ESSAY AS IN THE QUESTIONS THEY ASKED ON OLSAS, OR A SEPARATE ESSAY? B/C THEY DIDN'T ASK FOR ONE, BUT NOW I AM SEEING IT IS REQUIRED. and also, WHEN WILL WINDSOR receive these documents? tHANKS
  5. Just wondering.. Osgoode doesn't require Resumes? The OLSAS website lets you submit Sketch/Verifiers to include your employment and volunteer positions. So therefore, no resume is needed to submit?
  6. Is there no personal statement or diversity statement for Windsor? I’m not seeing this option listed on their website.
  7. CGPA: 2.7 B3: 2:9 LSAT 172 I will also be submitting a proof of learning disability. My dream law schools are Osgoode or UofT but both are highly competitive.
  8. How do I submit an addendum to explain 1 bad grade ?
  9. The OLSAS website has 3 options on when to send transcripts: Immediately - The institution will send your transcript immediately, whether or not final grades are available for the current term. At the end of the following term - The institution will wait until final grades for the term you indicate are available before sending your transcript. Indicate a specific term when selecting this option, and contact your institution if you are unsure of the term name. After degree conferred - The institution will send your transcript once your degree has been granted. You are responsible for knowing when grades for current courses and/or degree conferrals will be available on your official transcript. I'm confused. The deadline is Nov 1, so I thought all documents are due on Nov 1. There's even an option for "after degree conferred" I'll be graduating in April, and how will law schools give out acceptances if it is possible to send my transcripts in April instead of sending transcripts now?
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